XSF Discussion - 2011-11-02

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  20. dwd

    As a side note, for those looking at the Meetecho-are-evil thread on the IETF mailing list, I've tagged Meetecho to post on standards@ about their tech - and also asked them half-seriously if they're interested in streaming our meetings.

  21. dwd

    Turns out they may be.

  22. Kev

    Oh, that'd be fun, potentially.

  23. Kev

    I mean, apart from them being evil closed-source proprietary protocol spy-applet peddling wrongdoers.

  24. Kev

    That was the take-home from the thread, right?

  25. dwd

    Apparently. I really don't understand where that came from.

  26. Kev

    I think there was some bandwagon or other.

  27. dwd

    Like bands?

  28. dwd

    Like wagons?

  29. dwd

    You'll love...

  30. Kev

    evil closed-source proprietary protocol spy-applet peddling wrongdoers

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  39. stpeter

    hmm, /me needs to vote

  40. dwd

    stpeter, See if you can keep out the trouble-makers. ;-)

  41. stpeter


  42. stpeter waves from the W3C plenary

  43. stpeter

    yay, I voted :)

  44. stpeter

    time to head into the unconference portion of the W3C meeting, bbiab

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  47. stpeter

    nice... W3C folks are talking in the plenary about testing testing testing

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  51. stpeter

    well, I'm off to participate in bar-campy breakout sessions here, bbl

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