XSF Discussion - 2011-03-02

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  36. Will Do we have a meeting now, or have I become predictably confused again?
  37. Kev Calendar says yes.
  38. stpeter bear said he wouldn't be able to attend
  39. Kev bear seemed to be up UK time today, confusingly.
  40. Will i'm on a schedule today, need to be out the office door in 25 mins. do we think this is going to happen, or is this one we'll postpone?
  41. jack is there a proposed agenda?
  42. jack i'm happy to reschedule and wait for bear
  43. Kev I'll remind our two GSoC admins that http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2011_Project_Ideas needs projects chasing regardless of whether there's a meeting :) I've been poking projects myself, as well.
  44. Will i think if there's no agenda, i'd be better of spending my time on more xmpp.org edits :-)
  45. Will off
  46. stpeter next week is fine with me -- I just got pulled into a conference call so my attention is not complete
  47. stpeter Will: I think we've made good progress
  48. Kev Will: Probably, but please don't forget GSoC.
  49. Will stpeter: I agree, still more to do (neverending taks)
  50. Will How could I forget GSoC when I have that lovely lime-green tee-shirt to remind me?
  51. stpeter heh
  52. Kev I more meant not forgetting that you need to be doing adminny things for it at the moment :p
  53. stpeter any thoughts regarding how we can make progress on the xmpp validator project?
  54. Kev Find someone willing to spend some time on it, and get them to start writing it?
  55. stpeter great idea :)
  56. Kev Will's computer has just locked up.
  57. Will it's just unlocked
  58. Will but suspect it's about to crash
  59. stpeter so shall we meet next week?
  60. Will i think that would be sensible
  61. jack sounds good. see you guys soon
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  63. stpeter what a fun conference call
  64. stpeter OASIS stuff -- don't ask me how I got involved in this one!
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  66. stpeter s/stuff/madness/
  67. bear waves from one attention pulling event and goes to another
  68. bear next week is good
  69. stpeter ok
  70. stpeter I'll update the calendar
  71. bear I'll have gsoc news by then
  72. stpeter super
  73. bear i'm using last years answers for this year - unless you tell me something has changed that is :)
  74. Kev Can always send me a copy before you submit if you want me to check it over.
  75. bear sure can
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