XSF Discussion - 2011-12-01

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  27. jef

    sup Kev

  28. Kev

    Hi there.

  29. jef

    you are in the technical counsil right?

  30. stpeter

    I'm on a conference call with the W3C, myself :)

  31. jef


  32. Kev

    XMPP Council, yes.

  33. stpeter

    oh I thought you mean right now

  34. jef


  35. jef

    well i am asking, because i want to know what is the process of getting a patch commited

  36. jef

    for a XEP

  37. Kev

    This is for a XEP without an active author?

  38. stpeter

    jef: I did receive your patch, but I haven't had time to process it yet

  39. Kev

    If it has an active author, you ideally submit the patch to them. Otherwise, send it to Peter.

  40. jef


  41. jef

    now i get it

  42. jef

    is stpeter the editor?

  43. Kev

    Peter's the XEP Editor, yes.

  44. jef


  45. jef

    i'm sure my patch has a bunch of errors, I haven't got use to git, and XEPs

  46. stpeter

    jef: I'll make you a co-author of XEP-0135 and you can take over maintainership

  47. jef

    that'll be awesome

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