XSF Discussion - 2011-05-25

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  27. Florian Meeting in 1hr5mins :)
  28. stpeter yes
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  34. bear meeting notes: http://typewith.me/Vl9ItsS33A
  35. stpeter thanks bear
  36. stpeter is deep in a review of https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-xcon-common-data-model/ but will break away as needed
  37. bear I don't think we have anything to discuss TBH
  38. Kev GSoC?
  39. bear an update, sure - but since i've all but tossed you under the bus with my dayjob distraction... you would ahve to do that
  40. Kev Are we intending providing students with books again this year?
  41. bear which should be clearing up by friday
  42. bear i'll add that to the agenda
  43. stpeter it seems that we might be able to declare consensus on the trademark applications -- three in favor, none against by my reading of the last meeting
  44. bear adds that to meeting
  45. bear err agenda
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  47. bear i'm +1 for books to GSoC students
  48. bear I don't think any are in China this year, so shipping should be a lot easier
  49. stpeter did someone get reimbursed for shipping the last time?
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  53. Kev Bear did the ordering last year.
  54. stpeter on the phone, brb
  55. Kev I'm assuming/hoping he claimed it back.
  56. bear nope - wrote it of as a "donation"
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  59. bear going to give folks a couple of minutes before starting
  60. will.sheward give us time to read the extensive agenda :-)
  61. stpeter back
  62. Florian back
  63. bear http://typewith.me/Vl9ItsS33A
  64. bear shall we start?
  65. stpeter sure thing
  66. Florian sure
  67. stpeter finds http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/110511/#17:04:21 about the trademark applications
  68. bear yea, I updated the bugs to show the +1's
  69. will.sheward my feedback : +1
  70. bear sounds like we can declare consensus for those two applications
  71. stpeter will.sheward: ok
  72. stpeter yep
  73. stpeter I'll process them as "usual" (haven't processed any in a while)
  74. bear Kev was going to ask if it's ok to send books to the GSoC Students like we did last year
  75. bear we send 3 books (IIRC) to each student - would be the same list this year
  76. stpeter wonders what Tobias has done with all of his extra books
  77. will.sheward which books?
  78. Tobias :D
  79. bear I"m digging up that list now
  80. Tobias i'm also +1 on books :D
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  83. jack board meeting time?
  84. stpeter I think it's a good thing to do (sending the books)
  85. stpeter jack: yep
  86. Florian I agree
  87. Kev The list was TDG, PP and GTD.
  88. Florian lol
  89. Tobias not again
  90. Tobias :)
  91. will.sheward GTD :-)
  92. Kev Tobias: Maybe you wouldn't need another set.
  93. bear which one is PP
  94. jack what's PP?
  95. will.sheward hence the question, if theyve already got the titles, shouldn't we send something else?
  96. Tobias Kev: it it's that exact set....
  97. bear tobias is, I think, the only one who would be getting doubles
  98. jack I really like hte Pomodoro book from pragprog as an altnerative to GTD
  99. Kev PP = Pragmatic Programmer.
  100. will.sheward i cant believe there isn't a single person in the woorld who hasn't already got a (signed) copy of TDG
  101. jack as an alternative to PP there is also the passionate programmer or whatever
  102. jack or Code Complete
  103. jack or Coders at Work
  104. Tobias will.sheward: +1 on different books :)
  105. jack Coders at Work is a fun one for sure
  106. Kev I haven't read any of the ones Jack's named. I picked the above set because they're favourites of mine. If other books have equivalent content and a champion I'm happy.
  107. bear can everyone send to the mailing list their short list of books and i'll collate and pick the top 3?
  108. Kev No.
  109. Kev :p
  110. Tobias heh
  111. bear :)
  112. jack Mythical Man Month is also a classic and a nice read
  113. Kev I do have that one.
  114. Kev I'm not sure which of the three categories it really fits into, though.
  115. jack it's the theoretical version of GTD :)
  116. Tobias theoretical...i hear...*boooring* ;)
  117. Florian lol
  118. bear anything else for gsoc book discussion?
  119. bear do we have any other agenda items?
  120. Kev As long as it ends up being a book on XMPP, a book on being a sensible dev, and a book on doing sensible things with time, I'm ok with whatever choices people come up with (as long as they've read them!).
  121. jack i'll shamelessly suggest my book as an alternative to TDG if there is someone who already has TDG :)
  122. bear +1
  123. Tobias how about beautiful testing?
  124. Kev Honestly, if there was someone doing web stuff I was going to suggest yours instead of TDG Jack.
  125. Kev I did go to buy a copy for myself until I saw they wanted something like $40 for a DRMd ebook :)
  126. bear unless someone has another item to cover, we are pretty much done for this meeting
  127. will.sheward nothing here
  128. bear pauses dramatically
  129. bear bangs the gavel
  130. bear thanks all - next meeting in two weeks - same time
  131. stpeter excellent
  132. stpeter goes back to the joy that is http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-xcon-common-data-model-27
  133. bear you have all the *fun*
  134. bear runs to get minutes to list
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  137. Kev Tobias: I'd be inclined to speak to Remko about Beautiful Testing before requesting it, BTW, in case he has thoughts on the matter.
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