XSF Discussion - 2011-11-30

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  17. dwd 3600 second warnings of impending meetingness sent...
  18. stpeter :)
  19. Kev Oooh, ooh.
  20. Kev If I don't turn up, I can be rhombus :D
  21. Kev Or a rhombus, I guess.
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  24. Florian moo
  25. stpeter hi Florian
  26. Florian hey @ all :)
  27. dwd Kev, Depends on your reading of equilateral.
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  29. Kev Equilateral polygons are those whose sides are all of equal length, are they not?
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  31. dwd Oh, I suppose.
  32. dwd I should re-nick for proper naming.
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  34. Kev An equilateral quadrilateral is a rhombus, and a regular rhombus is a square.
  35. stpeter hi cchris434
  36. cchris434 hello
  37. Dave Cridland Kev, So, "Regular equilateral quadrilateral", then?
  38. Kev Or just 'regular quadrilateral', as I believe regularity subsumes equilatirality.
  39. Kev Hoorah for making up words.
  40. Dave Cridland That's why you get the PhD.
  41. Kev That and I wrote a thesis about samosas.
  42. Dave Cridland 6 minutes to go, and we're all here.
  43. Dave Cridland That's progress.
  44. Dave Cridland bear, You *are* here, right?
  45. bear cchris434 - if you can, add your blurb to this wiki page: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/the-xsf-board-of-directors/
  46. cchris434 yes, I had sent one in--I just add directly to the page
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  49. Dave Cridland I have the power of Greyskull!
  50. bear bangs the gavel for the last meeting of 2011 and first of 2012
  51. stpeter cchris434: if you don't have an account at xmpp.org I can create one for you
  52. cchris434 yes, thanks, I might need one
  53. stpeter ok
  54. stpeter will do
  55. bear so, only agenda item is welcoming the new board and deciding meeting times, electing of chair?
  56. bear :)
  57. Dave Cridland I think technically we have to appoint all the officers, not just the Chair.
  58. Kev Indeed.
  59. Dave Cridland (According to §6.1)
  60. stpeter Dave Cridland: let's chat about that
  61. Dave Cridland stpeter, I'm rather hoping you're willing to continue, along with everyone else.
  62. stpeter Dave Cridland: I don't know if the very first meeting is the best time to do that -- last year I suggested to the Board that they do that in, say, January, once they have a bit of knowledge about the organization, bylaws, etc.
  63. Dave Cridland I can go along with that.
  64. Dave Cridland So we just elect a Chair?
  65. bear and decide a meeting schedule - yep
  66. Dave Cridland Right. What first, then? Should we pick a chair so we have someone who decides what to do next? :-)
  67. bear while I enjoyed the time as chair, I feel my work schedule is becoming even more crazy, so don't know if I can focus on Chair duties as I should - so I won't be standing for Chair again unless no one else wants it ;)
  68. Dave Cridland I'm happy to do it.
  69. bear and I'm happy to +1 your request
  70. bear anyone else feel strongly about being chair?
  71. Dave Cridland Or, for that matter, feel strongly about me not being chair?
  72. stpeter Ashley / cchris434 / Florian ?
  73. bear well, I was trying to not be that blunt for a first meeting
  74. Ashley no
  75. cchris434 sounds good to me
  76. Florian I'm ehre :)
  77. Ashley since i'm new, i might go rogue
  78. Dave Cridland Ashley, I went rogue years ago. The worst thing is that nobody noticed.
  79. Ashley lulz
  80. stpeter Dave Cridland: I noticed but decided not to mention it
  81. bear ok, then - I nominate Dave for Chair position (if that is even required?) - second?
  82. Dave Cridland Does anyone not on the board have any strong (negative) opinion about me being chair? It's the best time to mention it if you do, and I'd rather this was taken into account now.
  83. Florian +1
  84. Ashley +1
  85. bear +1
  86. Kev mutters something.
  87. cchris434 +1
  88. bear tightens the muzzle on Kev till after the first meeting is done
  89. bear ok, assuming +1 from Dave - we have a 2012 board chair
  90. Dave Cridland RIght, well, I'll take that as no strong objections from those present, and accept the role, thanks.
  91. bear hands the gavel to Dave
  92. cchris434 congrats
  93. Dave Cridland So, I guess welcome to the 2011-2012 XSF Board.
  94. Florian :)
  95. stpeter consults the recall provisions in the bylaws
  96. bear golf claps
  97. Dave Cridland stpeter, Majority of the members.
  98. stpeter BTW, Board members might want to take a look at http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-bylaws/ in their copious spare time
  99. Dave Cridland stpeter, Oh, or maybe a majority vote of a quorate meeting, I should actually check.
  100. stpeter I think Dave Cridland will make a fine Board chair, given that he uses words like 'quorate'
  101. Florian haha
  102. stpeter so, is this a fine time for meetings?
  103. bear has updated the wiki page
  104. Florian WFM
  105. Dave Cridland OK. So I can be removed as Chair at any time by the Board, and removed from the Board by a majority of the members.
  106. Dave Cridland SO, this is not a fine time for meetings, because it clashes with the XMPP Council.
  107. Florian hmm, an hour later?
  108. stpeter oh, that's right, the Council moved
  109. Kev Or 30mins, I heard the Council Chair doesn't like long meetings :)
  110. bear hour later is troublesome for me because of the majority of the mozilla folks are west coast and *love* morning meetings
  111. Florian ah, right
  112. stpeter I can do earlier
  113. Dave Cridland I'm going to be a bit stuck if it's 1730UTC every week. I can also do earlier - 1630UTC?
  114. bear 30 min earlier works - I like the idea of a tight deadline to focus meetings
  115. cchris434 earlier is probably better for me, but understand that we can't do it too early on the East Coast because of time differences
  116. bear being one of the east coasters, earlier is preferred
  117. cchris434 agreed
  118. Florian ok
  119. Ashley should be ok with me to do earlier
  120. Dave Cridland Ashley, WHat timezone are you? MST or PST?
  121. Ashley MST
  122. bear are we looking at 1600 UTC now or 1630?
  123. Florian both WFM
  124. Dave Cridland bear, 1630UTC, so 9:30 am MST, 8:30 am PST, 11:30 am EST.
  125. bear +1
  126. Dave Cridland (Assuming I have my timezone maths right)
  127. stpeter WFM
  128. Florian sounds good
  129. Dave Cridland OK, I'll call that a decision.
  130. cchris434 sounds good to me as well
  131. bear edits meeting wiki page
  132. Ashley +1
  133. stpeter BTW, folks can subscribe to the calendars at http://xmpp.org/calendar/ -- I just use xsf-all.ics but YMMV
  134. Dave Cridland OK. So, I think that consludes everything we set out to discuss.
  135. Florian when is the next meeting?
  136. Florian next week?
  137. bear TBH i've hidden the xsf-board calendar - it always was just a dup of the xsf-all
  138. stpeter next week works for me
  139. bear next week works for me - I feel we need to get one more in before the holidays consume us
  140. Dave Cridland Let's work on the assumption that we have a meeting every week, but we'll cancel it if there's nothing on the agenda.
  141. bear +1
  142. Ashley yep, i should be good for next week too
  143. cchris434 WFM
  144. Dave Cridland Is there any other business to discuss now?
  145. bear isn't aware of any
  146. Florian not from ehre
  147. Florian not from here
  148. Ashley fwiw, i've got a call next week with our marketing person to discuss sponsorship of the dev challenge/hackathon
  149. Florian cool :)
  150. Dave Cridland Okay, that's interesting - Mike, did you raise this with the Mozilla people yet?
  151. Florian we also need money for the dinner :)
  152. bear i've sent out the first emails but need to follow up with some IRC poking
  153. bear the fosdem person is travelling so I am stalking them
  154. bear adds action item for himself for next week's meeting
  155. Dave Cridland Florian, Might be worth opening the sponsorship page on that.
  156. Florian hmm, yeah
  157. stpeter bear: yes I need to follow up on those emails, I'm slammed this week with IESG madness
  158. bear asheley, cchris434 - are these jid's your normal ones - I want to send sub requests
  159. cchris434 yes
  160. Ashley you can use either asroach at cisco.com or aroach at gmail.com
  161. Ashley or both :)
  162. stpeter heh
  163. Dave Cridland sends sub requests.
  164. bear sent
  165. Dave Cridland OK. So I think I move to adjourn.
  166. stpeter goes back to reviewing https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-ippm-loss-episode-metrics/
  167. bear seconds
  168. Dave Cridland bangs the shiny new gavel.
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  170. bear \o/
  171. stpeter if someone updates the ical file, say so and we'll push it to the web
  172. stpeter oh heck I'll do that now
  173. bear :)
  174. Dave Cridland stpeter, Thanks.
  175. Florian thx :)
  176. stpeter so December 7 at 16:30 UTC
  177. bear yep
  178. stpeter done
  179. bear dave - do you want to send out the meeting minutes email or shall I?
  180. Florian ah, my apologies
  181. Dave Cridland I can.
  182. Florian I won't be able to make that
  183. Dave Cridland *Now* you tell us?
  184. Florian as I've got a dinner meeting with Sarkozy
  185. Florian normally 16:30 is great
  186. Florian just not next week :D
  187. Florian forgot about that
  188. Florian I'm in Paris from Tuesday -> Saturday
  189. bear leWeb?
  190. Florian yeh
  191. stpeter runs calgen.py
  192. Ashley Florian: fancy!
  193. stpeter Florian: I suppose dinner with Sarkozy is an acceptable excuse
  194. Florian I'll try and pop by via mobile
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