XSF Discussion - 2012-01-06

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  30. dwd How long do we have the devroom for this year? 1000-1900, or something, isn't it?
  31. stpeter yes, something like that -- it's a long time :)
  32. dwd Well, now we have four talks it'll fly by.
  33. Kev I'm trying to work out if I have anything interesting to say.
  34. Kev I don't think I do.
  35. stpeter so say something uninteresting :)
  36. dwd Kev, I've, erm, booked you in for a talk.
  37. Kev What am I talking about?
  38. dwd I figured you, Peter, and Remko can do a XMPP 101 tag-team talk.
  39. dwd I managed to ask Peter, and now, you, before saving this into the nearly-finished Wiki page. :-)
  40. ralphm dwd: I received some documentation on that. I'll forward it to the summit list, too.
  41. Kev I'm not opposed to this.
  42. dwd ralphm, Thanks.
  43. Kev I'm pondering giving a talk about XMPP as a data store.
  44. dwd XMPP as ACAP!
  45. Kev I think it's a little early to talk about its demise quite yet.
  46. dwd stpeter, Also, "Network Information Sharing" - NIS? Back after all this time?
  47. stpeter heh yeah, perhaps not the best acronym :P
  48. ralphm Kev: does it involve binary xml?
  49. Kev No.
  50. ralphm hehe
  51. dwd stpeter, Presence Server Annotations is the best one, I'm sure you agree.
  52. stpeter heh
  53. dwd OK. Written http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012
  54. dwd Largely a copy of FOSDEM_2011, of course.
  55. ralphm dwd: there are 8 schedulable (?) hours in the devroom
  56. ralphm 11:00-19:00
  57. Kev So that's a 6hour drum percussion ensemble, then two hours of talks?
  58. Kev *drum/percussion
  59. ralphm wfm
  60. Kev Should ask Remko.
  61. Kev We got any other drummers in the XSF?
  62. ralphm !
  63. Kev Yes, I know you.
  64. Kev That's why I said *other* :)
  65. Kev Need one more for a quartet.
  66. ralphm ah
  67. dwd And a placeholder, at least, at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_11
  68. dwd Meanign I can finally post a blog post on this - anyone fancy reviewing it before I publish?
  69. Kev Sure.
  70. ralphm dwd: ^
  71. dwd (It's saved as a draft in Wordpress now, or I can post it here)
  72. ralphm dwd: you put in 13:00
  73. dwd ralphm, I did? I thought I'd removed the times.
  74. dwd ralphm, I'll get it in a sec, anyway.
  75. Kev That looks fine, publish away.
  76. dwd As you'll be aware if you've been following the XSF's mailing lists and chatrooms, FOSDEM 2012 is coming, and that means it's also time for the XMPP Summit 11. A rough timetable is: Friday 3rd February - XSF Interop Day (Hosted by Cisco in Diegem) The testing to be done is being organized as I type on our mailing list at interop@xmpp.org Saturday 4th February - XMPP Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM, XMPP Talks at FOSDEM If you've some fun project to demo at our stand, the Realtime Lounge, or an exciting talk about XMPP and related topics, we still have speaking slots available - tell us your idea on the summit@xmpp.org mailing list. Talks start at 11:00, and run through to 19:00. Sunday 5th February - XMPP Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM More demos of unusual and inventive uses of XMPP throughout the day at the Realtime Lounge. Monday 6th February - XMPP Summit 11 (Hosted by Cisco at Diegem) Technical talks and discussion for the participants of the standards@xmpp.org mailing list. All this, and evening entertainment too - on Friday, there's the FOSDEM Beer Event (Look for the XSF logo projected onto the ceiling to find us there!), and on Saturday, we'll have the XSF Dinner - free to XSF Members, and sponsors are always welcome - and very popular on the night! If you're coming, join the summit@xmpp.org mailing list and make yourself known - we're busy organizing hotel deals, speakers, demos, and so on there, so you'll be able to get the best deals we can wangle and be ahead of the game. See you all there!
  77. dwd "Kev is currently editing this article. If you update it, you will overwrite the changes."
  78. dwd Kev, Are you?
  79. Kev Not in any practical sense.
  80. Kev I have the editor open because I was reading it to ok it.
  81. dwd Oh, of course.
  82. Kev I now donot.
  83. Kev + 
  84. dwd Right, I'll publish this, unless anyone screams before I'l got myself a drink.
  85. ralphm awesome
  86. dwd We have *8* hours of talks to fill.
  87. dwd And we seem to have really low attendence this year, too.
  88. Kev Apart from from Isode.
  89. dwd Yeah, true.
  90. Kev Who will outnumber all out attendees.
  91. dwd Maybe I can spring a talk on Mili.
  92. Kev Yeeees.
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  94. dwd Right, and a note sent to MSFT suggesting they come.
  95. dwd (And pay for dinner)
  96. Kev Predominantly the second, right?
  97. dwd I've downplayed the second in my note, having clearly stated it in the web stuffs.
  98. dwd But I figure they've got deeper pockets than most.
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