XSF Discussion - 2011-02-04

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  7. stpeter

    hi bear!

  8. bear


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  10. bear

    I figure I would check in and see how things are doing

  11. bear is hoping that someone keeps notes on the major events

  12. bear

    so we can do blog posts

  13. stpeter

    shall I set up a separate chatroom for discussions, or just use jdev or this room?

  14. bear

    I figure jdev would be fine

  15. bear

    if anything a typewithme doc to maybe outline the highlights

  16. stpeter


  17. bear

    I closed everything except this one (for backchatter) and jdev (for event chatter)

  18. stpeter


  19. stpeter

    me too

  20. bear goes to make some strong tea

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  27. bear

    i'm going to head to bed - sounds like it's already a very active hackfest

  28. bear waves

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  30. stpeter

    thanks, bear!

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