XSF Discussion - 2011-07-20

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  12. bear typewithme for board meeting (in 15 minutes) http://typewith.me/KDwssxbanE
  13. bear pings channel
  14. bear wondering if I lost network link
  15. Kev I'm pinged.
  16. bear thanks :)
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  19. bear tries again to load typewithme page
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  23. stpeter loading for me just fine
  24. bear I was getting 503 for a couple of minutes
  25. bear I am not having a very good summer it seems
  26. stpeter sorry to hear it
  27. stpeter how did it get to be July 20 already?!?
  28. bear hehe - like I need to complain about being busy to you guys ;)
  29. bear I poked florian, jack seems to be afk
  30. stpeter I poked them as well
  31. stpeter should've done so 15 minutes ago :)
  32. bear is there anything to add to the agenda?
  33. bear or, except for the GSoC book item, will this be a planning meeting
  34. stpeter right
  35. stpeter seems fine
  36. Kev List Agendas?
  37. Kev Had a brief discussion about that in Council.
  38. stpeter Kev: part of planning, perhaps
  39. stpeter right
  40. bear what is List Agendas ?
  41. stpeter in the Council meeting, I mentioned that it would be nice for us to send draft agendas 24 hours before the meeting -- to members@ for Board meetings and to standards@ for Council meetings
  42. bear ah
  43. Kev I need to step out very shortly. I was hoping to lurk, but ...
  44. stpeter that would remind everyone that the meeting is happening (including Board and Council members :)
  45. stpeter Kev: 's ok
  46. bear should we start with the planning items? do we have a quorom?
  47. stpeter Kev usually sends a Council reminder to the council@ list, and anyone can subscribe to that list (but not post), so it's less necessary but still desirable (I doubt many people know they can subscribe to the council@ list)
  48. stpeter I don't think the Board has a quorum
  49. stpeter unless Florian, Jack, or Nÿco appears
  50. bear then we need to consider this a dry run for how meetings will be done going forward
  51. stpeter and the latter has not been at a meeting in a few months
  52. bear IRL is a bitch sometimes
  53. stpeter so, we could at least have a discussion about planning for the next meeting :)
  54. bear k
  55. bear I like the idea of sending an agenda summary the day before - will require an extra meeting reminder for me but that's a good thing
  56. stpeter right
  57. stpeter ticklers are good :)
  58. bear do we try and get the schedule back to a fixed set now?
  59. bear knowing that going forward some will just be missed
  60. stpeter seems like a good idea
  61. Kev I'm strongly in favour of being able to access an agenda for both Board and Council. It doesn't bother me if it lands in my inbox or not - if the Board list was open only sending them there would be fine. It's not, so a web page somewhere would be fine too, or a wiki page, or anything. It doesn't have to be a mail to members if that's not convenient for you, I think.
  62. Kev Council have found it useful having switched to a weekly same time same place system.
  63. bear I would combine the email with a wiki page I think
  64. bear weekly seems ok for council as they have much more to talk about weekly
  65. bear seems a bit overkill for board tho (IMO)
  66. stpeter Council meetings can also be quite brief
  67. stpeter 10 minutes is not unheard of :)
  68. bear that seems like a good thing
  69. Kev Indeed. Anyway, I need to vanish now. Bibi.
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  71. stpeter what is the books topic?
  72. bear I was supposed to send to the gsoc students the books
  73. stpeter right
  74. bear and it completely fell off of my todo list
  75. stpeter anything I can help with?
  76. stpeter ah ok
  77. bear so i'm scurrying about now to do that
  78. bear will be sending them by end of week - need to get mailing addresses
  79. stpeter we can ask on the gsoc@xmpp.org list, unless Google has that info
  80. bear that is part of what the "scurrying about" item covers :/
  81. stpeter heh
  82. bear do we want to consider a new meeting time?
  83. stpeter I'm flexible
  84. bear I'm asking because this timeslot for a wed is turning out to be *very* busy for me
  85. stpeter I don't think anyone is strongly attached to this time :)
  86. bear then i'll post to the list and start the process
  87. stpeter I can meet starting around 09:00 Eastern if that's better, but we should check with our European friends
  88. bear yea, i'm more than willing to make it european friendly just to get it out of this timeslot
  89. stpeter sure thing
  90. stpeter I'm easy :)
  91. bear so are we considering meeting weekly like council?
  92. stpeter up to you, chief :)
  93. stpeter it's easier to remember
  94. stpeter and can be brief
  95. bear i'm game for it - I like the fact it's always the same and will/should be very fast
  96. stpeter the Council sometimes decides that it doesn't have any topics to discuss
  97. stpeter right
  98. stpeter quick meetings are good meetings
  99. bear k, i'll email the list with this punch list of items that could be changing
  100. stpeter super
  101. stpeter adds the next Council meeting to the calendar
  102. bear will put it on the agenda for the next meeting
  103. bear which, if we keep to our schedule is in 2 weeks
  104. stpeter right
  105. stpeter August 3
  106. stpeter I'll be at IETF81 next week
  107. bear yea, i'm in toronto for work meetings
  108. stpeter that's right
  109. bear meeting notes seem ok?
  110. stpeter checs
  111. stpeter yep!
  112. stpeter thanks
  113. bear ok, after this dayjob meeting finishes i'll package them up and email
  114. bear thanks
  115. stpeter no, thank you
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  118. Florian hi
  119. Florian damn ... too late
  120. stpeter hi Florian
  121. Florian hey stpeter
  122. stpeter how are you?
  123. stpeter busy summer?
  124. Florian I'm good ... yeah .. busy ... looking for a place to live for next year
  125. stpeter always fun
  126. Florian heh, depends on your definition of fun
  127. Florian :p
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