XSF Discussion - 2011-01-19

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  15. Nÿco Board meeting in 3:30: http://typewith.me/iwX1hcKPyk
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  20. bear board meeting in 10?
  21. bear (minutes)
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  24. stpeter bear: yes
  25. Florian well ... 5 mins now :)
  26. bear are you doing the twitter thang?
  27. stpeter yeah
  28. stpeter I can
  29. bear I have one lined up - after my 4 post FAIL session last time I figured I would ask
  30. bear :)
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  32. bear waiting on Will and for Nÿco (tho I see he was active 3,5 hrs ago
  33. Will hi
  34. stpeter ok
  35. Will phone call, sorry
  36. bear just as I pressed enter - figures
  37. Will but here now
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  40. stpeter I'll be in another chat meeting here soon, but I can do more than one chat at the same time :)
  41. bear while the agenda seems short, we will probably consume the whole meeting talking FOSDEM
  42. Will yup
  43. Florian prolly :)
  44. bear then let's start - Nÿco can read scrollback
  45. stpeter yep
  46. bear bangs the gavel to start the meeting
  47. bear any agenda bashing?
  48. stpeter where did you post the agenda? :)
  49. Will http://typewith.me/iwX1hcKPyk
  50. stpeter ah, naturally
  51. bear I so want to change that behaviour and post to the wiki the day *before* the meeting
  52. Nÿco hi
  53. Nÿco sorry, was on the phone
  54. stpeter hi Nÿco
  55. bear ok, first item - FOSDEM
  56. bear florian - you here?
  57. Florian I am :)
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  59. Florian so ... FOSDEM ...
  60. bear can you give a quick update
  61. Florian the summit's dev challenge: We have an N8 confirmed as prize
  62. Florian from Nokia
  63. Nÿco how many? ;-)
  64. Florian just one prize
  65. Nÿco btw, has it got an XMPP client by default?
  66. Florian and demo devices are being gathered .. which seems harder this year
  67. Florian the N8 doesn't afaik
  68. Florian maybe the Ovi Chat one
  69. Florian not sure
  70. Nÿco ok
  71. stpeter shall we hold an in-person board meeting in Brussels? :)
  72. Florian +1
  73. Nÿco ah good idea
  74. Florian maybe on Friday?
  75. bear just let me know what time zone so I can skype/muc in
  76. Will +1
  77. Florian if everyone is around?
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  79. bear I think i'm the only one not going
  80. jack i'm here
  81. jack but i'm not going :(
  82. Will I'll be there afternoon on Fiday. suggest we hold board meeting in the bar ;-)
  83. jack had to cancel those plans
  84. Will oh dear
  85. Nÿco btw, I am now sure I can't be there on Friday (customer meeting all day)
  86. stpeter Nÿco: customer meetings are no fun, but customers are good :)
  87. Florian :)
  88. bear coughs and points politely to FOSDEM update agenda item
  89. Florian right ...
  90. Florian so .. Dev Challenge ...
  91. Nÿco jack: what do you mean "not going"?
  92. Florian I asked Nokia about the rules for the entries
  93. jack I will be in the US during all the FOSDEM nad XMPP Summit days.
  94. Florian nothing confirmed yet, but I was told that they'd like to see Qt apps (Nokia's SDK)
  95. bear ouch - Qt can be hard to setup a dev env for if your not used to it
  96. Florian well, it seems their SDK is quite nice by now
  97. Nÿco can we push the use of reusable libraries?
  98. Nÿco I mean XMPP libs
  99. Kev bear: It's pretty easy these days, Creator is nice enough (I don't use it, but anyway...)
  100. bear mutters: on linux maybe ... ;)
  101. stpeter when does the dev challenge begin?
  102. Nÿco thus one could write an app with a Qt frontend, and port it
  103. Florian OSX now :)
  104. stpeter e.g., can developers start working now?
  105. bear k, it sounds like we need to announce this as soon as possible then
  106. Florian yes
  107. Florian that's the question
  108. Nÿco we need to set the rules first, no?
  109. Florian last year we kicked off the challenge on Friday
  110. Florian yeah, rules are good :)
  111. Florian but I was wondering, should we allow pre-FOSDEM work?
  112. Nÿco the kickoff date can happen one week before FOSDEM
  113. Nÿco do we announce the dev challenge on our blog?
  114. Florian right
  115. Florian we should
  116. stpeter Nÿco: yes, one week before is good
  117. Nÿco +1 for pre-FOSDEM work
  118. Florian +1
  119. bear I think we should allow for pre-fosdem work and progress must be in a public repo
  120. stpeter of course, people reading this chatroom could start today
  121. Will +1
  122. bear +1
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  124. jack +1 from me
  125. Florian ok ... so I'll get Nokia to agree to some terms
  126. jack more sophisticated apps are always better
  127. Florian and then we can prepare the rules
  128. bear Florian - can you work up some rules text with nokia and email list?
  129. Florian bear: yup, will do.
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  131. bear k, then we can post to summit and jdev list whent hat is ready
  132. Nÿco so what should we target? Jingle stuff? PubSub plumber?
  133. Florian I'd say anything XMPP
  134. Florian on mobile
  135. Nÿco so mobile
  136. Nÿco restrict to it?
  137. Florian I think that will be a requirement by Nokia, but I can try to negotiate that
  138. Florian but it was a requirement last year
  139. bear I'm not seeing a reason not to
  140. bear easer to do with Qt I would suspect
  141. Nÿco for me it's ok, from restrictions come great inventions ;-)
  142. stpeter :)
  143. Florian I think Mobile is cool
  144. Nÿco ok
  145. Florian and we'll have some devices
  146. Florian and an N8 to give away
  147. Kev To clarify - you mean it must be for mobile -not it must *only* be for mobile, right?
  148. Florian and tbh... we ran Tigase on a mobile :p
  149. stpeter so we will post a blog entry about this on January 28?
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  151. bear +1 to Jan28 post
  152. Florian +1
  153. stpeter ok
  154. bear marks calendar
  155. stpeter so let's get this straightened out and work on the post next week
  156. Florian sounds good.
  157. Florian I'll get Nokia to agree to some terms then.
  158. Florian and write up rules
  159. Florian what about remote submissions?
  160. Florian same as last year?
  161. Florian presentation needs to be done locally
  162. stpeter right
  163. stpeter so if you can find someone to present it, start coding
  164. Florian right
  165. Florian sounds good.
  166. stpeter shouldn't be too hard to find someone who can present it
  167. bear yea, they need to negotiate a proxy and figure out themselves how to share an N8 ;)
  168. stpeter just split the N8 in half as the prize ;-)
  169. Florian :D
  170. Kev I'd suggest the requirement is immediate production of source under a sensible license.
  171. Florian Kev: eh?
  172. Kev Last year I wasn't entirely sure that the source for all entries ever got released.
  173. stpeter nods
  174. Florian right
  175. Florian I think a public repo for that matter might be cool
  176. bear I was suggesting that it be done in a public repo
  177. Kev bear: Yes, I'm agreeing with your suggestion.
  178. stpeter does it need to be licensed under open-source terms?
  179. bear stops multitasking
  180. Florian actually ...
  181. Florian maybe not
  182. Kev stpeter: We required that last year. I think it's sensible to do so again.
  183. Florian but we can require that it's released on the Ovi Store at some point
  184. bear +1 to open-source compatible license
  185. Florian -1
  186. stpeter updates http://typewith.me/iwX1hcKPyk
  187. Nÿco as a standards org, we can authorize people to code proprietary (even if ithurts me to say so)
  188. Florian right
  189. Nÿco I would prefer opensource
  190. Florian I think OS is preferred
  191. Florian but not required
  192. Nÿco right
  193. Florian the thing is ... if people want to build a cool shareware app...
  194. Kev Nÿco: Yes, I'm not at all opposed to non-OSS code for XMPP. For the XSF competition, however, I don't see any sensible way of it not being OSS and still being reasonable.
  195. Florian good for them
  196. jack i think ti's fine to have OS be preferred not required, as long as source available is required
  197. jack you can ask nokiaif they have a preference for requiring submission be OS
  198. bear concedes his aggressively open source stance
  199. stpeter I
  200. jack certainly at FOSDEM it is going to be a little awkward for people working on proprietary things :)
  201. Florian jack: last year, their stance was ... we don't care... we just want something that can show up on our devices at some point
  202. Nÿco Kev: we can require "open" code? means, code is readable, but authors grant only some rights to others
  203. Florian preferably through the Ovi Store
  204. stpeter I'd prefer open source, but I gave up that religion some time ago
  205. stpeter licensing is a bit of a rat hole
  206. Kev Nÿco: I guess I'm ok with requiring a source license to the XSF, at a pinch, just for logistic's sake.
  207. stpeter is commercial use OK and so on (MySQL-style licenses)
  208. Florian I think so, yes
  209. stpeter I'd prefer to avoid that whole debate if we can :)
  210. Florian not mention licence at all?
  211. Nÿco ok, it's getting too hard to sort that out, maybe we need after all OSI licenses
  212. bear sounds like we don't mention it at all but only require public repo and ovi store push
  213. Nÿco OSI approved licenses
  214. Florian bear: sounds good.
  215. Nÿco what if I do a non-Nokia/Qt (Meego/Symbian), but mobile app? (no Ovi Store)
  216. Florian I'll need to check with them
  217. Nÿco ok...
  218. Nÿco but this is our dev chanllenge, not Nokia's
  219. bear any other concerns about dev challenge before we move on to SWAG
  220. Kev Nÿco: That was outside the scope of the comp. last year - it had to run on a Nokia device. It doesn't seem an unreasonable requirement, given the sponsor.
  221. Nÿco we set the rules, they approve or not
  222. Nÿco ok Kev
  223. Florian Nÿco: if you know anyone at Apple or Blackberry to give us some prizes ... :D
  224. Kev I don't see a reason not to allow other mobile apps - if Nokia don't mind, but I don't see a reason to push them on it.
  225. Florian but yeah, I guess they won't move away from Nokia apps
  226. Nÿco Florian: nothing to answer... ;-)
  227. Nÿco ok then, resolved?
  228. Florian yup
  229. Florian SWAG :D
  230. Nÿco public repo + Ovi Store, but no specific licenses needed?
  231. Florian Nÿco: for now.
  232. Florian I'll pitch them that
  233. Nÿco ok
  234. Will swag then
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  236. Will do we do t-shirts this year given we've no stand to sell them from?
  237. stpeter seems problematic
  238. Florian I'd say yes, but just a few
  239. Florian for Summit participants
  240. stpeter unless we sell them from another booth
  241. Will the problem with a few is you have very small quantities of different sizes
  242. stpeter e.g., the SIP Communicator guys might let us sell some
  243. Will and i dont think selling from another booth is realistic,
  244. Florian Will: agree
  245. stpeter we could try to sell more of last year's design :P
  246. Will we could do some stickers and stuff to hand out to talk attendees
  247. Florian stpeter: we can do that :)
  248. Florian so maybe keep last years shirts
  249. Florian and just get stickers
  250. Will i'll look into stickers and other stuff (it's very cheap)
  251. Florian :)
  252. Florian I need a new laptop ... running out of sticker space :)
  253. Will also, are we recording the talks?
  254. Will video?
  255. Florian if someone has a camera, we can
  256. Florian hmm ... maybe the Nokia guys can bring an extra N8 :)
  257. Nÿco still the same issue with editing
  258. Will was looking at hiring camera plus radio mic for the weekend, not expensive
  259. Florian I think it's worth recording them
  260. Florian we can later always decide to just use the audio
  261. Will ok
  262. bear recording +1
  263. Florian but let's get a video camera anyway
  264. Will +1, i'll report back on costs
  265. Will to the list
  266. Florian great
  267. stpeter thanks, Will
  268. bear hotel package - is that done and advertised?
  269. Florian yup
  270. bear cool
  271. Florian 4 rooms left
  272. bear and dinner plans?
  273. stpeter I got booked into another hotel
  274. stpeter before we decided on one
  275. stpeter so I guess it would be the Best Western :)
  276. stpeter guessed
  277. stpeter FWIW :)
  278. Florian :)
  279. Florian dinner: sorted
  280. bear k
  281. Florian we just need to sort the transport
  282. stpeter ah
  283. stpeter yeah
  284. stpeter I need to call the transport company
  285. stpeter will do that first thing tomorrow morning
  286. stpeter Florian: do you know if I can just fax them the info?
  287. Florian cool
  288. Will got a phone call in 5 mins, might have to leave soon
  289. Will fyi
  290. Florian stpeter: not sure
  291. stpeter Florian: could you please check?
  292. Florian will do
  293. stpeter thanks
  294. bear unless someone wants to bike shed more - I think we are done after this item
  295. stpeter probably
  296. Florian nothing more on my end
  297. stpeter as you saw, I got a room for 50 people
  298. stpeter for Fri and Mon
  299. Florian Monday is full
  300. stpeter yep
  301. Florian a few places left on Friday
  302. Florian and some at the dinner
  303. stpeter I hope we can squeeze a few more people in if needed
  304. Florian yeah
  305. bear florian - can you email me those stats - I want to work up a summit status blog post
  306. Florian all on the summit page :)
  307. stpeter bear: they are on the page
  308. bear I think the fact that we are full capacity so soon is news worthy
  309. Florian :)
  310. bear oh right!
  311. stpeter http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-10/
  312. bear ok, we are 2 minutes away from when my "meetings suck, rant rant rant" persona starts to appear
  313. bear anything else to discuss?
  314. stpeter I think we're done
  315. Florian yup
  316. bear +1 to close
  317. stpeter I might have some finance updates before long
  318. Florian ah
  319. Florian one quick thing
  320. Florian invoices for sponsors
  321. Florian dinner sponsors ...
  322. stpeter we've got more money coming in with Voxeo, GSOC funds, etc.
  323. stpeter ah yes
  324. stpeter I sent invoices to Collabora but not the others
  325. bear drat - I need to send you a check
  326. Florian right ... Isode would need one
  327. stpeter puts it on his calendar for tomorrow
  328. Florian great :)
  329. Florian then that's it
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  331. bear who is the person with the xmpp sponsor - the new one?
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  333. stpeter ?
  334. bear bangs the gavel to close the meeting
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  336. bear this is not a meeting item - just a question
  337. stpeter I didn't parse the question
  338. bear Voxeo or something - didn't we get them as a new sponsor
  339. stpeter yes
  340. stpeter we need to create a page about them
  341. Florian yup
  342. bear so wondering who has contact info to reach out for their blurb page
  343. stpeter and, I think, we need to remove out of date sponsors from the website
  344. Florian I can chase them for some text
  345. stpeter but we can discuss that on the list
  346. bear yea, I sent email earlier but got crickets back
  347. bear ok, thanks all for attending
  348. Nÿco thx all
  349. Will bye
  350. Florian bye
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  354. stpeter sends an email to the board list about sponsors
  355. bear prepares minutes for email
  356. stpeter thanks, bear!
  357. Nÿco Next meeting: 2010-02-02, same place, same time
  358. Nÿco with TypeWithMe in the background ;-)
  359. stpeter :)
  360. stpeter moves focus to his other chat but shall return
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