XSF Discussion - 2011-09-07

  1. Florian

    evening all

  2. stpeter

    hi Florian

  3. Florian

    gonna attempt to remain in the room for the meeting :)

  4. stpeter

    ok :)

  5. Florian

    GPRS goodness

  6. stpeter

    are you still in Tunisia?

  7. stpeter

    or wherever you are now?

  8. Florian

    yeah, still Tunisia

  9. Will


  10. Florian

    15. August -> 15. September .. my month off :)

  11. Florian

    hey Will

  12. stpeter

    I took off last Friday, does that count? ;-)

  13. Florian

    a break's a break :D

  14. Florian

    do we have an agenda?

  15. stpeter

    I see bear online, is he paying attention here?

  16. stpeter

    Jack is also online

  17. stpeter

    I don't see NĂ¿co

  18. Florian

    me n'either

  19. Florian

    and Will left the room?

  20. stpeter

    so it seems :)

  21. bear is here

  22. Will

    Back, crap connection tonight

  23. stpeter

    bear: the only agenda item I recall was the schedule for board and council elections

  24. bear


  25. bear


  26. Florian


  27. bear

    and possible discuss quarterly meeting results

  28. stpeter


  29. bear

    but I couldn't remember if the board needed to do anything official or not

  30. bear

    if not then that agenda item is very fast: "see Alex's email"

  31. stpeter

    see email from Alex, yes

  32. bear

    k, done! next item ...

  33. stpeter

    the Secretary takes care of that

  34. Will


  35. stpeter


  36. stpeter

    last year the Board and Council elections were held in mid-October

  37. bear

    if we announce it now, that gives a good 30(ish) days of notice

  38. Will

    Any reason not to do the same this year?

  39. stpeter looks up the date from last year

  40. stpeter

    Will: right, we usually aim for just about 12 months later

  41. bear

    no reason to not do the same IMO

  42. stpeter

    last year it was 2010-10-25

  43. Florian

    should we do the same?

  44. stpeter

    Monday the 25th last year

  45. bear

    monday would be the 24th this year

  46. Florian

    this year it would be a Tuesday

  47. stpeter

    Alex made the Quarterly meeting a Tuesday

  48. Florian

    or that

  49. stpeter

    so Tuesday the 25th (2011) seems fine

  50. bear


  51. Florian

    sounds good

  52. stpeter

    we can confirm with Alex on the members@ list

  53. Will


  54. stpeter

    now the big question is how do we recruit people to volunteer for these thankless roles :)

  55. stpeter

    especially for the Board, we usually need to poke people about serving

  56. Will


  57. bear

    except for the chance of Kev hunting me down, I would love to have the chance to serve again

  58. bear

    I need to atone for a very absent role of GSoC admin

  59. stpeter

    Florian is running for his life :)

  60. Florian

    sorry about that ... back now

  61. bear


  62. Florian

    I'd love to run again too

  63. stpeter

    I have someone in mind to poke at Cisco who might be able to serve on the Board, and one other person I chatted with recently who works for a small company that is doing a lot of XMPP work and might become a sponsor

  64. bear


  65. Florian

    cool :)

  66. bear

    has anyone asked the people from &yet?

  67. stpeter

    I haven't, but I could for sure

  68. Florian

    ah, that might be a neat idea

  69. bear

    yea, Andy would be a great person

  70. Florian


  71. bear

    that fritzy dude, i'm not sure about tho ... ;)

  72. Florian


  73. stpeter


  74. Will

    new blood would be a very good idea I think

  75. stpeter

    as always

  76. Florian

    bear: s/Andy/Adam?

  77. bear

    ah - adam

  78. bear

    I woke up like 5 minutes before the meeting - morning caffeine has not been found yet

  79. stpeter

    Alex said he will update http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-member-list/ soon, at which point we can ping people about serving on the Council, too

  80. bear


  81. Florian

    sounds good

  82. stpeter sees some likely suspects

  83. stpeter

    the Council is a bit less busy than it used to be, so it shouldn't be a tremendous burden

  84. bear

    that always seems to be a minor battle for control in the past (or was I just reading in more drama than is real?)

  85. bear

    but yes, I don't expect any problems getting folks to run for the council

  86. stpeter

    ah and I just thought of someone else to poke about serving on the Board

  87. bear


  88. Florian


  89. Florian


  90. stpeter

    ok, so we go forth and recruit

  91. bear

    at the 15 min mark - anything else needed to be discussed about this?

  92. Florian

    nope, not atm

  93. Will

    nope & my trains about to arrive so I'll be disappearing in a minute

  94. stpeter


  95. stpeter

    thanks, guys

  96. bear


  97. Will


  98. Florian

    cool, thanks all

  99. bear

    shall I email Alex via the member list about the meeting?

  100. Florian goes back to pay attention to the crowd on the beach

  101. bear


  102. stpeter

    Florian: :)

  103. stpeter

    bear: yes, let's

  104. bear


  105. bear

    I'll do that and the minutes mail now

  106. stpeter


  107. stpeter checks the minutes at typewithme

  108. bear does alex mail first

  109. stpeter


  110. stpeter

    minutes look good :)

  111. bear


  112. bear

    stpeter - is it Alex that prepares the wiki page for the board/council elections?

  113. stpeter

    anyone can do it -- it's a wiki :)

  114. bear


  115. stpeter

    happy to do that now, but Alex said he would when we talked about it yesterday in the XSF meeting

  116. bear

    sorry - that was the real question I was trying to ask

  117. bear

    I'll mention in the email that

  118. stpeter


  119. bear

    naa - i'll keep it short and simple

  120. bear

    doh! /me finally reads the member email from Alex where he says exactly that

  121. bear

    I think it would be safer for all if I go get caffeine now

  122. stpeter


  123. stpeter

    please do :)

  124. stpeter has been up for at least 6 hours already :P

  125. stpeter

    but then I don't work until 4 am every night like you seem to

  126. bear

    true, but I only went to bed 5 hrs ago ... yea

  127. stpeter


  128. bear

    the pain of dealing with folks in CA *and* Europe on a daily basis

  129. stpeter

    I usually work until only 10 PM, although last night it was 11

  130. stpeter


  131. stpeter

    no fun

  132. bear

    yea, like I need to explain any of that TZ fun to you :)

  133. bear

    FYI - next meeting will be the 14th if we keep to this schedule

  134. bear

    I may miss it as I am working from San Jose that whole week

  135. stpeter


  136. stpeter

    I'll at least place it on the calendar