XSF Discussion - 2011-03-18

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  32. Kev

    We're in.

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  34. Tobias


  35. Kev

    Next up, finding willing students...

  36. Tobias

    is it that hard? :P

  37. Kev

    No idea.

  38. Tobias

    some of my fellow students also want to apply for GSoC this year

  39. Tobias

    at least I'm trying to push them to do so :)

  40. Kev

    Good :)

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  42. bear

    kev - was just looking it up - congrats

  43. Kev

    Thanks for doing the application :)

  44. bear

    the hard part comes next

  45. bear


  46. bear goes to respond to notifications from gsoc

  47. Kev

    Yeah, we need a profile page done now.

  48. Kev

    I'm happy enough to do that if you want, I'm in free time now.

  49. bear

    please do - today we are release 4 varieties of firefox 4 RC1

  50. bear

    due to a security exploit discovered

  51. Kev

    Ok, let me look up my link id so you can give me permission to do so.

  52. bear

    I will draft a blog post now tho

  53. Kev

    Sent in a PM.

  54. bear

    i'm clicking the "please create your org now" link

  55. Kev


  56. bear

    what org email did we use last year? gsoc@xmpp.org or me or ??

  57. Kev

    For students to use? gsoc@ would be sensible.

  58. Kev


  59. bear

    it's for the org page

  60. Kev

    We can almost certainly change that later.

  61. bear

    ok gsoc@xmpp.org

  62. Kev

    Either gsoc@ or jdev@ then, yes.

  63. bear

    hmm, need to dig up xsf's mailing address

  64. bear

    ah - it's on the contact page of the blog

  65. bear

    putting my phone # until I can get one from peter

  66. bear

    ok, how many slots?

  67. Kev

    Right now I'd request 6.

  68. Kev

    We can, I believe, modify this later in light of how many excellent proposals we get.

  69. bear


  70. bear

    ok, inviting you as admin

  71. Kev

    Received, will sort that out now.

  72. bear


  73. bear

    stpeter auto-invited because he was listed as backup org admin

  74. Kev


  75. bear

    k, i'm turning back to dayjob - have some test devices that need work

  76. bear

    i'll be lurking, just not working on gsoc stuff (after I push out blog post that is)

  77. Kev

    Sure - and the blog post can easily wait a few hours :)

  78. bear

    this is just a "we are in!" mini post

  79. bear

    longer one to follow after application page is done

  80. bear

    ok, quick post done - back to work

  81. Kev

    Thanks bear.

  82. Tobias

    quite an enlargement this year...from 150 accepted orgs to 175

  83. bear

    wow - that's a lot of orgs

  84. Kev


  85. Kev

    416 applied.

  86. Kev

    I've just done a second pass of the org profile. Looks like Bear had already pretty much done it :)

  87. Kev

    http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/show/google/gsoc2011/xsf should be public-facing, I think.

  88. bear checks on work laptop

  89. bear

    they rewrote the url as a redirect back to the 2011 home page

  90. bear

    oh - I must have typo'd it

  91. bear

    I see it now

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