XSF Discussion - 2012-01-09

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  23. stpeter OK I've updated http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_11
  24. Kev Thanks.
  25. Kev goes to read.
  26. stpeter brb
  27. ralphm what about hats? /me ducks
  28. Zash what about ducks?
  29. Zash ducks with hats!
  30. stpeter ralphm: on my whiteboard at the office, I still have "ad-hoc commands in MUC" and "MEP" on my to-do list, but I'm still busy with so many other tasks that I haven't gotten to those yet
  31. stpeter hats would come after those :)
  32. stpeter but my list is getting shorter, and soon I'll have a great deal more time for XMPP work
  33. Zash MAM!
  34. Kev MAM doesn't need much discussion.
  35. stpeter what the heck is MAM?
  36. Kev It needs Matt to propose it, and people to implement it.
  37. Kev stpeter: 136bis
  38. stpeter ah
  39. stpeter yeah
  40. stpeter good idea
  41. Kev Where 'bis' means 'rewritten'.
  42. stpeter nod
  43. stpeter :)
  44. ralphm stpeter: hehe.
  45. Kev Based around 297, or whatever Message Forwarding is.
  46. Kev But it amounts to the client saying "Give me stuff" and the server sending a bunch of 297 back, and then saying "done".
  47. Kev This is somewhat more sane than the something-of-an-abomination that 136 is :)
  48. stpeter yeah
  49. stpeter well that one got Zoofied
  50. Kev With MAM, you can query things other than your server.
  51. Kev History for a MUC room? Sure.
  52. Kev History for a pubsub node? Why not?
  53. Zash Bot getting carbons? Yeah!
  54. stpeter looks up flights to Brussels
  55. stpeter anyone interested in an XMPP Summit in Denver the week before http://www.greatamericanbeerfestival.com/ this October? ;-)
  56. Kev As long as it doesn't conflict with the short jog I've signed myself up to do in October, possibly.
  57. stpeter short jog as in ultra-marathon? ;-)
  58. Kev Half.
  59. Kev I've done half marathons a couple of times before, back when I was considerably fitter. I have very little desire to do a full marathon, 13 miles is plenty for me.
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