XSF Discussion - 2011-04-13

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  10. bear FYI board meeting in 1 hour (if my calendar is accurate)
  11. Kev Thanks.
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  15. bear board meeting in 15 minutes
  16. bear meeting notes are here: http://typewith.me/mLIIGK2glS
  17. bear are you doing the twitter'ing stpeter?
  18. stpeter howdy
  19. stpeter I can, yes
  20. bear thanks
  21. stpeter I was busy writing an email message to the Board about possible discussion topics
  22. bear is trying this new thing called "prepared"
  23. stpeter heh
  24. stpeter so I mentioned several possible topics: 1. GScC update 2. Summit #11 3. Removing "proposed" state from XEP-0001 4. Voxeo page for website 5. Public services list 6. Microblogging / blogging 7. Trademark sublicensing applications
  25. stpeter noodle on those, I'll be right back
  26. bear k
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  28. Florian evening all
  29. stpeter hi Florian!
  30. bear hello
  31. stpeter Mr. Sheward and I can also give a report on the website -- I think we're finished with http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XSF_website_gap_analysis_notes and can think about what new pages to add, if desired
  32. bear adds that to the top
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  34. will.sheward Evening
  35. stpeter any sign of Jack or Nÿco?
  36. Florian evening Will :)
  37. bear just poked jack
  38. stpeter ok
  39. stpeter yes, he's online
  40. bear don't see nyco online
  41. will.sheward Anyone know what's happened to collecta?
  42. Florian me n'either
  43. stpeter at least at his current address -- Jack seems to move around a lot :)
  44. stpeter will.sheward: presumably Jack can tell us
  45. stpeter I don't know the story
  46. bear jack is in SF all week doing contract work for Yammer
  47. bear so he will be missing this one
  48. stpeter ok
  49. Florian let's go?
  50. will.sheward May need to remove the collect widget from the home page
  51. bear time to start then
  52. stpeter some of my items will really be for discussion in 2 weeks, they are organizational right now
  53. stpeter s/discussion/decisions/
  54. bear meeting notes are here: http://typewith.me/mLIIGK2glS
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  56. stpeter here is what I posted earlier: 0. Website update 1. GScC update 2. Summit #11 3. Removing "proposed" state from XEP-0001 4. Voxeo page for website 5. Public services list 6. Microblogging / blogging 7. Trademark sublicensing applications
  57. stpeter typewith.me is nice
  58. stpeter ok
  59. Florian looks good
  60. will.sheward We can combine 0 and 4 I think
  61. stpeter nod
  62. stpeter so GSoC first?
  63. Florian sure
  64. stpeter defers to bear
  65. bear we received the 7 slots we asked for
  66. Florian great
  67. bear working with the python gsoc group to fit in some of their xmpp related projects
  68. bear we have 4 really solid students so far
  69. bear and kev is whipping into shape some of the others to see if they will make it in
  70. stpeter heh
  71. will.sheward Do we not have enough of our own?
  72. bear my hunch is that we will have 5 or 6 solids
  73. stpeter do we need to use all 7 slots?
  74. stpeter I'd prefer to have fewer solid students
  75. bear we have a lot of really iffy applications
  76. stpeter if needed
  77. Kev We asked for 7 because that's the number that the mentors asked for.
  78. stpeter nods
  79. stpeter last year we had 3
  80. bear defers to kev to fill in the details
  81. stpeter IIRC
  82. will.sheward Iffy I'm what way?
  83. Kev 4 the mentors said were outstanding, 3 more the mentors said were good and they wanted.
  84. will.sheward In
  85. Kev will.sheward: Nothing more than usual. Not all applications are good.
  86. stpeter will.sheward: yes you are iffy
  87. Kev stpeter: 3, we asked for another and got it.
  88. bear most were just from students who gave little to no thought on their app and then were not heard from again
  89. stpeter will.sheward: the scent of money attracts some flaky students
  90. stpeter hell, I was a flaky student myself once :)
  91. Florian hehe
  92. will.sheward Ok
  93. Kev This year the scheme was changed to ask for the number of outstanding (4) students and the number you'd like (7) in an ideal world.
  94. Kev We got all 7.
  95. stpeter so typically we need to weed out a lot of chaff
  96. Kev If a mentor changes their mind about wanting their student, we give the slot back and Carol hands it out to another org.
  97. stpeter yep
  98. stpeter that works fine
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  100. stpeter hi Emil
  101. stpeter anything else related to gsoc?
  102. Kev We can't discuss what the applications were here, but Board are welcome to sign up to Melange and look at them there.
  103. Kev Yes.
  104. Kev We need to devote significantly more effort to it next year.
  105. stpeter hmm
  106. stpeter it's always a lot of work
  107. Kev Trust me, I know.
  108. stpeter is it becoming even more work? :)
  109. Kev Well, if we want to get more high quality students, we need to attract them somehow.
  110. stpeter thinks about costs and benefits
  111. bear the mentor side is more work this year
  112. Kev bear: Based on what?
  113. bear the org admin side is minimal
  114. Kev Ahem.
  115. stpeter heh
  116. will.sheward Heh
  117. bear just seeing how busy you are chasing students and mentors
  118. Kev Yes, that's org admin work :)
  119. bear hides
  120. Florian :p
  121. Emil Ivov hey Peter :)
  122. Kev Between mentor and org admin, my effort's been measured in hours/day for the last few weeks.
  123. Kev But anyway.
  124. Kev The reward of getting new contributors to the projects is, I think, significant and worthwhile.
  125. stpeter Kev: every year we say we need to plan more fully, and either we don't do the planning or we neglect to capture lessons learned from the previous year...
  126. Kev So we can not do any more recruiting than we normally do, and that's fine.
  127. stpeter so we need to get better at that
  128. Kev stpeter: Well, myself and people from KDE/Gentoo/X.org have been writing a series of lessons on the Google Open Source blog for that.
  129. stpeter and I'm part of the problem, so I'm volunteering to help
  130. stpeter Kev: excellent
  131. Kev http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2011/04/dos-and-donts-of-google-summer-of-code.html for exampel.
  132. bear i'm also part of the problem to be blunt - I have been giving minimal support and will fix that
  133. Kev Anyway. We've had an apathy from projects this year. Swift, Buddycloud and PySoy have each put in considerable work and have as a consequence got great proposals.
  134. stpeter right
  135. stpeter you get out what you put in
  136. Kev Others less so, and I'd really like us to have more active projects.
  137. stpeter yep
  138. Florian yeah
  139. stpeter but that's a bigger problem
  140. Kev And the OneSocialWeb incident was *not* good.
  141. bear I think we need to put into the calendar a couple months *before* the signup to start banging the drum about the next one
  142. Kev bear: Yes, that was what I was going to suggest.
  143. bear stpeter - can you add a "tickler" event to the calendar for next year?
  144. stpeter I was thinking just an hour ago or so that we don't have a lot of active projects, and that's a problem, but it's a bigger problem than GSoC
  145. stpeter bear: yes
  146. Florian stpeter: indeed ...
  147. Kev stpeter: True, although GSoC is a great opportunity for projects to become active.
  148. bear maybe we can use the gsoc project list as a bit of guilt for the others - start really talking them up
  149. Florian hey ... this might be something ...
  150. Florian why not let us organize something post GSoC?
  151. Florian i.e. the XMPP Winter of Code :p
  152. Kev When fringe groups (And I'm not using the term derogitavely) like BC and PySoy are getting better applications for XMPP than anyone other than Swift, it's a sad sad sign.
  153. Kev better is the wrong description.
  154. Kev More XSF-relevant.
  155. bear can we move this discussion to the list for followup
  156. Florian +1
  157. Kev Sure, I don't have much more :)
  158. bear k
  159. will.sheward Then we need to define what is relevant well before the event
  160. stpeter Kev: thanks for sharing :)
  161. stpeter bear: I put it on my calendar for October 10 so that we can raise this topic with the incoming Board at that time
  162. bear stpeter - can you add will's comment to the tickler
  163. Kev will.sheward: We do. We should generaly be more engaged further in advance.
  164. stpeter right
  165. bear ok, next - website update?
  166. stpeter ok
  167. Florian sure
  168. stpeter so Will and I finished http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XSF_website_gap_analysis_notes
  169. stpeter that took longer than expected, but most things do :)
  170. will.sheward Well, you mostly
  171. stpeter the last pages to be fixed were related to the public services
  172. stpeter now at http://xmpp.org/resources/public-services/
  173. stpeter we've had discussion on the operators@ list about that
  174. stpeter and some volunteers
  175. stpeter open question how to manage that going forward
  176. stpeter and whether we need more features
  177. will.sheward Volunteers,good
  178. stpeter but I think we at least have a path to updating it more often
  179. stpeter not sure how to sync the WP page with the .xml file that clients use
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  181. will.sheward We/I still need to sort out the sponsor stuff..was planning to delete non sponsors tomorrow
  182. stpeter but we can work that out
  183. stpeter will.sheward: ok good
  184. ben has joined
  185. stpeter will.sheward: and we need a page for Voxeo
  186. will.sheward As the CEO is on holiday :-)
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  188. stpeter heh
  189. will.sheward Voxeo, check
  190. stpeter will.sheward: by "check" do you mean you'll come up with content?
  191. stpeter will.sheward: the sponsor pages are typically brief
  192. will.sheward Yes
  193. stpeter ok
  194. stpeter thank you
  195. Florian gret
  196. will.sheward Then I'll check with the sponsor for changes
  197. stpeter super
  198. stpeter anything else on the website?
  199. stpeter we talked about recruiting maintainers for various sections
  200. will.sheward Tunnels coming up, may lose you for a few minutes
  201. stpeter I updated the history page recently http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/history/
  202. stpeter ok
  203. stpeter moving on to the Summit, then
  204. Florian ok
  205. stpeter OSCON is directly opposite the IETF meeting in Quebec City
  206. stpeter I am wondering about holding the Summit in QC
  207. stpeter e.g., Saturday and Sunday before IETF meeting
  208. Florian interesting
  209. stpeter QC is nice
  210. Florian would we get the audience we'd want for the Summit?
  211. stpeter and I could work with IETF to get the XMPP meeting on Monday
  212. bear that will be sad for those of us who normally go to oscon :(
  213. stpeter yeah
  214. stpeter not sure what to do
  215. stpeter or y'all can meet in Portland, but I can't join
  216. stpeter (nor can some others, I'd think, who are involved in IETF stuff -- Joe Hildebrand etc.)
  217. bear most of the core summit folk will be missing - it would be a "hey, this is xmpp" type event
  218. stpeter not that you need me to be there necessarily
  219. stpeter maybe a hackathon would be more productive in some ways anyway
  220. stpeter I'm still interested in that XMPP validator :)
  221. Florian :)
  222. Florian well ... if we do it before OSCON
  223. stpeter I think I can also raise money for the validator
  224. Florian Sat / Sun ... would people be willing to come to the Summit?
  225. bear I had wanted to continue the work we started last time, but the core folks will be missing
  226. Florian in QC
  227. bear we should mail the members and find out
  228. stpeter QC is a bit hard to get to, but easier for folks in Europe perhaps
  229. will.sheward Let's mail and see if anyone has strong views
  230. stpeter Florian: we could potentially do Friday and Saturday in QC
  231. stpeter ok
  232. stpeter next item, "Removing "proposed" state from XEP-0001" -- I think we can discuss that next time
  233. stpeter we had discussion on the members@ list
  234. stpeter I'd like to poll the Council about that at its next meeting
  235. stpeter then ask the Board to perhaps take action
  236. stpeter considers Kev's 30-minute meeting rule :)
  237. Florian sounds good.
  238. bear +1
  239. stpeter "Public services list" we already discussed
  240. stpeter briefly about "Trademark sublicensing applications" -- I will put three applications in the tracker at http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/TRADEMARKS?report=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.project%3Aopenissues-panel for discussion by the Board at its next meeting
  241. Florian ok
  242. Florian can someone give me an account on there?
  243. stpeter I have reached out to all the projects listed on our website that have "JABBER" in the name
  244. will.sheward Ok
  245. stpeter Florian: yes, will do in a minute
  246. Florian great, thanks
  247. stpeter Florian: in fact you have an account
  248. stpeter it's tied to your florianjensen.com address
  249. Florian ah, ok
  250. stpeter username florian
  251. Florian strange ... but will check :)
  252. Florian thx
  253. stpeter you can ask for a password reset
  254. bear blogging?
  255. stpeter is slowly catching on myriad topics after RFC publication
  256. stpeter bear: in Brussels, Johann Prieur volunteered to post to the identi.ca / Twitter account
  257. bear will he be working from a set list of topics or doing it adhoc?
  258. stpeter do we want to just hand out credentials to those accounts, or set up a bot that people can post to?
  259. stpeter adhoc, I think
  260. stpeter so we need to think about how we want to do that
  261. bear a bot would allow for single source for credentials and be able to add/remove cleanly IMO
  262. stpeter e.g., do we want to have something of a communications plan / program for microblogging and blogging?
  263. will.sheward Adhoc +1
  264. stpeter bear: agreed
  265. Florian AdHoc +1
  266. stpeter I mean, we can always coach people on topics
  267. bear I would love to have items go to the list for possible preparation but adhoc for sure
  268. will.sheward Well never get a coms plan off the ground
  269. bear and the bot could also post to the list
  270. Reid Ellis has joined
  271. Kev We've got a whole comm *team*
  272. Kev And very active it is too.
  273. stpeter it's hard to plan for microblogging -- it's supposed to be a spontaneous kind of activity :)
  274. Kev I'd suggest not adding too many barriers to entry in light of this!
  275. stpeter Kev: indeed
  276. bear i'm more worried about having it seem like spam if 5 people all post in a day on the same topic
  277. will.sheward Trust the team to plan itself I think
  278. bear +1 for comm team assignment
  279. Florian +1
  280. bear let them tell us what they need
  281. stpeter WFM
  282. stpeter but the bot would help -- let's poke that iteam
  283. bear :)
  284. stpeter I think we had a similar bot at one point, didn't we?
  285. stpeter I'll poke Matthew Wild about that
  286. stpeter I think he had a similar bot
  287. stpeter ok
  288. stpeter so that's it from me
  289. will.sheward +1 for poking people other than me
  290. stpeter heh
  291. Florian nothing to add here
  292. will.sheward Or here
  293. stpeter we have some action items
  294. stpeter next meeting?
  295. stpeter is it in the calendar already?
  296. stpeter checks
  297. stpeter 2 weeks from today I will be flying to New Jersey for a W3C workshop on web tracking and user privacy
  298. Florian next week?
  299. stpeter 3 weeks from today I will be flying back from the IESG retreat in Amsterdam
  300. Florian as Jack and Nyco were missing?
  301. stpeter that's fine with me
  302. bear next week works for me
  303. Florian +1
  304. will.sheward Ok
  305. stpeter updates the calendar
  306. Florian great
  307. stpeter I'll check the typewith.me page here in a second so we can capture all the action items
  308. will.sheward We done? gavel banging tinne?
  309. stpeter yep
  310. stpeter seems so
  311. will.sheward Time
  312. Florian cools ... thanks everyone
  313. bear thanks
  314. stpeter yes, thanks
  315. bear any changes to the meeting notes?
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  317. Florian none from me
  318. bear who is mailing the list for the summit poll?
  319. stpeter bear: checking
  320. will.sheward has left
  321. stpeter minutes look good
  322. stpeter thanks for that
  323. bear np
  324. bear sends to members list
  325. stpeter calendar updated
  326. bear i'll email the comm team about bot
  327. bear can someone who is familiar with the QC IETF meeting compose the poll question
  328. stpeter bear: ok thanks
  329. stpeter bear: I can send the poll, sure
  330. bear thanks
  331. stpeter message sent to members@
  332. stpeter I'll forward to summit@ too
  333. bear I emailed the comm team also
  334. stpeter I saw
  335. stpeter thanks
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