XSF Discussion - 2011-02-16

  1. bear

    are we meeting today or next week

  2. bear slightly confused

  3. Nÿco


  4. Nÿco


  5. bear


  6. Nÿco


  7. stpeter

    I must have missed the messages about today's meeting :(

  8. stpeter

    but I admit that I am behind on email

  9. Nÿco

    no specific email, we just meet every two weeks, and note that down at each meeting

  10. bear

    haven't really been any messages - the schedule was decided a couple months ago

  11. stpeter


  12. stpeter

    so I need to update the calendar, then

  13. bear

    I have given up on the xsf calendar showing the meetings - they seem to appear and disappear on a regular basis

  14. bear

    so added it to my personal one

  15. stpeter

    that helps, too

  16. stpeter

    we need a calendar-meister :)

  17. stpeter

    or a bot

  18. bear

    I speak ical/vcal and caldav - so could do that if shown where the files live

  19. stpeter

    calendar updated through end of March

  20. bear


  21. will.sheward

    i have missed a notice?

  22. stpeter

    I invited Florian too

  23. Florian


  24. stpeter

    I need to depart in ~25 minutes for an appointment

  25. will.sheward

    do we have an agenda?

  26. bear


  27. bear

    ok, seems everyone is here except Jack

  28. bear

    let's start and make it a fast one then

  29. Florian

    ok :)

  30. stpeter

    we need to post a trip report about the Summit

  31. jack

    hi all

  32. stpeter

    BTW I have updated the calendar through end of Q1

  33. bear

    was someone identified at the summit to do a summary email?

  34. stpeter

    bear: I can do that, but not until tomorrow afternoon

  35. stpeter

    I have some text ready for it, but pictures would be helpful

  36. Florian

    I'll look though the pictures I have

  37. bear

    you don't have to do it - if you want you can send info to the list and I can write up a post

  38. will.sheward

    i have picture from the first 4/5 talks i think

  39. Florian

    I've got a few from the devroom and dinner

  40. Florian

    and some at Cisco

  41. stpeter


  42. bear

    notes are here: http://typewith.me/nUc9JI5pv2

  43. stpeter


  44. will.sheward

    cool, we should do seperate posts on fosdem and summit?

  45. bear thanks Nyco

  46. stpeter

    the more posts the merrier

  47. Florian

    yup :)

  48. stpeter

    as I said, I have content for the Summit / XMPP WG post, just need to paste it into a post

  49. stpeter

    but won't have time probably until tomorrow afternoon

  50. stpeter

    IESG commitments between now and then

  51. stpeter

    any volunteers for FOSDEM post?

  52. will.sheward

    i'll do that if you like

  53. stpeter

    we can take that to the commteam anyway

  54. bear

    we could get a couple small "here are some photos" posts now and have the more lengthy one when you are ready

  55. stpeter

    will.sheward: that would be beautiful

  56. will.sheward

    i'll write up something for fosdem and share with the commteam for edits

  57. stpeter

    I commit to making the Summit / XMPP WG post by end of day Friday

  58. will.sheward

    me - probably the weekend

  59. Florian

    great :)

  60. stpeter


  61. bear

    k, details can be hashed out on list

  62. stpeter


  63. stpeter


  64. stpeter

    we had some discussion in the Council meeting just now

  65. bear

    next item GSoC

  66. Tobias

    yay..GSoC :)

  67. stpeter

    do we see any reason not to participate?

  68. stpeter

    we'll need volunteers to admin, mentor, etc.

  69. stpeter

    I think we could have more projects participating this time

  70. Kev

    I'm here for my usual roles.

  71. stpeter

    I think we should require an interop report from each student so that we can improve the specs if needed

  72. Tobias

    good idea

  73. Kev

    stpeter: Well, a general 'end report', I think.

  74. Kev

    There are other things that're useful than interop, as well.

  75. stpeter

    Kev: last time we wanted feedback on specs, but it was hard to get -- just a few messages posted in a chatroom

  76. Kev

    I saw another org post this in the GSoC channel earlier, and I think we should aim to come up with something similar to the prologue as a 'mission statement' we can agree on - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YpQjl8pDTztxlk1eRDgheHq-17vMEcNt3qUCypioW_g/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

  77. stpeter


  78. Kev

    stpeter: Yes, an exit report sounds good.

  79. stpeter


  80. Kev

    They have to fill one of these out for Google anyway, we can require our own.

  81. stpeter nods

  82. stpeter

    so is the Board on board?

  83. Florian

    yup :)

  84. will.sheward


  85. bear


  86. stpeter


  87. Kev

    I'm more than happy to help with admin again, but I'd quite like Board to appoint someone responsible so I've got someone to bash over the head if stuff doesn't get done :)

  88. stpeter

    so we'll round up the usual suspects and start to organize on the gsoc@xmpp.org list

  89. stpeter


  90. Kev

    And this should happen very soon.

  91. will.sheward

    i can probably help out with admin

  92. Kev

    Applications are pretty soon now, and we should have pages up in advance of that.

  93. Kev

    Org applications, that is.

  94. bear

    I have offered to help as org admin again

  95. Kev

    will.sheward: I gather bear's up for admin as well.

  96. will.sheward

    Kev: cool, lets draw up a task list and split

  97. will.sheward


  98. Kev

    I'd rather one of you was 'main' admin and I just act as fill-in, because I don't want to do everything or have responsibility :D

  99. will.sheward

    that'd be bear (as big boss) me as minion

  100. bear

    the gathering of project ideas is the hardest part at this phase

  101. Kev

    bear: Yes. I'm happy to help with that. Swift will probably propose some, and Simon's approached me about BuddyCloud ones under the XSF umbrella as well.

  102. bear

    ok, unless someone really doesn't like the idea of me as admin - let's go with that and I'll post to gsoc@xmpp.org to start organizing

  103. bear

    with will as co-admin

  104. Kev

    The YafaRay post about being concentrating on gathering new contributers, rather than specific throwaway tasks, rang true with me.

  105. Kev

    Did I just get demoted? Cool.

  106. stpeter

    OK I have another 10 minutes here

  107. Florian

    next topic then?

  108. bear

    kev - I think you are master-of-mentors

  109. bear

    stpeter - do we have a list of sponsors who have paid?

  110. stpeter

    we have a list of dinner sponsors (need to mention them in the Summit post)

  111. stpeter

    we also have a short list of org sponsors

  112. will.sheward

    which will replace the existing list v.soon

  113. stpeter

    but at this point it's only Voxeo (we need a page about them!) and USSHC

  114. stpeter

    I have promised to work on a proposal to ISOC (Internet Society)

  115. bear

    I've seen email about one new sponsor but we are still waiting for someone to create a page item for them? do we know who brought Voxeo on board?

  116. stpeter

    so I will run that by the Board when I have a draft

  117. Florian

    I'll get i touch about the page with them

  118. will.sheward

    I'll sort the voxeo page when florian has the basic info

  119. stpeter


  120. will.sheward

    also, Florian, I need a reciept/invoice thing for the dinner sponsorship

  121. bear

    Can you two also draft a post thanking the dinner sponsors with the list from stpeter about who gave?

  122. stpeter

    yes, Florian and I can work on that

  123. will.sheward

    phew - was about to volunteer

  124. stpeter


  125. stpeter

    I need to make thank-you notes (receipts) for all of them, anyway

  126. bear

    do you want to report on finances for next meeting or will you need more time (stpeter)

  127. stpeter

    tomorrow afternoon or Friday for that :)

  128. stpeter

    as I said, the basic finance report is that we have a little less than $9000 in the bank, but I need more time to provide details

  129. stpeter

    we actually made money on the summit ;-)

  130. will.sheward


  131. stpeter


  132. Florian


  133. bear

    cool - then I don't have to budget for this year's oscon summit with the wife :)

  134. stpeter

    we also have $2k on the way from GSoC 2010 IIRC

  135. Florian


  136. Florian

    should we move on to Summit #11?

  137. bear

    summit #11

  138. stpeter

    and as mentioned we're going to seek out more sponsors this year

  139. stpeter


  140. stpeter

    oh, another topic (for next meeting) is the XMPP validator idea, but see members@ list for discussion

  141. bear

    I am going to be going this year for the full oscon so I can help organize summit 11

  142. stpeter

    do we want to hold a north american summit (#11) this year? last year didn't go so well, but we can and should put more effort in this year, I think

  143. stpeter

    bear: cool

  144. Florian

    I'd love to organize it as it looks like I'll be attending :)

  145. bear

    :) - last year's was done very last minute

  146. stpeter

    I won't be there the whole time because I will travel to Quebec City the following week for the IETF meeting

  147. stpeter


  148. stpeter

    so if we're committed, we can post about it next week (after the FOSDEM / Summit posts) and I will contact my friends at O'Reilly about a room

  149. Florian


  150. bear

    yes, we can talk more details next meeting

  151. stpeter


  152. stpeter


  153. stpeter

    any other busines?

  154. Florian

    not from my end

  155. bear

    do you have anything before you have to leave?

  156. stpeter

    I don't have anything further here

  157. will.sheward

    me neither

  158. bear takes the lack of new items as a sign to bang the gavel

  159. stpeter

    ok great

  160. stpeter

    we have a meeting 2 weeks from now

  161. stpeter

    it should be in the calendar

  162. Florian


  163. stpeter

    let's send a reminder to the members@ list the day before, too

  164. stpeter

    if we remember :)

  165. bear

    if that is needed then I will do that as part of the pre-meeting prep work I do

  166. stpeter

    not absolutely necessary

  167. stpeter

    but it's good to keep the membership in the loop

  168. stpeter

    anyway, gotta run

  169. stpeter


  170. will.sheward


  171. Florian