XSF Discussion - 2011-05-10

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  39. Vanaryon

    stpeter, hey, did you see my mail about two XEP (an update and a new one)?

  40. stpeter

    Vanaryon: I saw that you sent me email

  41. stpeter

    I was mostly offline for 10 days so now I am behind on email :(

  42. Vanaryon

    Okay. I don't know how the new XEP submission process is, so I added a xep-0298.xml file to the Git

  43. stpeter


  44. stpeter

    I still need to figure out how to pull stuff from your fork

  45. Vanaryon

    mhh, I don't use my fork by now

  46. Vanaryon

    it's simpler to work from the xmpp master, and generate the patch

  47. Vanaryon

    have to go

  48. Vanaryon


  49. Vanaryon

    good luck for your email reading ;)

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