XSF Discussion - 2011-12-21

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  16. sonny hi guys, can someone open me an account on the wiki I'd like to add an entry on http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos
  17. sonny oh hi bear :-)
  18. sonny bear, crazy to see how much people are actually involved in both XMPP and Mozilla projects/communities
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  21. stpeter howdy
  22. sonny stpeter, hello
  23. stpeter sonny, I can create a wiki account for you
  24. sonny stpeter, "16:17:24 sonny> hi guys, can someone open me an account on the wiki I'd like to add an entry on http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos "
  25. sonny stpeter, neat :-)
  26. stpeter sonny: yep, I got the room history :)
  27. stpeter is your email address the same as your JID?
  28. sonny stpeter, nope
  29. stpeter ok, PM it to me
  30. stpeter (this room is logged)
  31. sonny stpeter, thanks!
  32. ashleyroach@jabber.org Test
  33. stpeter sonny: ok, check your email
  34. stpeter sonny: you should have the account info in a message from xmpp.org
  35. sonny http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Index.php
  36. sonny stpeter, yes
  37. stpeter ashleyroach@jabber.org: test successful :)
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  39. ashleyroach@jabber.org Ah cool. On my mobile
  40. stpeter yay :)
  41. stpeter I haven't used xmpp on mobile much, somehow I get enough of IM when I am working on my laptop :)
  42. ashleyroach@jabber.org Handy when running late :)
  43. ashleyroach@jabber.org Wonder if background mode works
  44. dwd I am running late, also on mobile until I'm back.
  45. dwd I'm also a bit rubbish in general, this time. Not sorted through the agenda items.
  46. stpeter I did not hear from Chris, Florian, or Mike
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  48. admin hey guys
  49. stpeter oh the admin is here :)
  50. admin /nick Florian
  51. stpeter heh
  52. stpeter we know who you are ;-)
  53. admin hmm ... that used to work in Psi :)
  54. stpeter it should work
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  56. admin not on Swift I guess :)
  57. psa anyway
  58. psa shall we?
  59. psa I don't see Chris online
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  61. psa bear is here but perhaps not responsive
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  63. dwd Right, should be back at my desk in five.
  64. psa aha ok
  65. bear just running a tad llate
  66. psa as is everyone today, it seems
  67. Ashley i think i'm here
  68. psa I'm running early because I'm supposed to be on vacation today so I want to be done with working :)
  69. bear for me it's overcast and *blech* outside
  70. psa heh
  71. bear I'm totally bummed also - found out that, yet again, work has scheduled a "must attend" meeting a couple days after FOSDEM
  72. psa :(
  73. admin :(
  74. bear so I won't be going - makes the 3rd year in a row
  75. admin that's a real shame
  76. bear maybe once moz puts xmpp in the browser I will get to go
  77. psa heh
  78. Ashley perhaps you can make portland, bear?
  79. bear but I did get a reply from the moz person doing fosdem and he is really excited to have xmpp demos
  80. bear yes, oscon has just risen to the top of my conference list this year
  81. Ashley i *should* be able to make that one, since it doesn't involve int'l travel
  82. Kev I have the opposite problem.
  83. Kev I've yet to make it to a US summit.
  84. admin same
  85. Kev Mind, FOSDEM involves international travel too.
  86. admin hehe
  87. psa :)
  88. Ashley i'll have to make VP, since int'l travel requires VP approval, apparently :)
  89. Kev I look forward to the London Summit.
  90. admin :)
  91. psa so is everyone happily seated or standing at their favorite desks or other locations so that we can start this meeting? ;-)
  92. admin +1
  93. Ashley +1
  94. Kev dwd's status at least suggests that he's not.
  95. psa ok
  96. psa processes some IESG email in the meantime
  97. dwd Right, back at my desk.
  98. dwd Sorry about that delay.
  99. dwd Ashley, BTW, I'm a VP - can I OK your travel?
  100. Ashley lol
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  102. psa laughs
  103. psa so what's on our agenda?
  104. dwd Ashley, Check the small print - does it say a *Cisco* VP has to approve?
  105. Ashley most certainly — this place is chock full of lawyers
  106. dwd Well, I think our agenda is just following up on last week - so...
  107. dwd 1) Athena - any discussion and/or choices amongst the iteam?
  108. Kev None at all. You have an action on that.
  109. Kev (To remind me)
  110. psa heh
  111. dwd Kev, Ah, right.
  112. psa I rather doubt that much of anything will happen between now and the end of the year :)
  113. Kev Ideally reminding me when I'm back off holiday :)
  114. psa Kev: I can ping the iteam list about the topic so that we at least have something in the inbox about it
  115. Kev Feel free. I'm avoiding doing anything that looks like work until the new year.
  116. psa good!
  117. psa shall be avoiding it after this meeting :)
  118. dwd OK. So 2) (TEams and SIGs) - it occurs to me we need to announce something on the disbanded comms and tech-review MLs.
  119. bear nods
  120. psa rightio
  121. bear best to firmly remove any assumptions/expectations folks may still have
  122. psa again, something to do on, say, January3?
  123. dwd I never actually joined either of those - can someone else pen those announcements?
  124. dwd psa, It's waited a week, it can wait longer.
  125. psa I can send those messages
  126. psa updates his calendar
  127. dwd And we generally agreed on a FOSDEM team and an Interop SIG, and I don't think we've done much about those either.
  128. admin nope
  129. dwd Have we heard anything on stands/real-time-lounges BTW?
  130. psa I have not
  131. admin not me
  132. psa I don't know if Ralph has pinged the FOSDEM organizers about that
  133. dwd The formal announcement date is the 24th, right?
  134. admin of Jan or Dec?
  135. dwd Dec.
  136. admin oh
  137. dwd So we'll know the decision soon enough.
  138. psa yes
  139. dwd So I think we move onto "next meeting" - no point having one next week, is there?
  140. psa nope
  141. dwd 4th January, then?
  142. psa that works for me
  143. admin wfm
  144. Ashley i'll still be on holiday, but could probably join
  145. dwd It works for the admin, so it must be OK for everyone.
  146. psa laughs
  147. psa The Admin, that is
  148. admin lol
  149. bear :)
  150. bear +1 to the 4th
  151. psa ok
  152. psa I'll update the calendar
  153. dwd Well, we'll schedule one for then, and we can meet and chatter or have a proper meeting as appropriate.
  154. dwd So, motion to adjourn?
  155. dwd And apologies for being late again.
  156. bear seconded
  157. dwd And we're done, then.
  158. admin great
  159. admin cheers all
  160. bear enjoy the holiday everyone (or not, if your a curmudgeon)
  161. Ashley happy holidays all
  162. dwd On an unimportant note, I will have a projector by FOSDEM; but it's only a little one.
  163. psa have a Cool Yule
  164. psa calendar updated
  165. dwd And yes, happy Christmas, to one and all, etc.
  166. psa I've also pinged the iteam list, but I wouldn't expect action until January
  167. psa oh yay, IETF 83 registration is now open
  168. admin right, cools ... I'm off
  169. psa see you in Paris ;-)
  170. admin time to race to the restaurant :)
  171. psa http://www.ietf.org/meeting/83/
  172. psa admin: enjoy!
  173. admin thanks all and happy holidays!
  174. psa indeed!
  175. psa hmm, my calendar for January 3 is looking quite full already :)
  176. psa ok, I'm going to log off here and try to ignore email and IM until then
  177. dwd Good plan.
  178. dwd Enjoy.
  179. psa thanks, you too!
  180. psa reads http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0169.html to get in the holiday spirit :)
  181. psa hmm, XEP-0169 still has a reference to RFC 3921 -- that needs to be fixed :)
  182. psa fixed
  183. psa with that, I bid you goodbye :)
  184. dwd reads XEP-0141
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  186. dwd See you in the new year.
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