XSF Discussion - 2011-01-05

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  19. nyco http://typewith.me/7kT3TW7Fb2 board meeting in 1 hour
  20. stpeter darn I didn't set that up in the calendar
  21. nyco no pb, everybody is aware of it ;-)
  22. stpeter heh
  23. stpeter I'll post about it on identica 10-15 minutes before
  24. stpeter completes his yearly password change on the athena machine while he's at it
  25. MiGri ah, good to know.
  26. bear I just sent an email reminder
  27. bear crap - I didn't see that nyco already setup a typewithme
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  29. stpeter heh
  30. stpeter MiGri: I changed only my personal password, although I'm working through changes to the mailing list passwords whenever I need to access the admin interfaces
  31. stpeter http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo has a lot of lists....
  32. bear most "mature" orgs do
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  34. Florian afternoon all
  35. stpeter hi Florian!
  36. stpeter brb
  37. bear well poo - the summit wiki page redirects to the blog page
  38. bear so much for using the wiki to allow collab
  39. Florian hi all
  40. Florian now on Psi :)
  41. Florian was surprised to see that MUC worked on the N900
  42. Kev You've seen MUC working on an N900 many months ago ;)
  43. Neustradamus I wish you an happy new year !
  44. Neustradamus thanks stpeter for your email. But about redirections ? it is dead ?
  45. stpeter bear: we can reinstate the wiki page for collab stuff and then move things to the .org page as needed
  46. stpeter Neustradamus: no, just didn't have time to do that at that moment
  47. bear I found the fosdem wiki page that had the devroom section
  48. bear http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2011#Give_a_Devroom_Talk
  49. stpeter right
  50. bear the only speaker I know of for the summit itself is you and remko
  51. Neustradamus stpeter: ok, it is same for mediawiki I think.
  52. Kev stpeter: The action on redirections at the moment is that if someone gives me the list of redirects, it'll get done.
  53. Neustradamus Kev: look my email ;)
  54. Kev What's the title?
  55. Neustradamus Redirections do not exist...
  56. Kev I've not seen any mails yet telling me what needs redirecting and to where.
  57. Kev Ok, will search now.
  58. Kev Yes, I saw that mail, but unless someone tells me what the URLs need to redirect *to*, it's not much use.
  59. stpeter redirect for http://xmpp.org/software/clients.shtml is now in place
  60. stpeter I'll do the rest in the background here
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  62. Neustradamus ok thanks stpeter, Kev sorry the missing "to".
  63. stpeter http://xmpp.org/software/servers.shtml done
  64. stpeter http://xmpp.org/software/libraries.shtml done
  65. bear board meeting notes: http://typewith.me/7kT3TW7Fb2
  66. Florian so, who's missing?
  67. Florian just Jack?
  68. bear so far
  69. Neustradamus stpeter: thanks
  70. Will i've re-ordered the typewith.me agenda a bit so we can talk fosdem/summit before i need to go..
  71. Will hope nobody minds
  72. stpeter ok
  73. bear np
  74. Florian ok, so should we start?
  75. stpeter +1
  76. Will yup
  77. Florian ok ... so ... FOSDEM I guess?
  78. Will i note that the confirmations have been sent out to those who have got booths this year - did we get one?
  79. Neustradamus stpeter: about overview.shtml I do not know...
  80. stpeter Will: I just invited ralphm
  81. Will ok
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  83. Will i have actions on booth activity - weve had a few volunteers, more will appear closer to the time
  84. Florian ok
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  86. Will i also have actions on t-shirt, stickers, etc. - will get info to Board next week
  87. Will I have used the discussions at the last board meeting as inspriation for a potential t-shirt design ....
  88. Neustradamus stpeter: XMPP protocol informations... with a search of the link in a search engine.
  89. Will http://willsheward.net/xmpp-design-1.jpg
  90. stpeter http://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2010-December/001116.html says they're still working on it
  91. nyco why Facebook?
  92. Neustradamus Will: :D
  93. Will joke
  94. bear neustradamus - can you defer talk about that till after meeting
  95. ralphm I wouldn't wear design-1
  96. stpeter haha
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  98. Will http://www.fosdem.org/2011/ - say "Stands - notifications sent"
  99. ralphm xmpp doesn't love anyone :-D
  100. stpeter how about the other way around? ;)
  101. bear [F] <3 XMPP
  102. ralphm bear: do you have inside information to confirm that?
  103. bear nothing I can say in public :(
  104. Will so, ralphm, have we heard anything from fosdem about the stand?
  105. ralphm Will: about the stand. Now that stpeter asked, I'm unsure if we actually applied for a stand. I can't find it in my outbox anyway.
  106. Will oh dear
  107. Will that's going to make selling t-shirts a little challenging ;-)
  108. Florian indeed
  109. Kev No more challenging than last year, methinks.
  110. Florian lol
  111. stpeter laughts
  112. Will we'll have to just pile them all onto Florian and get him to walk around all day
  113. stpeter I thought that Kev didn't like the word "methinks"
  114. Florian a car boot sale :p
  115. Florian maybe get a white Van :p
  116. bear do we have any options to getting a stand or are we going to be begging for space on someone else's ?
  117. ralphm in ernst, I don't think the fosdem crew would like that
  118. ralphm bear: I would give the latter some chance
  119. bear who needs to do the reaching out for that?
  120. Will ok, so lets wait and see who does have a stand and then approach anyone we think might be generous?
  121. bear +1
  122. Florian but we do have a DevRoom, right?
  123. Will yes
  124. Florian and that's Saturday afternoon again?
  125. stpeter I bet the Jitsi guys will let us use some of their space
  126. stpeter yes we do have a devroom
  127. ralphm to be honest, IMO the devroom does more for us than the stand
  128. stpeter agreed
  129. Florian true
  130. Will agreed but the stand is fun
  131. Florian just makes it harder to scam 20 phones :)
  132. bear next item?
  133. Florian Hotel?
  134. Florian Best Western Last year: -> Free Executive Upgrade on rooms (price 436€) --> 109€ / night I sent an E-mail, asking them for a similar offer.
  135. Florian Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place 99 Euros per night per room 30€ / person / day American buffet breakfast Free Internet
  136. stpeter I just pinged the fosdem@ list about a list of assigned stands
  137. Will stpeter: thanks
  138. Florian Le Meridien 178 € double rooms, breakfast included
  139. Florian Novotel Brussels Off Grand Place Full. Looking for alternate offers from Accor.
  140. Florian Hotel Le Dixseptième 230€ / night
  141. Florian those are the offers so far
  142. Florian all Hotels are around the Grand Place
  143. Will do we (xsf members) have experience of staying at any of above?
  144. Florian so in the centre and close to the station
  145. Will any recommendations?
  146. Florian last year's Hotel
  147. Florian the Best Western
  148. Florian and Meridien: Fritzy
  149. Will does the best western price include breakfast?
  150. stpeter last year's was fine
  151. Florian it did last year
  152. Florian didn't it?
  153. stpeter Ralph likes the Atlas, which is just down the street
  154. Will did it include bacon?
  155. stpeter yes, breakfast was included last year
  156. Florian right
  157. stpeter Will: I have never seen so much bacon
  158. Will awesome
  159. Florian I'll add Atlas to the list
  160. Florian and get an offer from them
  161. stpeter ok
  162. Florian I'm looking for a price of 120€ / room incl. breakfast
  163. Florian thing is ... Atlas is more expensive
  164. Florian or very similar
  165. Florian but I will enquire about a package deal
  166. Will i'm guessing we need to make a decision quick?
  167. Florian do the 120€ / room sound good?
  168. stpeter yes we should
  169. Florian ±10€
  170. stpeter I'd be happy with the Best Western again -- no real difference from the Atlas really in my experience
  171. bear people will be planning now if they haven't already
  172. Florian right, I'll send another mail to the summit list
  173. Florian that we'll get a hotel in the next few days
  174. stpeter ok
  175. bear cool
  176. Will ok
  177. Florian so I'll get the offers hopefully tomorrow
  178. bear any other fosdem/summit items?
  179. Florian Dinner
  180. stpeter do we have enough devroom talks lined up?
  181. Florian I'm going round eating
  182. stpeter ah yes
  183. Florian and I'll drop a few propositions to the list tomorrow
  184. stpeter super
  185. bear we have 3 speakers for dev rooms and 1 possible (someone who emailed but hasn't responded back)
  186. stpeter ah we need more speakers then
  187. Kev If anyone has suggestions for something I could talk about, yay. I can't think of anything I know about that's particularly interesting for a talk though :)
  188. Will need to push hard on this
  189. Will how about pressing last year's speakers to give lightning talks on developments with their projects in last 12 months?
  190. stpeter the things I could talk about are not so interesting to the general public :)
  191. Florian that's a good idea :)
  192. bear if we have that list - that's a great idea
  193. bear if someone points me to the list i'll contact them
  194. bear i'll also crosspost another request for speakers
  195. Florian http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-8/
  196. stpeter http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-8/#saturday
  197. stpeter heh
  198. stpeter yeah
  199. bear ok, i'll start reaching out to them
  200. stpeter can we play "Stump the Experts" again?
  201. Florian +1
  202. Will +1
  203. Kev Sounds good.
  204. Kev That had the room packed even by usual standards.
  205. stpeter it seemed fun at the time :)
  206. stpeter maybe we can get Thiago to give an update about Jingle Nodes
  207. stpeter etc.
  208. Florian :)
  209. bear I've added the Stump topic
  210. stpeter k
  211. stpeter I'll poke some folks on and off the lists
  212. bear anything else summit/fosdem related?
  213. Will not here
  214. bear k, moving on then
  215. bear RFCbis migration - who wants to talk about that?
  216. stpeter there is Monday and the interim meeting for the XMPP WG
  217. stpeter what do we mean by bis migration?
  218. stpeter as in, when are the specs to be done, or when will software migrate?
  219. bear not sure - it was put into the agenda by someone else
  220. stpeter ok
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  222. stpeter as you can see from https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-xmpp-3920bis/ballot/ all the "DISCUSSes" have cleared
  223. bear k, let's move on - it can be brought up again if need be
  224. stpeter so 3920 is ready to move ahead, I think
  225. bear anyone want to continue to glance akwardly at RFCbis or shall we move on?
  226. Florian ah ... just a last note on FOSDEM: Can we get some more dinner sponsors (Collabora?)
  227. Will we'll chip in some money
  228. stpeter 3921bis is on the agenda for 2 weeks from now https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-xmpp-3921bis/
  229. bear The last item on the agenda is just a note that Fritzy and myself will be starting to reach out to client and lib devs to start getting some interop interest going
  230. stpeter cool
  231. Kev bear: Noting that we're not due another formal interop event for ~=6 months :)
  232. stpeter follows up with Alexey about https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-xmpp-address/
  233. bear kev - agreed and understood - I think it will take months to reach out and engage with most of them
  234. stpeter right
  235. stpeter but if we do that now, we'll have more participants next time
  236. bear makes note to start a wiki page about that list
  237. bear ok, any other agenda items someone wants to insert?
  238. bear we are approaching the 30 min mark and i'm feeling itchy to bang the gavel
  239. Florian not here
  240. Florian except: we need sponsors :)
  241. Florian for the dinner :)
  242. stpeter ok
  243. stpeter I'll think about people to poke
  244. Florian so far we've got 775€
  245. bear what is the dollar amount for sponsoring?
  246. Florian we don't have a minimum limit
  247. Florian last year's dinner donations were: http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-8/#dinner
  248. bear how do I send you some money then - i'll sponsor a seat at the table in my place
  249. Florian eh, stpeter?
  250. stpeter eh?
  251. stpeter I'll poke some folks about sponsoring
  252. Florian for people who aren't attending, yet willing to sponsor?
  253. Florian like bear
  254. stpeter oh
  255. stpeter heh
  256. stpeter haven't heard of that before
  257. Florian maybe bank transfer to the XSF?
  258. bear i'll mail stpeter a check
  259. Florian or that way :)
  260. Tobias has joined
  261. Florian just drop me a line with the amount, and I'll add you to the list :)
  262. bear ok, I think we are done then for this meeting - any dissent?
  263. Will none here
  264. Florian none :)
  265. stpeter I need to add our postal address to http://xmpp.org/participate/contact-us/
  266. bear bangs the gavel and closes the meeting
  267. bear thanks all for attending
  268. Kev Thanks bear.
  269. Kev (And all)
  270. Florian thanks all :)
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  273. bear next meeting Jan 19th - same time and place
  274. stpeter updates the calendar this time
  275. bear :)
  276. bear finalizes minutes and sends to list
  277. stpeter Board and Council calendars updated
  278. bear thanks stpeter
  279. stpeter I suppose we should add the various FOSDEM-related activities to the XSF calendar, eh?
  280. bear that would be very nice
  281. stpeter yeah
  282. bear i'm going to push the draft blog post now reminding folks about the summit
  283. stpeter I'll need to figure out the times
  284. stpeter super
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  286. bear if you put the items in using UTC, then the receiving calendars will adjust
  287. bear odd, if you click on the "donate" button - suddenly the postal address appears on the contact-us page
  288. stpeter ok
  289. stpeter ok, FOSDEM events added to the XSF calendar
  290. bear wynkoop street - suite 600 -- still valid?
  291. stpeter yepper
  292. stpeter I wouldn't have added it otherwise :)
  293. bear k, i'll clear the amount with my "boss" and send you a check
  294. stpeter I just added that, perhaps you're running into a caching issue
  295. bear ohhh
  296. bear yea, the donate button just goes back to that page
  297. stpeter I like the realtime search stuff on the homepage
  298. bear yea, that's very neat
  299. stpeter pushes out a revised version of https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-saintandre-tls-server-id-check/
  300. bear \o/
  301. bear ok, heading out to get lunch in the time I have remaining from $dayjob lunch break ;)
  302. stpeter :)
  303. stpeter that's the second time in the last 24 hours that I've seen $dayjob
  304. stpeter must be going around
  305. stpeter hadn't seen it before
  306. bear I swiped it from one of the Sun guys who swiped it from one of the IBMers - so it's a enterprise thang
  307. bear well, that and oldschool perl coders I think
  308. stpeter sure
  309. stpeter my $dayjob at $bigco
  310. bear exactly
  311. stpeter :)
  312. Kev I use $genericthing from time to time.
  313. stpeter brb
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  322. ralphm $adjective $time_of_day!
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