XSF Discussion - 2011-01-07

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  10. Kev

    Whoever invited Remko in here, he needs to fix a segfault :)

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  15. Remko

    whoever invited me in here: why?

  16. dwd

    Remko, We just like you.

  17. dwd

    Remko, Maybe it's for your sparkling wit.

  18. Remko

    dwd: go on ...

  19. dwd

    Remko, Or maybe for your bold interior decorating.

  20. dwd

    Remko, Or your excellent judge of the weight of a jar of boiled sweets.

  21. Remko

    dwd: i cannot deny ownership of those properties

  22. dwd

    Remko, I wouldn't know, I didn't invite you. (I think Florian did)

  23. Remko

    i think so too, but florian's not even here :)

  24. dwd

    Driven out by the blaze of your personality, no doubt.

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