XSF Discussion - 2011-12-07

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  13. Dave Cridland Hmmm, I just realised that I never sent out a link to the agenda to the members list.
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  22. stpeter Dave Cridland: thanks for sending the agenda link
  23. Dave Cridland Horribly late.
  24. Dave Cridland Had that ready to send for ages and finally dug down to it.
  25. stpeter I think the Board members who are not XSF members are not on the members@xmpp.org list
  26. stpeter or might not be
  27. stpeter that seems advisable
  28. Dave Cridland stpeter, I did send the contents to board@ on Monday.
  29. ralphm Good start :-D
  30. stpeter hi ralphm!
  31. ralphm Hello from SF, by the way.
  32. stpeter ralphm: how is your trip so far?
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  35. Dave Cridland We seems to be lacking in board members.
  36. ralphm stpeter: Apart from filled sinuses and a bit of a jet lag, pretty good.
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  38. stpeter Dave: I don't see Florian or Ashley online
  39. Dave Cridland stpeter, Florian sent apologies last week.
  40. stpeter ah
  41. stpeter that's right
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  43. stpeter he's at Le Web
  44. Dave Cridland stpeter, You may recall he pleaded the novel excuse of being invited to dinner by the French President.
  45. stpeter Dave Cridland: yeah, some excuse
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  47. MattJ Dave Cridland, I thought you were joking about that :)
  48. ralphm_ You'd think he has better things to do
  49. MattJ For the fact it sounded entirely too plausible to be true
  50. Dave Cridland MattJ, Well, it sounds more likely if you consider that Sarkozy doesn't actually know Florian.
  51. MattJ :)
  52. MattJ Thanks for the emails about board meetings though, the main reason I rarely attended them in the past is forgetfulness
  53. stpeter I've pinged and invited bear
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  56. stpeter MattJ: you *can* subscribe to the calendar at http://xmpp.org/calendar/
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  58. Dave Cridland OK, so I suspect we can't have a formal board meeting, but I'd like to still discuss at least the FOSDEM stuff, so we can try to help people nail down travel plans.
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  61. Dave Cridland Also, we're running close to the deadline for a stand - that's the 9th, isn't it?
  62. ralphm Ugh, connections being dropped here. Switching to a screen(1) session.
  63. stpeter Dave Cridland: agreed on nailing things down, I continue to ping Board members in the background :)
  64. ralphm deadline is 14th
  65. Dave Cridland stpeter, Nailing things down is not only fun, but satisfying.
  66. ralphm eh 13th
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  68. Dave Cridland ralphm, OK, so before the next Board meeting anyway.
  69. Dave Cridland So - do we want to try for this "Real Time Lounge" idea?
  70. ralphm sure
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  73. Dave Cridland I'm trying to get some military demos going, perhaps some low-bandwidth stuff.
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  75. cchris434 Hi Dave, I still owe you an answer on the demos...will let you know
  76. Dave Cridland I've also tapped Echobit (evolvehq.com) to see if they can show. GIves us an excuse to play games.
  77. ralphm It'd be a nice if someone would make a nice summary for the idea.
  78. Dave Cridland cchris434, That'd be great.
  79. cchris434 yep, I will see, although no promises
  80. ralphm Do those demos involve FOSS?
  81. Dave Cridland ralphm, Yes, I should think so, for the client at the very least.
  82. Dave Cridland ralphm, Harder to arrange with Echobit, although they use an open-source server, and the XMPP library is also open-source.
  83. ralphm While not critical, as we are more about open standards, it is a big plus at this event.
  84. Dave Cridland ralphm, Yes, I agree. FOSDEM is FOSS, first and foremost, and we should ensure we're never too far from that.
  85. ralphm my point
  86. ralphm I'm sure that when we send out a CFP, we have more of these
  87. stpeter BTW Ashley is on the way
  88. ralphm we just need to be sure we have something already
  89. ralphm so we can put in the request
  90. Dave Cridland Right. So we can hammer out a draft proposal on the Wiki, I suppose?
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  92. Dave Cridland bear, You about?
  93. bear odd - my client sure looked liked I was already attached
  94. stpeter heh
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  96. Dave Cridland Gosh. We're quorate!
  97. bear we need to talk to the buddycloud folks for the lounge demo
  98. Dave Cridland bear, Yes, good point too.
  99. Ashley apologies for being late
  100. Dave Cridland Ashley, Did we mention the public whippings for latecomers?
  101. Ashley i have callouses, so go ahead… :D
  102. bear mozilla's email has been down for 3 days, so I haven't been able to even poke them about sharing the space - still working on it
  103. Dave Cridland bear, By "sharing the space", you mean what, exactly?
  104. stpeter bear: ouch
  105. bear well, I was hoping that mozilla would help either with demos or with money (both actually)
  106. stpeter we need demos more than we need money
  107. ralphm right
  108. Dave Cridland stpeter, Yes, I tend to agree. We can unleash Florian to find money.
  109. stpeter I think last year we might have made money on the Summit/FOSDEM :)
  110. bear ok
  111. Dave Cridland stpeter, Reminds me - who is our tresurer at the moment? One of your many hats?
  112. stpeter I think we can put out a call for demos and scare up some interesting stuff
  113. stpeter Dave Cridland: yes, one of my many hats -- we might want to find someone (officially it was Jack but he never got involved)
  114. bear personally I would love to see a cross-client jingle demo
  115. stpeter the Jitsi folks will be there, no doubt
  116. stpeter anyway we can brainstorm about demos
  117. ralphm even if we can't actually do the lounge bit, we should still be able to get a regular stand
  118. stpeter (another one is that music player that someone poasted last week)
  119. stpeter ralphm: right
  120. stpeter s/poasted/posted/
  121. ralphm that said, we might not. I'm not sure if we should wait with a call for demos until confirmed
  122. Dave Cridland Right. But basically all our "real time longue" is is a stand in a conventiant place without a table.
  123. ralphm sure
  124. Dave Cridland ralphm, When do we know about stands, typically?
  125. stpeter we can make it standing room only ;-)
  126. ralphm the 22th
  127. ralphm See http://fosdem.org/2012/call-for-stands
  128. Dave Cridland http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Stand
  129. Dave Cridland There's at least a start.
  130. Ashley actually looks like 13th is deadline for requests
  131. Dave Cridland Ashley, Yeah, we got there in the end. :-)
  132. Ashley ok
  133. Dave Cridland So, shall we go for this stand thing?
  134. stpeter I think so, yes
  135. bear +1
  136. Ashley +1
  137. ralphm So, who can make a compelling summary for the application. I'd then be more than happy to put it in
  138. cchris434 sure
  139. Dave Cridland Right, so I've slung together a Wiki page we can work on the summary for. How big does it need to be?
  140. ralphm 'short'
  141. Ashley sounds like it can be informationally focused, so we could just use it as a "promote xmpp"
  142. ralphm I'll probably put our motivation in the 'comments' bot
  143. stpeter ralphm: do we need to include the lounge idea, or shall we just mention the demonstrations?
  144. ralphm Ashley: well, that's a bit vague
  145. Dave Cridland Also, I think it's worth making a call for demos so we have at least a couple of example demos we can include, but we'll do the call just to the members list for now.
  146. ralphm Ashley: I don't suppose there will be requests that don't promote their project.
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  148. Ashley well, it doesn't say you have to promote a project
  149. Ashley though it *does* use that project word a lot :)
  150. ralphm I think a few sentences should be enough.
  151. Ashley seems like xmpp awareness could fit in this requirement… be a Free Software or Open Source project (your project produces and releases software under an open source license or otherwise contributes to open source activities and communities),
  152. ralphm Ashley: we've manned stands since 2001, I think we are fine on that part
  153. ralphm (at FOSDEM)
  154. Ashley sure, makes sense
  155. Dave Cridland http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Stand
  156. Dave Cridland How does that look?
  157. Dave Cridland (Not that Buddycloud have said anythign about a demo yet)
  158. bear i'm chatting with simon now - he is interested
  159. ralphm Pretty good. I suppose I should highlight the lounge part of it a bit.
  160. stpeter Dave Cridland: WFM (but we might want to include the dreaded "J-word" for context)
  161. Dave Cridland I'll massage it a bit.
  162. ralphm Do we intend to arrange for bean bags?
  163. bear are fosdem folks open to using military examples?
  164. Ashley agree this looks good
  165. Dave Cridland bear, I don't see why not, as long as it involves open-source.
  166. ralphm bear: surely there'll be some people against it
  167. bear just asking - never know what those silly EU types are all about
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  169. ralphm I don't think it is much of an issue
  170. cchris434 perhaps to broaden the appeal by saying it is also for first responders, etc.
  171. bear k
  172. imagi hi guys.
  173. Dave Cridland bear, Well, NATO is based just down the road, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  174. bear is looking forward to his first fosdem
  175. Ashley there's certainly plenty of OSS used in the military, so i wouldn't think this would be a surprise
  176. Dave Cridland imagi, You said you had backdrops and things?
  177. cchris434 no, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise
  178. ralphm I don't think we should have to go into details
  179. imagi Can provide backdrops and 400 stickers.
  180. Ashley but i do like the addition of "first responders" etc
  181. ralphm ok
  182. imagi and some laptops and team to do demoing work.
  183. cchris434 yeah, a lot of the deployed scenarios have similar challenges--miltary, first responders, emergency communications, etc.
  184. Ashley any "internet of things" demos that folks know about?
  185. Dave Cridland Ashley, Might be easier just to pick a different demo.
  186. Ashley a la http://www.ices.cmu.edu/censcir/sensor-andrew/
  187. ralphm So, I suppose this point is mostly done?
  188. stpeter Ashley: I know of some guys in Spain (I think) who had an XMPP-based internet of things application, will reach out
  189. ralphm I really need breakfast
  190. Ashley cool
  191. stpeter :)
  192. Dave Cridland http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Stand#Real_Time_Lounge Updated.
  193. Dave Cridland So, the only other question is whether we're aiming to do Friday, Monday, or both for the summit/interop?
  194. imagi buddycloud (lowercase b)
  195. imagi I like the "realtime lounge" idea. I'd really like us to de-focus on any chat demos.
  196. Dave Cridland I have the gut feel that doing interop on Friday and the Summit proper on Monday seems best. I'm pretty sure we can easy get enough momentum behind interop.
  197. Dave Cridland imagi, Right. Basic chat is hard to get a proper "Wow" over, which is what we're aiming for here.
  198. ralphm I like that last addition, the fosdem like projects that try to combine smaller projects
  199. cchris434 so are we de-emphasizing the miltary/first responder aspect of it?
  200. stpeter I'd love to see some more interop testing -- e.g., the BOSH testing last year was productive but limited
  201. bear +1 to wording
  202. Dave Cridland Yes, this did occur to me. Nefarious, that's me.
  203. imagi There's a bunch of federated social web people that were thinking of piggybacking onto the XMPP side of things. I'll find out what's happening with that. I know this is an xmpp thing, but it certainly helps having them see XMPP and the light beyond non-federated-http-land.
  204. Dave Cridland cchris434, It's very hard to be breif without potentially rubbing people up the wrong way.
  205. Dave Cridland cchris434, Doesn't stop us from doing things on the day, of course.
  206. ralphm imagi: we are always open for that
  207. cchris434 sure, that's fine
  208. ralphm imagi: like talks in our devroom
  209. imagi bc team has a triple play lined up - from me doing my standard rant-fest to some gritty implementation details from dodo.
  210. stpeter http://www.iab.org/wp-content/IAB-uploads/2011/03/Casado.pdf = XMPP IOT project
  211. imagi I think tuomas wants to talk about some XMPP domain blacklisting stuff too.
  212. stpeter imagi: sounds good
  213. ralphm cchris434: also, the description likely isn't going to be made public
  214. bear i'll reach out to the &yet folks - i'm sure fritzy will be there
  215. Dave Cridland So, pulling us back a bit - Friday Interop, Monday SUmmit (ie, technical talks) - yes or no?
  216. ralphm yea
  217. Ashley +1
  218. MattJ +1
  219. Dave Cridland The reason I want to nail this down is because the Americans need to book flights while they're still relatively cheap.
  220. cchris434 sure
  221. bear +1 (and +1 for flight booking timing)
  222. imagi would it make sense to try and co-ordinate an XMPP and federated social web day on Friday too?
  223. stpeter I can book the Cisco rooms again
  224. Dave Cridland So I count "public support" and unanimous board support. Done with that one then.
  225. imagi I expect there will be no clash with the interop folks.
  226. Dave Cridland stpeter, That makes sense.
  227. stpeter (in fact more rooms so that we can do breakouts for testing)
  228. stpeter (etc.)
  229. Dave Cridland So - do we have sufficient time, energy, and people present to discuss Athena now?
  230. bear we need to fix it - so yes
  231. Dave Cridland I'm actually going to take that as a no, and defer that one until next week.
  232. stpeter ok
  233. stpeter WFM
  234. Dave Cridland I think we do need to get it sorted, but I think we can safely wait a week.
  235. stpeter so, meeting next week at the same time?
  236. cchris434 sure
  237. Dave Cridland I think that works - note that I believe there's a Council meeting typically starting at 1700, so we'd normally have a tighter time constraint than today.
  238. stpeter right
  239. stpeter that's not necessarily a bad thing :)
  240. stpeter time constraints focus the discusion
  241. stpeter +s
  242. bear looks in the mirror
  243. bear and less tardy members
  244. stpeter heh
  245. Dave Cridland Right. So I motion to adjourn.
  246. Ashley ok
  247. bear seconded
  248. Dave Cridland And we're done.
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  250. stpeter adds next week's meeting to the calendar
  251. bear waves and goes to see our Moz's IT has done recovering mail and entire colo from downtime
  252. cchris434 good bye
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  254. stpeter calendar updated at http://xmpp.org/calendar/
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  257. stpeter Dave Cridland: shall I point potential demo people to you or to Ralph or to both?
  258. Dave Cridland stpeter, I think we should probably do the traditional thing and setup a Wiki page.
  259. stpeter heh sure
  260. stpeter ok
  261. stpeter so http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos
  262. stpeter will create some content there
  263. Dave Cridland stpeter, Will's not a board member anymore, we can't get him to do it.
  264. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos created
  265. stpeter I'm going to ping the internet of things people in Spain
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  268. stpeter MattJ: it seems that we never fixed the port 5290 problem on athena (to access the MUC logs)
  269. MattJ Indeed, it's on my list... main hold-up was that I changed SSH key and needed to upload my new ones to hermes and athena
  270. MattJ Did that, then the next day athena was down :)
  271. stpeter ah yeah
  272. stpeter heh
  273. stpeter brb
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  276. Kev "Couldn't send message: Message was rejected"
  277. Kev That'd be why I wasn't seeing any traffic, then.
  278. stpeter heh
  279. stpeter I must say that find it annoying when people send me email messages in French and Italian (etc.) and expect me to read them -- at least use Google Translate or somesuch!
  280. stpeter wanders off to kvetch in a different chatroom
  281. Kev Kvatch? That's a town in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, isn't it? :)
  282. stpeter :P
  283. stpeter I grew up in the New York City area, so Yiddishims creep into my day-to-day language...
  284. stpeter Yiddishisms even :)
  285. stpeter looks like we need to fill out http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012 -- I'll make a start on that this evening along with other things I've been putting off
  286. stpeter it seems that the email flow has started to slow down already, perhaps this will give me a chance to catch up
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