XSF Discussion - 2011-06-01

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  17. Vanaryon stpeter, hey, did you have time to push my changes for microblogging XEP? (sorry to ping you again, I just want to ensure the change will be applied) ;)
  18. stpeter ah yes
  19. stpeter creating a new XEP is not so easy -- they need to be approved by the XMPP Council
  20. stpeter could you please send me a separate file for the new one?
  21. stpeter or, I suppose I can just pull it out of the patch file
  22. Neustradamus Vanaryon: ::)
  23. Vanaryon stpeter, I have lost my local repository because of an Ubuntu re-install (the update to the latest version gave me a buggy system...), maybe you extract the xep-298.xml (if I remember the name) is better ;)
  24. stpeter ok
  25. Vanaryon thanks a lot ;)
  26. stpeter sorry about the delay
  27. stpeter I was offline for a few days when you sent that email
  28. stpeter and of course when I returned, I had a lot of email to read :)
  29. Vanaryon no problem :)
  30. stpeter in fact I still have 1500+ messages in my inbox :(
  31. Vanaryon :o
  32. Vanaryon A certain amount might be spam, no?
  33. stpeter no
  34. Vanaryon that's huge :)
  35. stpeter in early February I had 13,000 messages in my inbox
  36. stpeter that was huge
  37. stpeter this is merely annoying
  38. Vanaryon yep :)
  39. Vanaryon Have to go
  40. Vanaryon stpeter, good luck to clean all that
  41. Vanaryon ++
  42. Neustradamus with spam of Kate :D this month :D
  43. Neustradamus for May :D
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