XSF Discussion - 2011-05-11

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  34. Florian

    so ... 1hr13mins until the board meeting, right?

  35. stpeter


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  40. bear


  41. bear

    5 minutes to board meeting

  42. Florian

    we're here :)

  43. Florian

    well, I'm here :)

  44. bear


  45. stpeter

    me too!

  46. Florian

    pinged Will

  47. stpeter


  48. stpeter

    Jack is online

  49. Florian

    yup, just pinged him too :)

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  51. stpeter

    and Nÿco?

  52. Florian

    can't see him online?

  53. bear

    stpeter - what kind of feedback are you looking for in regards to the trademark items? yea/nea votes, long rambling treatises or other verbage, hostility?

  54. stpeter

    bear: just +1/-1

  55. stpeter

    naturally, if folks have concerns then express

  56. stpeter

    express them

  57. bear

    ah, sorry if that was a repeat question

  58. Florian

    ok :)

  59. stpeter

    such concerns might lead to treatises

  60. stpeter

    but I doubt it

  61. jack

    +1 on both from me.

  62. Florian

    +1 from me too :)

  63. bear

    +1 for me

  64. bear

    i'll summarize in the bug thenafter the meeting

  65. stpeter

    I'm working to clean up the trademark stuff

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  67. Florian

    so ... should we start the meeting officially?

  68. bear

    I don't see Will or Nyco online - should we start?

  69. stpeter

    in the minutes we can ask for feedback from Will and Nÿco in the next few days

  70. Florian

    Don't seem to get a response from Will or Nyco

  71. stpeter

    (about the ™ stuff)

  72. bear

    ok, let's start and they can respond via email

  73. stpeter


  74. Florian

    +1 :)

  75. bear

    any agenda bashing?

  76. stpeter

    I thought you had started :)

  77. bear


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  79. stpeter


  80. stpeter

    my confusion

  81. bear

    just me being chatty

  82. bear

    k, trademarks

  83. bear

    looks like we need to get others to +1/-1 in email and we will ask via minutes email for them

  84. bear

    anything else on trademarks?

  85. Florian

    not here

  86. bear


  87. Florian

    so, the FOSDEM Dev Challenge Winner ...

  88. Florian

    added the info there ...

  89. bear

    thanks for updating the notes on the winner

  90. Florian

    the App should appear in the app store soon

  91. bear

    can you do a blog post about it or forward me info and I'll draft one

  92. Florian

    will do

  93. bear

    any questions about this item?

  94. Florian

    not from me:)

  95. bear


  96. Florian

    next, GSoC Update?

  97. bear pastes

  98. bear

    GSoC: we have 5 students and things are pre-crazy calm while everyone finishes school and preps for start more activity will happen by end of week when I start emailing and talking about schedules after conferring with Kevin about them

  99. bear

    basically it's the calm before the storm

  100. Florian

    ok :)

  101. bear

    once kev and I have a plan on communication and "check points" then we will get busy :)

  102. bear

    k, xmpp summit NA

  103. Florian

    yeah, sorry, just added that now :)

  104. Florian

    so, it's looking grim ...

  105. Florian

    or did I miss something?

  106. stpeter

    BTW, some OAuth folks also noted the unfortunate overlap between OSCON and IETF 81

  107. Florian

    so, I personally think it's a pity that there is no summit going on ... but then I wouldn't be able to attend anyway :p

  108. Florian

    so, my idea was ... local meetups

  109. Florian

    there's one it seems in SFO

  110. bear

    one was yesterday

  111. Florian


  112. stpeter

    I do think local meetups are a good idea

  113. stpeter

    which one happened yesterday?

  114. Florian

    how about doing a global local meetup :)

  115. stpeter

    bear and I had a meetup about 10 days ago :)

  116. bear


  117. Florian

    Global Local Meetups: Smaller meetups of XMPP peeps in different places, on a day, and then using modern real-time technology, do something together

  118. Florian

    or at least overlap some stuff

  119. bear

    there was a pre-google io meeting at CitizenSpace

  120. bear

    put together by a bunch of folks

  121. Florian

    we could also use that to promote Jingle a bit :)

  122. Florian

    and possibly even MuJi

  123. stpeter

    open discussion day would be a good time for a meetup

  124. Florian

    when's that?

  125. stpeter

    May 19

  126. stpeter


  127. Florian

    ouch ... bit short notice :/

  128. stpeter


  129. bear

    i'm being pulled into a work meeting

  130. stpeter


  131. Florian


  132. bear

    i'll post the meeting minutes after I'm done if someone can update the typewithme notes

  133. bear goes stealth

  134. Florian

    well, if you guys don't mind, I'll post some ideas about this to the ML

  135. stpeter

    a broader issue is whether we need to hold two summits each year

  136. stpeter

    the FOSDEM one is always successfuly

  137. stpeter


  138. Florian

    yeah, I think so too

  139. Florian

    but I know there's some interest in a UK one ...

  140. stpeter

    but the North American one not so much

  141. Florian

    so maybe doing "local" meetups and linking everyone together would be cool

  142. Florian

    a bit like the Interop event

  143. stpeter


  144. Florian

    just more in shorter time

  145. Florian

    a MUC room, meetups around the world

  146. Florian

    and possibly Jingle Calls to different locations

  147. Florian

    and this could include talks, etc.

  148. Florian

    also easier to archive then, i.e. they're filmed

  149. stpeter


  150. Florian

    but yeah, sometime in June or July?

  151. stpeter

    although the a/v stuff isn't easy

  152. Florian

    it's not, hence the 19th of May is difficult :)

  153. Florian

    but there's this one company that does online meetings

  154. stpeter


  155. Florian


  156. stpeter


  157. Florian

    and a single camera is quite easy

  158. stpeter

    see also http://www.meetecho.com/

  159. stpeter

    they use XMPP for their text chat

  160. Florian


  161. stpeter

    I met some of those guys in Prague at the last IETF meeting

  162. Florian

    I personally would love to use Jingle :)

  163. stpeter


  164. stpeter

    for sure

  165. Florian

    did some calls with Thiago over the relay ... super fast

  166. Florian

    i.e. latency faster than a phone call

  167. Florian

    it was immense

  168. stpeter

    what client did you use?

  169. Florian

    Jitsi / SIP Comm

  170. stpeter


  171. stpeter

    that seems to be the most advanced Jingle client

  172. Florian

    so that's an option

  173. Florian


  174. stpeter

    I need to ping Thiago about an updated XEP for Jingle Nodes

  175. Florian


  176. jack

    i'm also beign pulled away now. i'll followup in email if there is anything mroe in the miinutes.

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  178. stpeter

    there is also http://www.aim.com/google-chat-changes

  179. stpeter

    http://typewith.me/GgkwnF2D5f seems OK but we can let bear send out the minutes

  180. Florian


  181. Florian

    so yeah, should I drop an E-mail about it to the board list, to figure out if and how we do that instead?

  182. stpeter

    or members@xmpp.org

  183. stpeter

    wider discussion

  184. Florian

    yup, fine by me

  185. Florian

    and should we say that the XMPP Summit NA is off the table then?

  186. stpeter

    see: $ dig +short -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.aol.com 0 1 5269 xmpp.gxmpp.oscar.aol.com.

  187. stpeter


  188. stpeter

    I think so

  189. Florian


  190. stpeter

    phone call, brb

  191. Florian

    k :)

  192. bear looks at minutes and preps email

  193. bear

    florian - would love to work up some blog posts on the messy details of getting jingle working for us normal client folk

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  196. stpeter

    bear: I like that idea!

  197. bear

    yea, I was talking with a friend and we were wondering how to do it

  198. bear

    I want to start putting some good ol' public shaming pressure on client and server devs

  199. bear hopes he spelled shame'ing properly

  200. stpeter


  201. stpeter

    yep to spelling, yep to shaming :)

  202. bear


  203. bear

    if google can do voice and video calls on a tablet, then xmpp open source world should be able to do it!

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