XSF Discussion - 2010-12-22

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  18. Nÿco 3 mins
  19. Nÿco http://typewith.me/g942GwirVn
  20. stpeter ok
  21. stpeter I'm on the phone
  22. Florian I'm here
  23. Nÿco good
  24. Nÿco what's the agenda today?
  25. Florian I guess FOSDEM / Summit
  26. Nÿco Jack is not there?
  27. Florian nor is WIll
  28. Florian what about moving this meeting?
  29. Florian a week down the line?
  30. stpeter not sure who is working next week :)
  31. stpeter but we can chat among the three of us :)
  32. Nÿco no reminder no meeting?
  33. stpeter wasn't it in the calendar?
  34. Florian it was
  35. Florian and the reminder was kinda sent by Will :)
  36. stpeter somehow I don't receive pop-up reminders
  37. Nÿco I must tell I ama bit disappointed by the lack of concern of the board...
  38. stpeter but I thikn that's an iCal issue
  39. Florian I got a pop-up
  40. Nÿco what can we do?
  41. Florian I don't think it's been too bad
  42. Florian so far, all the meetings, everyone was there
  43. stpeter one thing that came up on the XMPP list was the idea of holding a joint XSF/IETF meeting at FOSDEM
  44. stpeter e.g., on Monday
  45. Florian what does an IETF meeting involve?
  46. stpeter to work on things that are of interest to the XMPP WG and the broader community -- especially internationalization, but also end-to-end encryption and server-to-server "piggybacking" (domain name assertions)
  47. Florian ok...
  48. stpeter essentially, we would work on the agenda for Monday together with the chairs of the XMPP WG, who are Joe Hildebrand and Ben Campbell
  49. stpeter and it might be easier for some people to get travel approvals
  50. Nÿco I guess a few XMPP guys are involved n IETF, and don't know the procedures
  51. Florian what about getting a second room at Cisco?
  52. stpeter two tracks
  53. Florian maybe just for an hour or two
  54. stpeter ?
  55. Florian well, a side-track ... IETF for 2-3 hours
  56. Florian not sure how long these take, and what procedures there are
  57. stpeter well, the internationalized address stuff is pretty critical :)
  58. stpeter and that will take us a while to figure out
  59. Florian right ... but how does it differ from the normal summits?
  60. stpeter it all makes your head hurt :)
  61. Florian i.e. are there things that we need to do formally
  62. Florian that we don't during the summits?
  63. stpeter I don't think it would really be different
  64. Nÿco so wanna transform an XMPP Summit in IETF Summit?
  65. Florian well ... why not hold them joint then?
  66. stpeter except that on Friday we would probably talk about some things that are not within the charter for the XMPP WG, and on Monday we would talk about things that are within the XMPP WG charter -- internationalization, end-to-end encryption, and server-to-server improvements
  67. Florian ok ...
  68. Florian how about this ...
  69. Florian monday ... have half of the day being IETF topics
  70. stpeter could do that, too
  71. Florian and if we have other topics, from outside the IETF charter, those are still addressed
  72. stpeter right
  73. stpeter I think that would work fine
  74. Florian splitting up for more than an hour or two would be bad
  75. Florian as we want input from everyone really
  76. stpeter agreed
  77. Florian Nÿco: do you agree with that?
  78. Florian i'll put it down for now ...
  79. stpeter ok
  80. Florian I've got some news for the DevChallenge
  81. stpeter cool
  82. stpeter I still haven't taken care of the lunch / coffee stuff on Friday and Monday
  83. Florian Nokia is willing to give away a phone again
  84. Florian for a DevChallenge
  85. stpeter that's great
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  87. Florian they are researching the possibility of getting 20 phones again
  88. Florian I'd like to ask the Council if they have any ideas about the topics for the dev challenge
  89. Florian there is the Ovi Push Service (based on XMPP)
  90. Florian which is a topic Nokia is interested in
  91. Florian but maybe the council can come up with some other topics?
  92. stpeter yes, let's poke them
  93. Florian stpeter: can you do that?
  94. stpeter or bring it up on the Members list
  95. Florian or that
  96. stpeter I like to make things more open if we can :)
  97. Florian sounds good :)
  98. Florian so will you take lead on that?
  99. stpeter yes
  100. Florian next topic?
  101. Florian I wanted to bring up the massive Facebook debate
  102. stpeter yep
  103. stpeter heh ok
  104. Nÿco what's that?
  105. Florian the "official" Facebook page
  106. Nÿco nothing official
  107. Nÿco but we absolutely need to be there, one way or another, like any other successful service
  108. Florian right
  109. Nÿco we need to promote ourselves
  110. Florian I agree
  111. Nÿco whether it is by the Board/Council or by the community
  112. stpeter I really don't have a problem with it :)
  113. Nÿco here, the community manages it, so be it
  114. Florian me n'either
  115. Florian I think it's a good idea
  116. Nÿco we can however officially demand the removal of 'official'
  117. Florian so why not make it official?
  118. Florian I wouldn't go as far as linking it on xmpp.org
  119. Nÿco because people have expressed strong opinions against it, which are right
  120. Nÿco t would be a strong message that the XSF supports this closed island
  121. Florian hmm
  122. Nÿco otherwise, we would need an "official" presence on Twitter as well
  123. Nÿco ...and on any other successful service
  124. Florian hmm
  125. Nÿco successful being defined by many different ways
  126. Florian ok... so should we just take the position of saying ... promote XMPP wherever you want
  127. Florian but none of these services will be managed by the XSF
  128. Florian the only official page is XMPP.org
  129. stpeter right
  130. stpeter which is fine
  131. Florian right
  132. stpeter I'm not a Facebook person, but I think it's fine to have a Facebook presence for people who use Facebook :)
  133. Florian ok
  134. stpeter I can post about this to the members list
  135. stpeter in my role as Executive Director :)
  136. Nÿco it needs a Board vote/approval maybe...
  137. stpeter well, possibly, yes
  138. Florian hmm
  139. Florian ok
  140. Florian when is the next vote?
  141. stpeter the Board can vote anytime it wants
  142. Florian right ... I thought a member vote
  143. stpeter oh
  144. stpeter I see no need for that
  145. Florian ok ...
  146. Florian so should we post the thing I just wrote down to the board list and get an approval?
  147. Nÿco yep
  148. stpeter +1
  149. Florian great
  150. Florian anything else we need to talk about?
  151. Nÿco last points were?
  152. stpeter oh
  153. stpeter another issue
  154. stpeter Voxeo page
  155. stpeter do we have text?
  156. stpeter I received a check from them :)
  157. Florian searching my inbox
  158. stpeter ok
  159. Florian I have a logo
  160. Florian forwarded those to you stpeter
  161. stpeter so we might need to ask them for text
  162. stpeter ok
  163. Florian right
  164. Florian no text
  165. stpeter in the past I've usually drafted those pages based on things I find on the sponsor's website :)
  166. stpeter and then ask them for approval
  167. Florian or we can do that
  168. stpeter I think that's the best approach
  169. Nÿco review? http://typewith.me/g942GwirVn
  170. stpeter looks good
  171. Florian yup
  172. Florian so I'd say ... meeting adjourned :)
  173. stpeter :)
  174. stpeter yes
  175. Nÿco ok
  176. Nÿco thx
  177. Florian right ... thanks guys
  178. Nÿco and...
  179. Nÿco Merry Christmas
  180. Florian I'm off to get my luggage back
  181. Florian yes! Merry Xmas :)
  182. stpeter good luck with that!
  183. Nÿco ;-)
  184. stpeter thanks, Nÿco -- thanks, Florian
  185. Nÿco thank you Peter
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