XSF Discussion - 2011-04-26

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  33. Vanaryon stpeter, hi, any possibility to pull XEP-0277? (or may I send it to you through email?)
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  35. stpeter oh, I got an error when I followed Kev's instructions
  36. stpeter but sure, email it to stpeter @ stpeter.im
  37. Kev It's probably easier for Peter to apply it if you send it via email after formatting with `git format-patch`.
  38. Vanaryon stpeter, I found strange it wasn't pulled, that's why I ping you now ;)
  39. Vanaryon okay, will mail it
  40. stpeter k
  41. Vanaryon thanks ;)
  42. Kev stpeter: To apply a mailed patch, easiest is just to view source, select all, copy, and in a terminal run `pbpaste | git am` and the patch will be ready applied.
  43. stpeter thanks for the tip :)
  44. Vanaryon done
  45. Kev You can also save the email and git am /path/to/mail
  46. stpeter save the mail, or just the attachment?
  47. stpeter I saved the attachment and got this: $ git am ~/Desktop/xep-0277.xml Patch format detection failed.
  48. Kev If the mail is sent correctly, the whole mail is what you apply.
  49. stpeter ah ok
  50. Kev Feel free to forward to me to check.
  51. stpeter now I get: $ git am ~/Desktop/xep-0277.eml Patch is empty. Was it split wrong?
  52. stpeter :)
  53. Kev Forward and I can look :)
  54. stpeter ok
  55. stpeter it is pgp-signed, so it's got to be some kind of multipart mime insanity :)
  56. Vanaryon stpeter, do you want me to send it back without any pgp ?
  57. Kev Vanaryon: Are you generating it correctly with git format-patch, and then sending with git send-email?
  58. Vanaryon Kev, nope, I sent it from Evolution, my mail client
  59. Kev Ok, so you send the format-patch output as an attachment to a mail?
  60. Vanaryon I try with git format-patch
  61. Vanaryon nope
  62. Kev That will work fine too, it just means Peter has to apply the attachment instead of the whole mail.
  63. Kev But formatting the patch is necessary whichever way.
  64. Vanaryon Mhh I don't really understand how to proceed, git send-email does not exits
  65. Vanaryon *-s
  66. Kev Then just use format-patch to create the patch, and send it to Peter as an attachment.
  67. Kev It's the format-patch bit that's the important part.
  68. stpeter sorry, I got interrupted here IRL, brb
  69. Vanaryon mhh, git format-patch returns me 0 bytes after stdout
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  71. Kev Are you sure you're running it correctly?
  72. Kev It should be dumping the patches you ask it to files and then telling you what it did on stdout.
  73. Vanaryon the problem is that I pushed the commit this morning to my repo.
  74. Vanaryon So there's nothing to patch, according to git
  75. Kev So what command are you running?
  76. Vanaryon only git format-patch, in the root of the repositery
  77. Kev I think the manpage tells you you can't do that :p
  78. Kev DESCRIPTION Prepare each commit with its patch in one file per commit, formatted to resemble UNIX mailbox format. The output of this command is convenient for e-mail submission or for use with git am. There are two ways to specify which commits to operate on. 1. A single commit, <since>, specifies that the commits leading to the tip of the current branch that are not in the history that leads to the <since> to be output. 2. Generic <revision range> expression (see "SPECIFYING REVISIONS" section in gitrevisions(7)) means the commits in the specified range.
  79. Kev So git format-patch HEAD\^ will give you a file that Peter can apply for the topmost commit in your tree.
  80. Kev git format-patch xsf/master will give you patches for every commit in your tree that isn't in the 'master' branch on the 'xsf' remote (if you've set one up)
  81. Vanaryon I got it
  82. Vanaryon okay, downloading xsf:master rep.
  83. Vanaryon mhh I can't get it
  84. Vanaryon Maybe is it simpler if stpeter update it by pasting the xep-0277.xml file?
  85. Kev How many commits is it?
  86. Kev (That you want him to push)
  87. Vanaryon 3
  88. Kev Then git format-patch HEAD\~3 should sort it out.
  89. Vanaryon done :)
  90. Kev Attach those to a mail to Peter.
  91. stpeter sighs over standards@ traffic
  92. Kev Peter can then save the three attachments, run git am /path/to/attachments and all will be well with the world.
  93. Vanaryon stpeter, I mail you the three patch files?
  94. stpeter yes please
  95. Vanaryon done
  96. stpeter received
  97. stpeter gotta love git error messages: $ git am ~/Documents/tmp/patches/ previous rebase directory /Users/stpeter/Documents/git/xmpp/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.
  98. Kev Sorry.
  99. Kev You're in the middle of a failed git am aren't you?
  100. Kev Try something like git am --abort
  101. stpeter perchance
  102. Kev It should have given you some warning about this on the previous run, but maybe it decided not to.
  103. stpeter ok seems to have worked now
  104. stpeter checks
  105. stpeter but I'm changing 0.2.1 and 0.2.2 to 0.3 :)
  106. Kev Hmm?
  107. stpeter in the spec
  108. stpeter we don't really use the minor version numbers
  109. Kev So it's a problem with the submitted patch, rather than that Git has screwed up, right?
  110. stpeter right
  111. stpeter sorry
  112. stpeter wasn't clear
  113. Kev Oh, well, want to see a neat trick, then? :)
  114. stpeter I do!
  115. Kev You can git rebase -i origin/master
  116. Kev That'll let you rewrite all the history that's occured since the HEAD of origin/master (assuming you've already done a `git fetch`)
  117. Kev So you could squash the three patches together, for example, and not have a record of the interim steps.
  118. Kev And, indeed, modify the patches while keeping the author etc. intact if you so wish to edit the version numbers but leave the substance intact.
  119. stpeter ok, XEP-0277 updated and announced
  120. Vanaryon thanks :)
  121. stpeter no, thank you!
  122. Vanaryon We have added everything we saw from microblogging specs drafts of buddycloud and us :)
  123. Vanaryon this may be enough for the moment ;)
  124. Vanaryon Thanks a lot for your help stpeter and Kev, and your work ;)
  125. Vanaryon Leave, have a good evening (or afternoon in the US? :) )
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