XSF Discussion - 2011-08-12

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  31. Neustradamus

    Have you tested the XMPP Authentication plugin for WordPress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/xmpp-auth/ ?

  32. Tobias

    Neustradamus, any more rooms you want to ask this in? :p

  33. Neustradamus

    Tobias: no :D if you have questions, you can see with Jehan :D

  34. Jehan


  35. Jehan

    Thanks Neustradamus to do advertisements. uhuh

  36. Neustradamus

    identi.ca / twitter / XMPP rooms for the moment :D

  37. Jehan

    Waw. I didn't know you would do so much noise about it. :p

  38. Jehan

    For now, I just think it could be cool on xmpp.org. Actually I initially mostly wrote it for this purpose.

  39. Jehan

    Because we have XEP-0070 and we don't even use it at XSF!

  40. Neustradamus

    What do you think the board ?

  41. Tobias

    Neustradamus, jabber@c.j.o is not the right audience for it, jdev more

  42. Neustradamus

    Tobias: sure but for XSF here it is better :D

  43. Tobias

    yeah..some people's advertisements are other people's spam

  44. Neustradamus

    yes, I do spams ?

  45. Jehan

    Hmmm... so maybe Neustradamus, you should stop doing my ads so much. :-) I would prefer my proposition to improve xmpp.org not to be considered a spam.

  46. Jehan

    But no Neustradamus, you don't do spams! And I obviously thank you for being enthousiastics for this! :-)

  47. Neustradamus


  48. Tobias

    Jehan, i have nothing against promoting new code once in jdev or so..but not in 4 rooms with the exact same message :)

  49. Jehan

    But sometimes too enthousiastic may annoy some people. :-)

  50. Jehan

    Tobias: sorry I didn't know that was even promoted!

  51. Tobias

    Jehan, it's not your fault :) so no need to apologize

  52. Jehan

    Also here, I am more proposing code for XSF. Hence my email on members@.

  53. Jehan

    I think a JID is a good replacement to openID.

  54. Jehan

    Also I thought it was sad that we don't even open comments on xmpp.org.

  55. Jehan

    Sometimes I would have liked to comment some posts.

  56. Jehan

    And finally we had this XEP lying around that I know very few implementations up to now.

  57. Tobias

    Jehan, the only way of commenting seems to be tweeting/denting while referring to the article

  58. Jehan

    I have seen a few client implementations (up to now at least Gajim, Psi and Sameplace) and one server implementation only (and this server implementation was for an openID server! So people uses XMPP to authenticate to openID, which itself authenticates to websites... that's a step too much!).

  59. Neustradamus

    jehan has not identi.ca/twitter accounts :D

  60. Jehan

    Yes also this, Neustradamus is right. I don't tweete.

  61. Jehan

    And that's not only for commenting.

  62. Jehan

    That's also to log in without password.

  63. Jehan

    For the xmpp.org authors.

  64. Jehan

    Anyway I think that's a pretty good technology demonstration to visitors of what XMPP can do other than IM.

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