XSF Discussion - 2011-04-25

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  50. Vanaryon


  51. Kev


  52. Vanaryon

    Kev, hi ;)

  53. Vanaryon

    stpeter, I submitted a pull request on Gitorious, we added items geolocation from BuddyCloud's modified XEP, and fixed some stuffs from my personal experience of the XEP

  54. stpeter

    Vanaryon: ok, now I need to figure out how to manage gitorious appropriately because I've never done that before :)

  55. Vanaryon

    it might be a simple web interface button click ;)

  56. Kev

    Vanaryon: We don't host on gitorious, so it's not.

  57. stpeter

    sounds like an iteam issue

  58. stpeter

    or at least an instructional issue, where I am the instructee ;-)

  59. Kev

    stpeter: git add remote vanaryon uri:to:vanaryon's:repo git fetch vanaryon git log vanaryon (gets you the info) git cherry-pick hash-of-commit-you-want

  60. Kev

    Then just push the commit in the usual way.

  61. stpeter


  62. Kev

    There are assorted other ways of dealing with this.

  63. Kev

    So shout if that one doesn't work for you and I'll tell you another :)

  64. stpeter


  65. Vanaryon

    Kev, okay, I thought

  66. Kev

    You could for example do git rebase vanaryon/master git rebase origin/master

  67. Kev

    instead of dealing with commit hashes.

  68. stpeter

    Vanaryon: did you see http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2011-April/024431.html ?

  69. Kev

    (The first will get vanaryon's commits into your local branch, but not necessarily in the right order, and the second will get them into the right order)

  70. Vanaryon

    stpeter, yep

  71. Vanaryon

    I applied a part of this

  72. Vanaryon

    (section 2 of the mail)

  73. stpeter

    Vanaryon: ok, I didn't see a reply on the list, but perhaps you've updated the XEP to address that feedback

  74. Vanaryon

    for the first one, I have not seen yet how to do it

  75. Vanaryon

    stpeter, yes

  76. stpeter

    ok great

  77. Vanaryon

    In fact, I am not subscribed all the time to the standards@ to keep a "clean" inbox ;)

  78. Vanaryon

    I am not very mail-addicted ;)

  79. stpeter

    wimp :)

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  81. Kev

    I believe if one is editing XEPs, one should be on the standards list.

  82. Vanaryon

    I just subscribe to the list when I have something to post to it, and wait for a reply

  83. Vanaryon

    Kev, yep, that's true

  84. Kev

    It's not so high-volume that it's impossible to filter out the threads that're irrelevant.

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  98. bear

    oh poo - I can't log onto the gsoc mailing list to approve the new subscribers

  99. bear

    can someone remind me what the list admin password is since I seem to have forgotten it :(

  100. bear sends iteam email

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