XSF Discussion - 2011-08-03

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  21. bear

    according to calendar - meeting in 45 minutes (or so) ?

  22. stpeter


  23. bear looks for agenda items

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  25. bear


  26. stpeter

    k thanks

  27. bear

    i've created a Doodle meeting poll about changing of the meeting time: http://www.doodle.com/78h7fdwriqtzqs79

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  29. Florian

    hey guys

  30. bear


  31. Florian

    just FYI ... my internet connection is on the fritz

  32. Florian

    so I'll have disconnects / reconnects

  33. bear

    oh poo - I was supposed to email the agenda the *night* before

  34. bear sighs

  35. stpeter prepares to join another meeting in parallel

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  37. bear makes a note to add a scheduled item to his todo for this moving forward

  38. bear


  39. bear sees that it's 1700

  40. stpeter


  41. bear

    me, you, florian and will

  42. stpeter

    I pinged Jack

  43. bear forgets what the quorum number is

  44. stpeter

    I think you have a quorum

  45. stpeter

    3 of 5

  46. bear


  47. bear

    will give jack a couple more minutes

  48. stpeter


  49. bear

    anyone have anything to add to the agenda

  50. stpeter

    well, we need to have a membership meeting to vote on people who have applied or re-applied, and hold yearly elections for the Board and the Council

  51. Florian


  52. bear

    that means we need to email the members about board/council candidates

  53. stpeter

    and probably recruit people to stand for election

  54. bear

    my hunch is that this will be a straw poll on how active the current member base is

  55. stpeter

    bear: good point

  56. Florian


  57. bear

    k, shall we bang the gavel and proceed?

  58. stpeter

    I think so

  59. bear bangs the gavel

  60. stpeter

    I pinged Jack via email so he might not have noticed

  61. bear

    agenda bashing - anything else to add?

  62. Florian

    not from me

  63. stpeter


  64. bear

    k, board meeting changes - did we decide on weekly or bi?

  65. Florian

    +1 for weekly

  66. stpeter


  67. bear

    k, let me draft an email to the board list to confirm weekly is ok

  68. bear

    it would seem that not changing the time makes sense if it's weekly

  69. bear

    as that allows for a council+board double-play

  70. stpeter

    I don't have a strong preference on the time

  71. stpeter


  72. Florian

    the current times WFM

  73. bear

    k, then i will just get my shit squared off and make it WFM

  74. stpeter


  75. bear

    k, should we draft in the typewithme notes an email now about membership meeting - or will the secretary handle it?

  76. Florian

    eh, who does it usually? the Secretary, no?

  77. stpeter


  78. stpeter

    I can ping Alex

  79. bear

    I wasn't involved last time... oh cool - so we just need to formally say so?

  80. bear

    does he also handle the candidate request?

  81. stpeter

    for Board and Council?

  82. bear


  83. stpeter

    those are posted on the wiki

  84. bear

    so we need to create a 2012 Board and Council page?

  85. stpeter


  86. Florian


  87. bear is looking for that now

  88. bear defers

  89. bear

    ok, last item - charter/rule changes

  90. stpeter


  91. bear


  92. Florian

    2011 elections :)

  93. Florian

    not 2012

  94. stpeter


  95. stpeter

    well right

  96. bear

    looks like something we need to wait for Alex on anyways

  97. bear updates his todo list

  98. bear

    so rule changes, what discussion is needed by the board for that?

  99. stpeter


  100. stpeter


  101. stpeter

    the rules about missed votes are slighly vague

  102. bear removes todo item as peter is very fast

  103. stpeter

    if there's a desire to change them, then I think we need a statement from the Board, or a change to the Bylaws

  104. bear

    has anyone notified us that they want to make that change?

  105. stpeter

    no, just vague rumblings -- perhaps we should start a thread about it on the members@ list

  106. stpeter

    bear: I'll cc you on my email to Alex

  107. bear

    ok, I'll email members about getting consensus after lunch

  108. bear

    if you haven't seen one by EOD please do poke me

  109. Florian

    great :)

  110. stpeter

    I just pinged Alex

  111. bear

    anything else on this topic or the others?

  112. Florian

    not from my side

  113. stpeter

    I don't think so

  114. bear

    will was quiet, but i'm going to take that as a sign that we have done well with the meeting and not that he got distracted by work

  115. bear


  116. stpeter


  117. Florian


  118. bear bangs the gavel

  119. bear

    thanks all - I'll send the minutes in a bit

  120. Florian


  121. Florian

    thanks all

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  123. stpeter

    thanks guys

  124. bear

    minutes and notice about meeting change sent

  125. Kev

    I was intending to be back, but was running late. Gentle poke to Board about the books.

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  128. Neustradamus

    when we will vote Q3 Members Applications?

  129. Kev

    At the end of Q3, I would assume.

  130. Neustradamus

    October/November ?

  131. Kev

    I would guess start of Oct, but it's just a guess.

  132. Neustradamus

    ok thanks

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  134. stpeter

    I pinged Alex about that earlier today

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  136. Neustradamus

    stpeter: ok

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