XSF Discussion - 2011-09-28

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  20. bear

    board meeting notes: http://typewith.me/WFqmxbixTw

  21. stpeter

    don't we have something.dot/xsf ?

  22. stpeter

    yeah http://typewith.me/xsf

  23. stpeter

    easier to remember :)

  24. bear

    oh? do we?

  25. bear

    *love* it!

  26. stpeter


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  28. Florian


  29. stpeter


  30. stpeter

    is "yhello" pronounced differently?

  31. Florian

    hmm ... just trying to find a soundbite ...

  32. Florian

    Homer Simpson -> Picking up the phone

  33. Florian


  34. stpeter

    ah, I've never heard that

  35. stpeter

    but I've heard people pronounce the word differently

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  37. stpeter

    let's see, Will sent his regrets, right?

  38. bear


  39. stpeter

    BTW I'm recruiting people to stand for election at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2011

  40. bear


  41. Florian


  42. Florian

    will add my name soon :)

  43. bear


  44. bear

    we need one more for quorum ?

  45. stpeter


  46. Florian

    jack / nyco?

  47. stpeter

    I just pinged Jack

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  49. metajack@gmail.com

    hello all

  50. stpeter

    I don't seem to have NĂ¿co in the roster for this account

  51. stpeter

    hi Jack!

  52. bear

    Nyco is offline for me also

  53. stpeter


  54. Florian

    hi jack :)

  55. Florian

    right, should we get started?

  56. stpeter


  57. bear


  58. bear

    notes are here: http://typewith.me/xsf

  59. bear

    two items for the agenda: fosdem and verify

  60. bear

    anything to add?

  61. stpeter

    I don't think so

  62. Florian


  63. bear

    k, fosdem - so we got the notice to reserve a room

  64. stpeter


  65. bear

    we should reserve early so we can make sure to get a nice sized room

  66. stpeter

    in the Council meeting earlier, Ralph said he would take care of that

  67. bear


  68. Florian

    ok, cool

  69. bear

    and table ?

  70. Florian

    we also need a booth this year :D

  71. stpeter

    bear: I think you reserve a room and you are assigned whatever the FOSDEM people assign to you, but I'm not 100% sure

  72. stpeter

    Florian: right

  73. stpeter

    the notice about reserving a stand has not been issued yet

  74. bear


  75. stpeter

    I'll forward it to the members@ list when it comes out

  76. bear

    we should respond "yes" then when the booth notice comes

  77. stpeter

    (I'm starting to use the members@ list instead of the various team lists...)

  78. bear

    yea, that just feels "right"

  79. Florian


  80. bear

    keeps all of the comm centralized

  81. stpeter


  82. bear

    is it too early to start agitating for tshirt ideas?

  83. Kev


  84. bear


  85. stpeter


  86. bear

    do we have someone who normally takes point on that?

  87. stpeter

    shall we agitate for burning those gray shirts so Florian doesn't need to find storage space for them?

  88. bear


  89. metajack@gmail.com

    you might be able to convince daniel to do an updated design for a different color shirt

  90. metajack@gmail.com

    since people seemed to like the design but not the shirt color

  91. stpeter


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  93. bear

    can you email him that question?

  94. metajack@gmail.com

    will do right now

  95. bear


  96. Florian

    let's go for a black t-shirt

  97. stpeter

    thanks, Jack

  98. Florian

    or some cool colour

  99. Florian

    NOT grey

  100. stpeter

    um yeah

  101. Florian

    and should we add the year?

  102. metajack@gmail.com

    i'm not sure you could call that color gray :)

  103. Florian


  104. stpeter


  105. bear

    adding the year makes sense IMO

  106. stpeter

    but then we can't sell the remainders

  107. Florian


  108. bear

    yea, true

  109. Florian

    unless we do a second event in the US this year

  110. bear

    we probably should wait for that to *happen* before planning on selling shirts ;)

  111. Florian

    unless we do a second event in the US next year

  112. stpeter

    where by "this year" you mean next year :)

  113. Florian


  114. Florian


  115. stpeter

    ok, so that's FOSDEM?

  116. Florian

    I think so

  117. bear


  118. bear

    XSF Verify next?

  119. Florian


  120. Florian


  121. stpeter

    yes, which is somewhat related to FOSDEM if we're going to have a real hackfest/testfest

  122. bear

    true - we won't know that until later - when we have a test suite to hack on

  123. stpeter

    http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Verify has some more details

  124. bear

    I would not want to show up with nothing and say "ok, let's build it" - that's a recipe for grump

  125. stpeter

    bear: for sure!

  126. bear

    I love the details you added to the verify wiki page

  127. Florian


  128. Florian

    I think the second phase is great for FOSDEM

  129. Florian

    always a lot of discussions about SASL etc.

  130. bear

    is there something we need to cover today - other than start beating-the-bushes for folks to help?

  131. metajack@gmail.com

    i think if you have some basic docs and a few tests written before fosdem, people will jump in and go from there

  132. bear

    i've got some basic code in python, starting to work on the "oh hey, I can connect to the server" type tests

  133. stpeter

    bear: shall we set up a source code repository?

  134. bear

    that was one of my questions for today

  135. Florian

    would be a cool thing to have

  136. stpeter

    right, source control FTW

  137. stpeter

    we have git on athena (for XEPs etc.)

  138. bear

    xsf has a git repo?

  139. stpeter

    I might even remember how to set up a new repository :)

  140. bear


  141. stpeter

    if not, we ask Kev for help

  142. bear

    would it be easier to use github?

  143. Kev


  144. Kev

    Oh, Gitosis. I can set that up.

  145. stpeter


  146. stpeter

    bear: we mirror to github

  147. bear


  148. stpeter

    but IMHO it's better to have the primary repo on xmpp.org machines (with backups, naturally)

  149. bear

    just checking - wasn't sure if the iteam was people/resource constrained

  150. stpeter


  151. Kev

    stpeter: We mirror to gitorious, I think.

  152. stpeter

    the iteam is the one team that actually does stuff

  153. stpeter

    Kev: ah, right

  154. stpeter

    six of one...

  155. Kev


  156. bear

    anything further for verify?

  157. Florian

    nope, don't think so

  158. stpeter

    nope -- git repo + beating the bushes + getting to work

  159. bear


  160. Kev

    I'm busy right now, so will forget.

  161. bear

    shall we bang the gavel and call this meeting done?

  162. Kev

    Can someone please drop me a mail about setting up repos.

  163. Kev

    What repos, who should have access, and I'll get it done.

  164. stpeter

    thanks, Kev

  165. Florian

    awesome, thx Kev

  166. stpeter

    bear, can you ping Kev about that?

  167. bear

    verify repo, me, stpeter, florian for initial access?

  168. bear


  169. Florian

    sounds good

  170. stpeter

    hopefully we'll be adding more folks to the access list before long :)

  171. bear


  172. stpeter

    thanks, guys

  173. bear

    yep, thanks all

  174. stpeter checks http://typewith.me/xsf

  175. stpeter

    next meeting?

  176. stpeter

    I'll be offline next week

  177. stpeter

    but you guys are free to meet :)

  178. bear

    next week i'll be in portland

  179. stpeter

    the minutes look fine to me now

  180. stpeter


  181. bear

    so we probably should just plan on it being a wash

  182. stpeter

    so perhaps two weeks from today

  183. bear


  184. stpeter


  185. stpeter creates the calendar entry

  186. bear


  187. bear goes to email minutes and update board page

  188. stpeter

    thanks, bear

  189. bear

    thanks for the wordsmithing

  190. stpeter

    we can discuss Verify further in the interp@ rom

  191. stpeter


  192. bear

    minutes email and kev poke email sent

  193. bear

    ah - I need to join that room

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  195. Kev

    I hadn't set that to autojoin, oops.

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  197. Kev

    bear: I don't believe you're in the XSF's Git repo yet. Please send me a public key.

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