XSF Discussion - 2011-09-23

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  17. stpeter

    Neustradamus: BTW, I updated all the WordPress plugins at xmpp.org (but not yet the core WP installation)

  18. Neustradamus

    the wordpress plugins about ? all plugins of the website ?

  19. Neustradamus

    can you update plugins too for jabber.org (yes, xsf is not jabber.org, but you are admin of jabber.org :D)

  20. Neustradamus

    have you look for the theme? previous / next

  21. stpeter

    I also updated the Carrington theme at xmpp.org

  22. stpeter

    I'll try to get to jabber.org this weekend, but it was not my first priority for today

  23. stpeter

    I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is with the xmpp-services list at xmpp.org

  24. stpeter

    I might need to export the table and then re-import it as a different table number

  25. Neustradamus

    stpeter: ok!

  26. Neustradamus

    stpeter: there is a problem http://xmpp.org/

  27. stpeter

    hmm yeah

  28. Neustradamus

    have you a copy of the original stage theme?

  29. stpeter

    it's a theme problem

  30. stpeter

    http://xmpp.org/2011/09/2011-q4-membership-application-period-has-started/ is a bit screwy too

  31. stpeter

    I'll have to look at that this evening because I need to log off soon

  32. stpeter

    I don't think I backed up all the right files, either :(

  33. Neustradamus

    it is not on the git?

  34. stpeter

    no, we don't put those files in git

  35. stpeter

    only things like XEPs and schemas

  36. Neustradamus

    Will has maybe?

  37. stpeter

    probably not

  38. stpeter

    but anyway I will invstigate tonight

  39. Neustradamus

    ok, inform me, if you find, can you send me the theme by email?

  40. stpeter

    the entire theme?

  41. stpeter

    you want all the PHP files?

  42. Neustradamus

    all theme files, I will compare...

  43. stpeter

    ok, that will be part of my investigation tonight / this weekend

  44. Neustradamus

    ok ok

  45. Neustradamus

    In the same time, we need a script for send announcements on statusnet/twitter and other... I dislike empty accounts :(

  46. stpeter

    yes, it would be nice if one of the XSF members decided to work on that :)

  47. stpeter

    ok, I need to log off for a little while, bbl

  48. stpeter


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