XSF Discussion - 2011-07-18

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  21. Neustradamus http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/110714/ problem ?
  22. Kev Seems so, yes. Not sure that it's recoverable, though.
  23. Neustradamus :(
  24. Kev It's only one day though, right?
  25. Neustradamus maybe, I have not tried a lot
  26. stpeter sigh, it's been a rather unproductive day for me -- maybe starting off Monday with a 7 AM conference call wasn't such a good idea :)
  27. Kev Can we say "ick"?
  28. stpeter heh
  29. Neustradamus I must send an email (on members ML) about my application for be leader of the CommTeam ?? It will be voted in the same time that the Membership Applications Application ?
  30. Kev Neustradamus: The last set of team leaders were appointed by the Board.
  31. Kev So I'd suggest you reply to Bear's thread asking for things that Board should discuss.
  32. Neustradamus Kev: ok thanks
  33. Kev It's also possible, given that there's no-one active there at all, that the Commteam should just be disbanded (and the tech review team), just leaving the iteam (as they at least *are* still active).
  34. Kev I saw your JIRA tickets, btw. We're looking at a schedule for updating Debian so we can upgrade Wordpress.
  35. Neustradamus nice :)
  36. Neustradamus and MediaWiki too ? :D
  37. Kev Yes, I will look at that.
  38. Neustradamus ok :)
  39. stpeter I haven't touched mediawiki in a long time
  40. bear I went thru a mediawiki upgrade last week
  41. stpeter I would imagine that our installation is rather old
  42. bear because of the forced upgrade I had to do with php to 5.3
  43. stpeter Alex was the last person to upgrade our mediawiki install
  44. stpeter bear: yay :)
  45. Kev stpeter: Ancient, I expect. That's why I'm reticent to touch it :)
  46. stpeter heh yeah exactly
  47. bear be aware that most of the addons will not upgrade smoothly if it's a large update
  48. Kev I'm not expecting any to!
  49. bear k
  50. bear you may also want to take advantage of php 5.3 being able to use php-fpm
  51. bear (it's built into it now)
  52. Neustradamus if you will upgrade debian, it will be good...
  53. Neustradamus https://github.com/xsf it is not possible to inform that it is the old git?
  54. stpeter http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-source-control/ points to the right place
  55. Neustradamus yes
  56. Neustradamus but on https://github.com/xsf Now the official git is ....
  57. stpeter we can ask Pedro Melo to shut down the old one, or redirect it
  58. Neustradamus ok I will
  59. stpeter thanks!
  60. Neustradamus no problem ;)
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