XSF Discussion - 2011-11-03

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  29. jef hello
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  31. stpeter hi
  32. stpeter jef: can we help you? :)
  33. jef hi
  34. jef stpeter, I would like to know what are the steps to update a deffered xep
  35. jef deferred*
  36. stpeter jef: just submit a new version or patch, see http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0143.html#maintain
  37. stpeter if you're not one of the current authors, we can make you a new maintainer
  38. jef thanks
  39. stpeter which xep is this?
  40. jef am not one of the authors
  41. jef 135
  42. stpeter heh, haven't looked at that one in ages
  43. jef it is interesting
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  45. stpeter I do know that http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0137.html is in use but XEP-0135 was a preliminary idea that we never seriously pursued
  46. jef oh wait, you are the author!
  47. stpeter yes :)
  48. jef i havent read 137, but they dont look like they do the same kinds of things
  49. jef 137 doesnt allow provisions for jingle file transfer
  50. stpeter right
  51. jef i guess the pubsub is a good idea
  52. stpeter I have not thought about how to update the thinking about file sharing to address the new Jingle world
  53. jef well, how about making it agnostic of wether it should use si or jingle
  54. stpeter we could do that
  55. Kev Or make it just use Jingle. The future is here!
  56. jef hehehe right
  57. stpeter :)
  58. stpeter brb
  59. stpeter sigh, attending meetings like this puts me even further behind
  60. jef read dilbert, laugh and then cry
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  63. stpeter flaky network here and I need to wander off for some meetings, so I'll be back later -- jef, feel free to chat further here or ping me when I'm here (
  64. stpeter (I'll be online more regularly when I'm back in the office next week)
  65. stpeter then I go to Taipei the following week, then I'll be home for a while catching up on many things, including XEP-0234
  66. stpeter bbl
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