XSF Discussion - 2011-08-17

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  4. bear just got done with an all night server maintenance
  5. bear will try to be alive/awake for meeting
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  9. Florian Hi, sorry I'm late guys, I currently have no Internet.
  10. Florian Ping?
  11. Kev You're an hour early aren't you?
  12. Florian Oh, am I?
  13. Kev You're the one on Board, you tell me :)
  14. Florian Well, seeing as I currently have no iCal or real E-mail... Your guess is as good as mine
  15. Kev Much better, it seems :p
  16. Florian Flosoft London is running off a N900 Hotspot :)
  17. Florian so it's good that we've got the new guy :)
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  19. Florian bear: you around?
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  22. stpeter right, 30 minutes to go
  23. stpeter ok, conference calls finished for now, bbiaf
  24. Florian Cools :)
  25. Will is there an agenda somewhere i should be looking at?
  26. stpeter not that I know of
  27. Kev http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board
  28. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board
  29. stpeter right
  30. Will thanks
  31. Florian Looks like I'm still online :)
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  33. Kev Last note I saw from Bear was that he'd been working all night, but would make it, ISTR.
  34. stpeter hi Wayne
  35. Kev Not entirely convinced he's here, though...
  36. Wayne Franklin Hi Peter
  37. Florian Hmmm
  38. Neustradamus hi all
  39. stpeter let me see if I have a phone number for bear
  40. Will Bear's status is encouraging us to leave a message. Should we?
  41. Florian Why not
  42. Will "Dear Bear, here are the things we decided you need to do....."
  43. Florian Should we go the?
  44. stpeter it seems that I do have a number for him, from when I met him for dinner a few months ago
  45. Kev I wonder if you can add the XSF ED and Council Chair together as sort of half a Board member each, to get 1 + 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 for quorum...
  46. Florian (my connection seems to be intermittent.... It just sends messages in batches)
  47. Will i think we'd need a quorum to vote on that change Kev
  48. Florian Will: lol
  49. stpeter I just called bear
  50. stpeter he's on his way
  51. Florian Awesome
  52. stpeter I think he wasn't completely happy about my waking him from his slumbers :)
  53. Florian :)
  54. stpeter brb
  55. bear :)
  56. bear no, I needed to be up, had slept thru the first alarm
  57. Florian .
  58. Florian Hey bear :)
  59. Will ok, can we start now then?
  60. Will bear: lead us
  61. Florian Is stpeter back?
  62. bear k, let me get the etherpad going
  63. stpeter I'm here
  64. Florian Let's go then?
  65. bear http://typewith.me/XePBXea4Yk
  66. Florian Actually ... Brb
  67. Florian Removing the push thingy
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  71. Florian Back
  72. stpeter hmm, what am I doing here from a different account?
  73. bear ok, ready to go?
  74. Florian On my end, yes
  75. Will yup
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  77. bear the agenda was suggested, any changes or additions?
  78. Florian Not from me
  79. bear ok, ... let's start
  80. stpeter there might be AOB items at the end, I suppose
  81. bear sure
  82. bear the first item is a request by ludvic to be added to the commteam
  83. stpeter do we have a commteam? :)
  84. bear that is normally something I would toss over to the comm team leader, but they have been silent
  85. stpeter if so, seems fine to me
  86. Will not really
  87. bear right
  88. bear he wants to start making corrections to the wiki and posting to the blog
  89. Florian Yah, was wondering too if that still existed
  90. Will no problems with adding, but Nico was runing this and he's been awol for a while
  91. Will anyone who wants to write for the blog should be encouraged
  92. Florian Yup
  93. bear I told him we needed to be "polite" to the existing leader and ask first before just doing it by fiat
  94. Kev My opinion on the blogging has been to get one person to write an article, post it for review somewhere sensible (probably still the commteam list) and then to push it once it's had time to stew.
  95. Florian Yup
  96. Florian Kev: +1
  97. Kev I don't see any reason to discourage people from writing articles in that scenario.
  98. bear ok, let me reach out to Nico and see how he is doing and then start by having him start posting for review
  99. bear any issues with adding him to commteam on the tracker so he can start working on some of the bugs?
  100. Kev I can set up an authors account, or whatever they're called if he pokes me.
  101. Kev (Or I guess lots of people can)
  102. bear k, I will email him
  103. Florian sound a good
  104. Florian *sounds
  105. bear i'll also reach out to nico via email and see how he is doing
  106. stpeter ok thanks
  107. Kev I thought I saw a Twit saying Nyco was going on a tour of the world or something.
  108. bear sounds like fun
  109. Kev Or a post to + or LinkedIn, or whatever.
  110. Kev Ah, or that he's back, possibly.
  111. bear k, next?
  112. bear jingle interop event
  113. Florian Sounds like something we should encourage
  114. bear evidently it's something that he has been told requires something from the board
  115. bear says as he is trying to search email for any history
  116. Kev That was probably me.
  117. Will really?
  118. bear anyone familiar with this?
  119. Kev He wanted it to be an official XSF-run event, which I think requires the Board to approve it.
  120. stpeter I wonder if Google would be interested in sponsoring such an event...
  121. Will do we need the board to appriove it?
  122. Will sorry, organise it?
  123. Florian Where would it be?
  124. Kev Just approve it and make sure someone's responsible for organising it, I think.
  125. stpeter doing this in conjuction with a Summit seems to make sense
  126. Will +1
  127. Nÿco has joined
  128. bear +1
  129. Nÿco hi
  130. Florian +1
  131. stpeter hi Nÿco!
  132. Florian hey Nyconyco
  133. bear hello!
  134. Kev My thought on it needing Board to agree was just saying "This is something the XSF sanctions" sounds like a Board action.
  135. Florian +1
  136. Nÿco apologies to all for being completely missing these times
  137. Kev Else I'll be holding an XSF-sanctioned "give cakes to Kevin event" :)
  138. Kev Nÿco: Howdy :)
  139. bear do we have an upcoming summit or event that would work for an interop?
  140. Florian not really
  141. stpeter bear: I'd expect we will hold a Summit at FOSDEM again
  142. Florian What about something end September
  143. Florian And the. The summit
  144. stpeter 6 weeks from now?
  145. Florian Or October?
  146. Will too soon surely
  147. Florian I.e. 4x / year
  148. stpeter I'll be in Taipei in mid-November, does that work for everyone? ;-)
  149. bear :P
  150. Florian With one around the two summits
  151. Neustradamus stpeter: and why not the FSCONS ? :D
  152. stpeter we could hold an online interop event and then an IRL interop event at the next Summit
  153. bear when is fosdem?
  154. Florian Sounds good
  155. Will feb
  156. bear so we could hold an online one oct/nov
  157. bear as a prep for the physical one
  158. Florian Yup
  159. stpeter right
  160. stpeter that seems realistic
  161. Florian +1 for that :)
  162. Will yes
  163. stpeter as I said, we need to reach out to folks on the Google Talk team because they have the biggest Jingle deployment...
  164. Florian Yup
  165. bear should I suggest to him that he start driving the members list on what would be part of the online one
  166. bear and once the beginnings of an agenda starts happening then we can drive towards a date
  167. bear no use picking a date if no one will be around
  168. Florian Yup
  169. bear does anyone want to help drive this?
  170. stpeter I'm happy to reach out to the Google guys
  171. Florian Me :)
  172. bear 302's to florian
  173. Will +1 to florian organising stuff
  174. Florian I'll get on it ASAP.... When normal service resumes over here
  175. bear cool - thanks
  176. stpeter organizing the online event shouldn't be *too* hard -- we won't need to set up servers like we did the last time
  177. bear yea, and reaching out to the google folks seems like a must-have
  178. Kev It will need some sort of test criteria, which was where the last one fell short.
  179. stpeter it would help to have a relay server in place
  180. stpeter Kev: yes
  181. Florian Yeh
  182. bear heck, it would be a success if it's just a good survey of what's out there
  183. Kev And someone will presumably need to set up some hostile networks for testing.
  184. stpeter hostile?
  185. Florian Mobile
  186. Kev NAT, firewall, NAT with UPnP, mobile, etc.
  187. Florian NAT
  188. Florian Right :)
  189. stpeter ah ok
  190. bear I can assist with my vm server at flosoft and also by starting some stuff here at home
  191. Tobias especially those kind of NATs that are strange..not default home gateway NATs, everybody has those
  192. Tobias ;)
  193. bear sounds like a busy end-of-summer for Florian
  194. Florian Hehe
  195. bear ok, anything else before moving on to next?
  196. Florian Hehe
  197. Florian Not here
  198. bear k
  199. bear he wanted to talk about adding his new wordpress plugin that allows for xmpp auth to the xsf site
  200. Florian -1
  201. bear my concern is 1) do we even need it and 2) has it been looked at
  202. Florian The XSF site is not really public
  203. bear for the former... yea, I don't see a need for it at all
  204. Florian And the people who need a login, have one
  205. stpeter I plan to deploy that at my blog for testing purposes
  206. stpeter Jehan also has a test site set up
  207. Florian I'd say, no need
  208. bear ok, my thought is no then, any disagreement?
  209. Will +1 to "no"
  210. stpeter http://demo.zemarmot.net/wp/2011/08/08/hello-world/
  211. stpeter potentially we could use this for voting purposes (no more memberbot), but it's probably not ready for primetime quite yet
  212. bear that would be an interesting use case
  213. stpeter basically it lets you post comments if you have a JID
  214. Florian :)
  215. stpeter anyway I'll deploy it at my blog and report back
  216. bear ok, thanks
  217. Florian Ok :)
  218. bear someone has added "Jappix on xmpp.org" to the agenda
  219. Florian What's Jappix?
  220. Kev Web client come social network thing.
  221. bear yea, just googled it myself
  222. Neustradamus bear: it is me. http://jappix.com
  223. bear ahh
  224. Florian I'd say, no for xmpp.org
  225. Kev What benefit does putting this on xmpp.org give?
  226. Florian Maybe Jorg, but that's up to iTeam
  227. Florian Or BOFH
  228. Florian Whichever
  229. bear neustradamus - I don't see a need for it on the main xmpp.org site, is there somehting specific you wanted to have with it?
  230. stpeter hmm, they want my password in order to use it?
  231. stpeter what about OAuth?
  232. stpeter the idea is nice, though
  233. Neustradamus bear: yes, and for jabber.org (ITeam persons are here) ?
  234. Kev Neustradamus: jabber.org isn't an XSF service - so it's not iTeam.
  235. bear this sounds like something we may need some discussion on the mailing list first
  236. Neustradamus Kev: yes.
  237. Florian Bear: +1
  238. Will +1
  239. Florian let's discuss on list
  240. bear neustradamus - can I ask that you start a discussion on the mailing list about this?
  241. Neustradamus About xmpp.org: the principal for me, it is to show that a simple XMPP web client exist. but I understand ;)
  242. Florian Want to try it ... So give me a week :)
  243. stpeter I would like to have a web client at jabber.org
  244. Neustradamus bear: yes of course.
  245. bear thanks
  246. Kev stpeter: Yes, but let's get BOSH set up first.
  247. Neustradamus Nÿco: are you ok about me ?
  248. stpeter Kev: right
  249. bear we haven't talked about you joining the comm team with Nÿco yet :)
  250. bear can you email Nÿco and start that discussion?
  251. Neustradamus bear: in private, Nÿco is ok.
  252. Florian Next item?
  253. bear cool, he can let me (or iTeam) know and we will start making the changes
  254. stpeter joins xmpp:jappix@conference.codingteam.net
  255. Neustradamus stpeter: :)
  256. bear ok, that's the last of the known agenda items - anything to add/discuss?
  257. stpeter I wish that pgm had named conference.jabber.org something more friendly, like rooms.jabber.org
  258. stpeter Kev: GSoC?
  259. Kev We can easily change this. Or add rooms.
  260. bear hides from Kev
  261. Tobias stpeter, we need MUC redirectigng :) then we can simply rename it and have the users going to the old one be redirected :) HTTP has it
  262. stpeter Tobias: true :)
  263. Kev I don't have much to say about GSoC other than complaining that AFAICT the books haven't been sorted out and it's now too late.
  264. Neustradamus Tobias: good idea !
  265. Kev It ends this week, we'll be able to announce people's success or otherwise once Google do.
  266. bear yes, the books issue was me completely messing up
  267. Kev Remko and I are considering going to the Mentors summit, for a change.
  268. bear that would be great if you did
  269. stpeter I don't think we've ever sent anyone to that meeting
  270. Kev We (XSF) usually don't send anyone because no-one likes travelling, but I've been doing it too long without ever meeting the other people involved, and it'd be good to change that.
  271. stpeter yes, I think that would be great
  272. Kev It'd mean the XSF buying plane trips for Remko and me, and then Google reimbursing, but, having checked with our ED, that shouldn't be a problem financially.
  273. bear +1
  274. Nÿco has left
  275. Florian +1
  276. stpeter right, we have almost $10k in the bank
  277. Tobias Kev, doesn't google cover travel?
  278. Kev Tobias: Yes, read above :)
  279. stpeter they do, but you pay and then they reimburse you
  280. bear they do, you just have to expense it
  281. Tobias ahh..ok..misread
  282. Kev I don't have much else to say about GSoC, unless people have questionses.
  283. bear stpeter - are we ok with helping cover travel costs up front?
  284. Will i think so, yes
  285. stpeter seems fine to me -- gotta put the money to work somehow
  286. Kev I think it'd be a Good Thing to finally get some visibility.
  287. Tobias right
  288. Kev We tend to be fairly insular in our approach to GSoC.
  289. Tobias XSF has been in GSoC from beginning right?
  290. stpeter I'm not sure how we'll handle payments, but we'll figure that out
  291. Kev Tobias: Not sure - was the first year '05 or '04?
  292. Kev I was a student in '06, and I think that was the second year the XSF participated.
  293. Tobias 06
  294. Tobias *05
  295. Kev Yes then, since the start (barring our year out).
  296. stpeter the first year was 2005 -- I still have the T-shirt
  297. Tobias Kev, which year was that?
  298. stpeter ok
  299. bear haven't received a shirt yet :)
  300. Kev Tobias: '09, I think.
  301. stpeter so we're at one hour since scheduled start time :)
  302. Kev bear: End of September, I think.
  303. Tobias Kev, ahh right...that matched perfectly with the year I could not participate anyway :P
  304. bear ok, that appears to be it - anything else to discuss?
  305. Kev Not from me.
  306. bear +1 for adjourning
  307. Florian Hope
  308. Florian *nope
  309. Will nothing here, +1 for going home :-)
  310. bear bangs the gavel
  311. stpeter +1 for lunch
  312. Kev Thanks guys.
  313. bear thanks all again for a great meeting
  314. Florian Thanks all
  315. Florian Pub time
  316. bear sends out minutes
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  318. stpeter minutes look fine
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  321. bear I see some small edits happenign - will wait a bit before sending
  322. stpeter bear: I'm done with edits to the minutes
  323. bear cool - thanks
  324. stpeter :)
  325. stpeter bear: sorry to have called you, it's never a good idea to poke a bear that's just emerging from hibernation :)
  326. bear heheh
  327. bear I needed to get up for work, so you saved me from missing a work meeting that is starting in a bit
  328. Neustradamus stpeter: :D
  329. Kev That doesn't sound like a good thing.
  330. bear they knew I was up all night working on a server issue
  331. bear so would have covered me if anything was needed
  332. stpeter nods
  333. bear minutes emailed, off to dayjob items
  334. stpeter ok, time for lunch, or breakfast for bear
  335. bear food in some form for sure
  336. bear waves
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  338. stpeter http://xmpp.org/calendar/ updated
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