XSF Discussion - 2011-04-20

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  17. Vanaryon stpeter, I mailed you the XML file for the microblogging XEP (I updated everything needed in the XEP headers), hope it is okay ;)
  18. stpeter hi Vanaryon, yes I saw that
  19. Vanaryon okay
  20. Vanaryon We are discussing - in our project - about a strong need for microblogging: a @user feature (mainly for notifications, and notices tracking), we might be submitting some other XEP-0277 updates in the future ;)
  21. stpeter ok good
  22. stpeter brb
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  35. will.sheward Board meeting?
  36. stpeter I thought so :)
  37. Kev So says my calendar.
  38. stpeter mine too
  39. will.sheward It's not in the calendar but I think we said we'd have one today
  40. Kev I see it in the calendar.
  41. stpeter as do I
  42. stpeter anyway
  43. stpeter pings bear
  44. will.sheward So, I can't read a calendar, no surprise :-)
  45. Kev Bear was there a few minutes ago when I pinged him about GSoC things.
  46. stpeter heh
  47. stpeter maybe he stepped away
  48. bear sorry - traffic - back-hoe operator decided to drive his rig into the hole he was filling instead of putting dirt into it
  49. stpeter heh
  50. bear the only item I know of is gsoc followup and one other thing (/me digs thru notes)
  51. stpeter we also have http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/TRADEMARKS-1 and http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/TRADEMARKS-2
  52. bear that's it
  53. will.sheward I should mention that my trying to do the sponsors stuff on the site caused Athena to explode.
  54. stpeter consults http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2011-April/006262.html
  55. will.sheward I'll try again tomorrow
  56. bear so the trademark and gsoc are what I can see as needing discussion
  57. stpeter we'll plan for that :P
  58. stpeter I have only 2 trademark applications right now
  59. stpeter I was expecting a third but it hasn't come in yet
  60. bear starts editing http://typewith.me/SVrlCVhbyQ
  61. stpeter I invited Jack
  62. Neustradamus will.sheward: have you think at me ? :D
  63. stpeter I don't see Nÿco online
  64. stpeter Florian appears to be here but no activity from him in the room :)
  65. Florian hiya :)
  66. bear :)
  67. will.sheward Insert obvious student joke here
  68. stpeter heehee
  69. stpeter reads http://typewith.me/SVrlCVhbyQ instead of this room
  70. bear i'm typing ahead in the document while waiting :)
  71. stpeter heh, yes
  72. Florian heeh
  73. Florian *hehe
  74. bear shall we start?
  75. stpeter sure
  76. stpeter I pinged Jack
  77. bear ok, gsoc update
  78. bear - we have 7 slots but only good activity on 4 of them - the other 3 we have a deadline of tonight for mentor/student response or we will toss them back to the pool - duplication process starts today and ends in IRC discussion Friday
  79. bear kev may have more info but that's it in a nutshell
  80. will.sheward That seems clear enough
  81. Kev WFM.
  82. bear so far we have no duplicates - so friday will be easy(ish)
  83. Florian right
  84. bear k, trademarks
  85. Kev (There are, I think, more than 4 good proposals, but several are for Swift, and we only have mentoring capacity for two)
  86. stpeter ah, now I remember the third trademark licensing application -- I'll add that one soon
  87. will.sheward Only 2 in total or 2 suitable as swift mentors?
  88. Kev will.sheward: Remko and I can each mentor one student. So even if the XSF has several good Swift proposals (and it has), we have to only accept two.
  89. Kev Other projects seem to have fewer good proposals than mentoring capacity.
  90. will.sheward Ok
  91. bear adds the note that website update was scuttled because of hardware issues
  92. will.sheward That's my excuse, yes
  93. bear consider myself the bad habit enabler ;)
  94. Kev I have AOB about that, btw.
  95. bear do you want to bring that up now?
  96. bear k, anything else about gsoc?
  97. Kev Can do - just that athena is, to quote Edwin, 'a ticking timebomb'. Iteam is coming up with a rough plan to start mirroring the website so Bad Things can't happen again, probably to the machine Florian is currently donating over in Flosoft. We are also likely to ask Board to find some money, or some sponsor to replace the hardware (athena) in the bunker.
  98. bear hahaha
  99. Florian right
  100. Kev Just as a heads-up.
  101. Kev This way we'd have one machine in the usual place, and one machine over in Europe for hosting the website.
  102. will.sheward Ticking is ok, it's when it stops we have a problem
  103. bear nods
  104. Kev will.sheward: Like Friday, you mean?
  105. stpeter having things in different places seems sensible
  106. Florian right
  107. Kev stpeter: Picasso agrees :)
  108. bear do we know what the load is for current athena so we can get a suitable device at flosoft?
  109. stpeter it's not clear to me if we need a dedicated machine for websites or whether that could be hosted virtually
  110. Kev Or would agree, rather.
  111. Kev bear: The point being we don't want to replace athena with a machine at Flosoft. We want new hardware.
  112. Kev Then we'd mirror to the box we already have at Flosoft :)
  113. bear I was just talking about what parameters would be required for cpu and disk
  114. Kev Athena is ooooold, I imagine any modern system would cope with the base website.
  115. bear i.e. is it a monster box that has tons of page hits or can we do with a virtual machine?
  116. Kev The addons like the Atlassian stuff is another matter.
  117. Florian looking at the machine .. any Core CPU ... with redundant HDDs
  118. bear k, then we could have a master with replicated mysql on the public facing frontend
  119. bear but it sounds like iteam has that in hand
  120. Kev Not really - we're just starting discussing stuff. It was a heads-up largely so no-one gets surprised if we ask for a new server in a while.
  121. bear k
  122. Kev (Or in case we ask in a while and someone says "Oh, I was chatting to HP the other day, if only I knew!")
  123. will.sheward If we find a machine somewhere, we will let you know
  124. bear can we get iteam to give a report by next board meeting (or a future one)
  125. stpeter ok I posted the trademark applications to the Board list
  126. stpeter I'll see what I can do about sourcing a machine
  127. stpeter I do have some contacts at HP
  128. bear cool
  129. stpeter and someone at Dell just asked for a password reset at jabber.org :)
  130. Kev Haha.
  131. will.sheward There will no be short break from me while I fail to find a seat on my train
  132. bear that's one heck of a processing fee ;)
  133. stpeter bear: :)
  134. Florian lol
  135. stpeter BTW I did IM with Jack and he is on a phone call that he can't pull away from
  136. bear I'll email iteam asking if they could summarize what the issue is and what the plan will be
  137. stpeter bear: good
  138. Kev bear: Right, we'll get that done eventually :)
  139. bear understood :)
  140. stpeter http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/jabber-trademark/pending-applications/ updated too
  141. bear thanks
  142. bear ok, at 30 minutes past - anything else need chewing on?
  143. Florian not from my end
  144. will.sheward Not here
  145. stpeter next meeting>
  146. stpeter ?
  147. Florian 2 weeks from now?
  148. Florian Trademark stuff on the list?
  149. bear if we follow the original original schedule - it's next week - but i'm good for 2 weeks
  150. bear gsoc, trademark and athena followup?
  151. stpeter next week I can join from the airport, two weeks from now I'll be on a plane
  152. Florian ah
  153. will.sheward That's a heck of a boarding queue
  154. stpeter s/can/might be able to/ :)
  155. bear let's do a quick one next week
  156. will.sheward Ok
  157. stpeter will.sheward: :P
  158. Florian ok :)
  159. bear raises gavel
  160. bear kev?
  161. Kev Yes?
  162. stpeter updates the calendar
  163. bear any objections to next week?
  164. will.sheward None her
  165. will.sheward Here
  166. Kev I have no objections. I'm not on Board, though :)
  167. bear doh!
  168. will.sheward Lol
  169. bear bangs gavel
  170. bear thanks all for good meeting!
  171. will.sheward See you all next week
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  173. Florian great .. cyall later :)
  174. stpeter thanks
  175. stpeter calendars updated for Board and Council
  176. stpeter brb
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  178. Kev stpeter: Thanks.
  179. stpeter no, thank you :)
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  181. stpeter ok
  182. stpeter going AFK for a bit to finish reviewing the vCard4 specs
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  186. bear kev - can we contact waqas to hash this out before our deadline?
  187. Kev Yep.
  188. Kev I am doing so at the moment, in fact.
  189. bear I don't see him in jdev
  190. bear oh - perfect - then let me get out of your way
  191. bear ta
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  199. Neustradamus http://xmpp.org/xmpp-protocols/internet-drafts/ and http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Tech_pages/Core are not updated.
  200. Neustradamus http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Technology_overview too
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