XSF Discussion - 2011-12-13

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  7. Kev

    Jef: you keep trying to talk to me several hours after I've gone to bed.

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  22. Kev

    That's me.

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  24. jef

    where is your timezone?

  25. Kev


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  27. jef

    i don't know that one

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  29. jef

    i was going to ask you

  30. jef

    that I was thinking of implementing a modification to xep135 in gajim before changing the xep itself

  31. jef

    what do you think?

  32. Kev

    Prototypes are generally a good thing.

  33. jef

    yea, and standards take a while to change

  34. jef

    so beter use the time for something good

  35. jef

    Kev, I have been told by Matt that it is not good to over-load the discovery namespace

  36. jef

    do you know of any reason why it shouldn't be use to discover files in other computers?

  37. Kev

    I'm missing context.

  38. jef

    hold on, let me give you a link

  39. Kev

    I'm not going to be reading much right now.

  40. jef

    oh just said this:

  41. jef

    I'm not sure it's a good idea to overload the disco request this way. Perhaps having the filter in a separate namespace would be ok, but I think perhaps it would be better to use another protocol for this.

  42. jef

    talking about how xep135 looks for files in other computers

  43. Kev

    Disco seems like an appropriate way to discover available items, but I don't remember how it's being used.

  44. jef

    I will go by that then, until someone gives a more compelling complaint

  45. Kev

    If either of the Matts have a complaint, it's probably valid.

  46. jef

    well I will just talk to him then

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  52. stpeter

    I still need to process jef's patch for XEP 135, putting it in my calendar now....

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