XSF Discussion - 2011-11-09

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  14. jef hey stpeter
  15. jef hey Kev
  16. Kev Hey.
  17. jef I want to know which one should I modify
  18. jef xep-135
  19. dwd jef, Don't modify the 1's at all. Otherwise you'll break binary.
  20. jef or the one who sends SI socks5 through pubsub
  21. jef dwd, i don't understand?
  22. dwd jef, Sorry, being gleefully foolish. :-)
  23. jef ha, i got it
  24. jef joke
  25. Kev jef: That's being kind, yes :)
  26. jef I want to add a stanza, that, will basically send a "match" element, to a pubsub and every peer will send back a list of files which matches whatever the match stanza
  27. Kev jef: I think getting Peter's input, or even the wider community's, input would be good; this is not an area I've played with.
  28. jef ooh so you are saying that I should send this to the mailing list?
  29. dwd jef, That seems sensible.
  30. Kev I don't think it can hurt.
  31. jef but the thing is that I haven't got the time to develop anything tangible
  32. Kev It can fail to get a reply, potentially, or it could get useful feedback.
  33. dwd jef, Sending stuff to the list can result in other people figuring things out and implementing it for you.
  34. jef ok, I will pour my ideas into an email, i hope some of them come true
  35. stpeter jef: sounds like a good idea
  36. jef xD
  37. jef do you guys know if there is a client that has implemented 137?
  38. stpeter iChat support it
  39. stpeter (sorry, busy preparing for my trip to Taipei next week)
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