XSF Discussion - 2011-03-30

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  22. bear

    Will we have enough folk for a board meeting today with the IETF activity?

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  24. Will

    bear: sorry, missed that mesage. I'm not sure. I'll be on a train so I'll probably be drifting in and out with signal strength :-)

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  28. bear

    I was asking if we will even have a quorum with the IETF meetings happening

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  30. Kev

    bear: I'm not sure that IETF meetings should affect quorum, should they?

  31. Kev

    I don't think any of Board are attending (although Peter is)

  32. Will

    well, there's been nothing on the Board mailing list about problems

  33. bear

    then cool :)

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  35. bear

    I think it will be a short meeting anyways - only agenda item I have is GSoC

  36. Kev

    Yay, GSoC!

  37. bear


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  40. stpeter

    i am in a plenary session and might not be able to pay attention

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  42. stpeter

    in fact I will need to go up on stage soon, so I'll probably need to log off

  43. Kev

    Take the laptop up with you :)

  44. jack

    Set the record for simultaneous open standard organization participation

  45. stpeter


  46. stpeter

    I'll review some OASIS or W3C document while I'm at it

  47. bear

    is the meeting now or in an hour?

  48. jack

    i thought it was now

  49. bear

    timezone shifts for EU are making me wonder

  50. Kev

    It's currently 1600UTC, if that helps. 1700UK time.

  51. bear

    I just know that the calendar says 0500 GMT - which for me is 1300

  52. bear

    but seeing the number of folk in the channel...

  53. Kev

    0500 GMT?

  54. Kev

    That sounds early.

  55. bear

    sorry - 0500 UTC or GMT+0

  56. bear


  57. bear

    damn american am/pm time displays

  58. bear

    1700 GMT

  59. Kev

    It's not 1700GMT for another hour.

  60. Kev

    It's 1700 UK time at the moment.

  61. Kev

    (Which is currently GMT+1)

  62. bear

    hehe - I know - I was asking if 1700GMT was accurate seeing how many people think it's now

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  64. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    I thought it was at 6?

  65. bear

    ok, so it does sound like it's in 50 minutes and only the yank is confused ;)

  66. admin@im.flosoft.biz


  67. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    I should be attending from London Waterloo station, before heading underground to talk to the CAA

  68. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Can someone possibly invite me to he MUC ... As e N900 still has no join MUC button

  69. bear

    which jid?

  70. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Admin .. The hopefully only online one :)

  71. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    ATM on the iJoke

  72. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    But the phone is more portable when running through the city

  73. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    And OneTeam has some weird issues with MUC and their proxy

  74. bear will let kev do that - psi's admin forms make his skin itch

  75. Kev


  76. bear

    what florian was asking about

  77. admin@im.flosoft.biz


  78. Kev

    Oh, you want me to fire up Psi? :p

  79. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    this room is public already?

  80. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Or why do you need the admin forms?

  81. bear

    because i'm a clueless muc person who can never remember how to do this shit

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  83. bear

    as evidenced by my thinking I needed the admin tool

  84. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Invites? Haha.. Right click, invite to... Xmpp@muc

  85. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    But yeah, later

  86. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    ATM still on the iPad

  87. bear


  88. bear hides his head

  89. bear

    hmm, have to step outside to talk with house contractor - be back in a bit

  90. dwd

    Why do they call the guys who make houses bigger "contractors"?

  91. admin@im.flosoft.biz


  92. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Because people who don't sign a contract about home improvement will often just make a lot of holes

  93. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    In the walls

  94. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Or is that just me?

  95. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    .... That joke sounded better in my head

  96. Kev

    It was a joke?

  97. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    It was meant to be

  98. Kev

    Good to know :)

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  100. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    My DIY skills aren't that bad... I even fitted a new exhaust to my Vespa without a manual

  101. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    As of now, it's still attached

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  107. will.sheward

    Mmm, very poor connection atm, too many tunnels :-)

  108. will.sheward

    Either the meetings been cancelled, I'm in the wring room or this client isn't working.

  109. Kev

    I'm seeing a lack of action

  110. will.sheward


  111. jack

    i suppose we should have had it an hour ago when everyone was here

  112. will.sheward

    Well I'm heading for a few connection blackspots, so you won't get much here for a bit

  113. will.sheward

    We are masters of timing

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  116. will.sheward

    Ok, my train is pulling into the station, be back in 10mins when I get home

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  121. jack

    I guess we'll do it next week.

  122. jack

    I'm off to lunch

  123. Kev

    It does look like quorum to me.

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  126. admin@im.flosoft.biz

    Did I miss everything?

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  131. bear

    bah - "quick" meeting turned into a contractor dispute (oh, you wanted *that* done) - bah

  132. bear

    sorry to blow the meeting

  133. will.sheward

    i think the meeting was already blown :-)

  134. bear

    then I don't feel so bad - just partially bad

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  140. Kev

    Anyone know offhand where we keep the XMPP logo these days?

  141. Kev

    Wonderful as Wordpress is, it doesn't seem to be helping tell me.

  142. Kev

    I guess I can trawl the site for pngs or something

  143. bear

    I have no idea - would love to have a wiki page of graphic/media resources

  144. Kev

    I've created one of the appropriate size for gsoc, and uploaded it, and updated the org profile.

  145. bear


  146. Kev

    So once the org randomisation is done, we'll be able to appear on the front page, sometimes.

  147. bear


  148. Tobias

    Kev: in the git repo?

  149. Kev

    No, I just threw it into images/xmpp-small.png

  150. Tobias


  151. Tobias

    they got a new page i see

  152. Tobias

    Kev: their time pie chart on the front page let's it appear that this year there's a longer coding period?

  153. Kev

    Goodness knows.

  154. Tobias

    nah..their pie chart is just misleading :D

  155. Kev

    There's a lot of complaining about the new design. I'm trying to mostly stay out of it and just get stuff done.

  156. Tobias

    it's still melange behind it right?

  157. Kev

    It is.

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  160. dwd

    23:42:48] dwd: RFC 6120, 6121, and 6122 all just published. [23:42:56] dwd: Might be of interest to us. :-)

  161. dwd

    bear, If you're about, might be worth a blog post.

  162. bear

    just saw your poke - working on it now

  163. bear

    are there any links I can point to for them?

  164. bear

    ah - see links to the mailing list in the archives

  165. bear

    dwd - I want to include a paragraph about what this means for the XSF - do you have some words handy, my mind is drawing a blank

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