XSF Discussion - 2012-01-10

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  6. Neustradamus note: Do not forget this group: http://identi.ca/group/xs and http://identi.ca/group/xmpp
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  38. Peter Waher Hello
  39. jef helooooo
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  41. Florian evening all
  42. Zash o/
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  44. dwd Evening all.
  45. kevin Evening
  46. stpeter howdy
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  48. Marc hi
  49. Marc hello all, how are u all?
  50. stpeter hi Marc
  51. kevin stpeter: how are you today?
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  54. Alex hi everybody
  55. kevin hi
  56. stpeter kevin: actually a bit under the weather, thanks for asking
  57. stpeter hi Alex!
  58. Florian hi Alex
  59. Marc >stpeter: hi Marc how are you???
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  61. Alex ok guys
  62. Alex bangs the gavel
  63. Alex Here is our agenda for today: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/meeting-minutes/xsf-member-meeting-2012-01-10/
  64. Alex 1) Call for Quorum
  65. Alex as you can see 36 members voted via proxy, so we have a quorum
  66. dwd Looks like we're quorate, indeed.
  67. stpeter I voted (but I didn't get around to it until a few hours ago!)
  68. Alex <a, good turnout
  69. Marc huh, confused :S
  70. Alex 2) Items Subject to a Vote
  71. Alex new and returning memebrs, you can see all applications here: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q4_2011
  72. Alex 3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting
  73. Marc can i vote?
  74. Alex anybody wants to vote i nthe meeting?
  75. Marc sure
  76. dwd Marc, Are you a member?
  77. Marc nope
  78. Florian in that case, you can't :)
  79. Alex when you tell me your real name
  80. Marc i wanna join tho
  81. dwd Marc, Only XSF Members may vote.
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  83. Marc my real name is Marcus :)
  84. Marc okay , guess i will shut up then
  85. stpeter Marcus: we will have another membership application period starting soon after this meeting is done :)
  86. Marc Carry on
  87. Alex I will open the new application page tomorrow, then you can apply and vote soon ;-)
  88. Marc Thank you
  89. Alex ok, then I prepare the results
  90. stpeter super
  91. Zash Drumroll?
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  93. Alex 4) Announcement of Voting Results
  94. Alex When you reload the page at: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/meeting-minutes/xsf-member-meeting-2012-01-10/ you can see the results
  95. Alex all new and returning members were accepted
  96. dwd Everyone made it, then.
  97. Alex yes
  98. Zash \o/
  99. dwd Mind you, I thought we had a particularly good crop this time around.
  100. Peter Waher :)
  101. dwd Zash, Welcome to the XSF. :-)
  102. Zash Thanks
  103. dwd Peter Waher, And you, too.
  104. Peter Waher Thank you :)
  105. dwd Now, guys, just remember to come to the Summit.
  106. stpeter heh
  107. stpeter yeah
  108. Alex 5) Any Other Business?
  109. stpeter come to FOSDEM and the XMPP Summit!
  110. dwd And do talks, and demos, and bring your wallets for sponsorship. :-)
  111. Alex the € is in crises, wallet is empty ;-)
  112. stpeter yeah
  113. stpeter at least my dollars will go farther this time :)
  114. Alex yes :D
  115. Alex more beer for the dollars
  116. stpeter heh
  117. stpeter yeah
  118. stpeter Florian found an inexpensive hotel this time
  119. Alex just kidding, we are serious guys, no beer only work. Otherwise Marc will not join us ;-)
  120. stpeter but no other business here
  121. Alex 6) Formal Adjournment
  122. Marc >Alex: just kidding, we are serious guys, no beer only work. Otherwise Marc will not join us LOL hey i like beer too :D
  123. Alex I motion that we adjourn
  124. Steven Parkes second
  125. Alex bangs the gavel
  126. stpeter thank you, Alex, as always!
  127. Alex no problem
  128. kevin 1 beer for me please!
  129. Marc i am from the uk after all :D
  130. Kev Thanks Alex.
  131. Marc *follows everyone* thanks Alex
  132. Peter Waher Where/how is the best location/method for starting forming interest groups withing xmpp.org ?
  133. Alex adds the new members to the mailing list
  134. stpeter Peter Waher: what interest group are you interested in?
  135. stpeter typically we discuss technical topics on the standards@xmpp.org list and organizational topics on the members@xmpp.org list
  136. Peter Waher ok
  137. Peter Waher I'm currently interested in three areas
  138. stpeter there's a list of lsits at http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo
  139. Peter Waher 1) Sensor networks
  140. Peter Waher 2) Distributed social networks
  141. Peter Waher 3) Extensions of semantic web to p2p networks
  142. kevin Marc: hows weather there?
  143. Peter Waher How do I best come in contact with members interested in similar topics?
  144. Peter Waher Mailing to above mailing lists?
  145. MiGri thats one goos way
  146. MiGri *good
  147. stpeter Peter Waher: I've been talking with other people interested in sensor networks and smartgrid and such -- I might start a new discussion list about that topic
  148. Peter Waher excellent. :)
  149. stpeter Peter Waher: there is definitely some interest in that topic among a small but active community of people
  150. Zash (mailing lists need pep-style filtering)
  151. stpeter as to distributed social networks, we have some talks now and then with the OStatus / StatusNet / etc. folks
  152. Kev And BuddyCloud, most notably.
  153. Marc >kevin: Marc: hows weather there? damp and cold :| hows the weather there?
  154. stpeter kev: indeed
  155. kevin Marc: too Cold : D
  156. Peter Waher We're interested in building social network applications based on XMPP and Plug Computers
  157. Marc >kevin: Marc: too Cold : D what its cold there too? oh and join my website now :)
  158. Peter Waher which would help users maintain ownership control of the life cycle of published information
  159. stpeter Peter Waher: sounds interesting
  160. stpeter Peter Waher: you'll definitely want to chat with the BuddyCloud guys
  161. Zash Related to Freedom box?
  162. stpeter Peter Waher: we have a list for XMPP and social networking at http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/social
  163. dwd stpeter, I was going to say, the buddycloud guys have built a distributed social network on the back of XMPP.
  164. stpeter dwd: yes indeed
  165. Alex you are all subscribed now
  166. Peter Waher Looks interesting. Will definitely have a look at what they offer and see if we can work together somehow.
  167. stpeter Peter Waher: cool
  168. dwd Peter Waher, buddycloud is about as open as you could hope for, the only problem is they're weak on formal docs about the protocol.
  169. stpeter Peter Waher: where are you located? several BuddyCloud folks and other federated social web people will be at FOSDEM / XMPP Summit (that reminds me, I need to follow up with Simon about that...)
  170. dwd Peter Waher, But they'll all be at the SUmmit.
  171. Marc >Peter Waher: We're interested in building social network applications based on XMPP and Plug Computers i am intergrating xmpp/jabber into my website :)
  172. Marc so you can join rooms nad such :)
  173. Marc and*
  174. Peter Waher I'm located in Sweden. I was thinking about perhaps going to the summit if time allows.
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  176. Peter Waher It would be a great way to share ideas and find peers interested in similar topics
  177. dwd imaginator, Hi Simon.
  178. Marc >Peter Waher: It would be a great way to share ideas and find peers interested in similar topics indeed
  179. imaginator Hi Dave. Simon here.
  180. dwd Peter Waher, imaginator is Simon Tennant, the founder of buddycloud.
  181. Peter Waher Hello Simon
  182. kevin Hi Simon!
  183. Peter Waher Just got introduced to buddycloud
  184. imaginator so one of the buddycloud projects (sponsored by Google) is the taste engine that looks through channels / pubsub nodes and finds similar followers.
  185. imaginator https://github.com/buddycloud/channel-directory
  186. imaginator Hi Peter and Kev.
  187. dwd imaginator, I was also going to bug you about looking at XEP-0309 in relation to buddycloud channels.
  188. Marc Hi Simon :)
  189. imaginator I've not seen that before. How does 309 deal with getting a wider view rather than just a per-server?
  190. imaginator to me this is the real value of Abmar's code. Since jid's are universal - it can get better ideas of taste from looking across multiple open nodes on multiple servers.
  191. dwd imaginator, XEP-0309 is newly minted today. But it acts as a central registry service for other services to register themselves with.
  192. dwd imaginator, I think it's primarily aimed at replacing the existing server list on xmpp.org, but it could be extended easily, I think, to act as a directory of channels ervers, or channels.
  193. dwd imaginator, But anyway - reason I poked you was because Peter Waher was talking about wanting to work on distributed social networking. I think you may know a thing or two about it...
  194. Peter Waher Tried to add you as a contact so we could chat later, but it seems I can't get user info about your user. What's you JID?
  195. Marc Hi all, i have a qestion?
  196. imaginator Regarding the standardisation bits of bc. AT the moment it's been all kept on https://buddycloud.org/wiki/XMPP_XEP but I'd like to start XEP-ing and looking for improvements as more people and servers start to be run.
  197. Marc what is better to run a jabber/xmpp server? ejabberd or openfire
  198. stpeter Marc: that depends on your requirements :)
  199. imaginator Peter - simon@buddycloud.com - always happy to chat.
  200. Marc well i want to use msn and so on,
  201. imaginator will also be at FOSDEM
  202. Marc and it cannot take to much of my pc memory, as i am running a crappy pc for a server atm
  203. dwd Marc, There's lots of other servers aside from ejabberd and Openfire, too.
  204. Marc >dwd: Marc, There's lots of other servers aside from ejabberd and Openfire, too. okay can you tell me some please
  205. dwd http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/
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  210. Marc welcome bacK Alex
  211. Marc and another question, i have spectrum, but i do not know how to add it to ejabbed :(
  212. stpeter ok, I'm going to head home soon because I'm not feeling all that well, I'll be back a bit later
  213. stpeter imaginator: do we need to follow up with the FSW folks about their schedule in Brussels
  214. Marc >stpeter: ok, I'm going to head home soon because I'm not feeling all that well, I'll be back a bit later okay cya, and get well soon
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  216. stpeter imaginator: e.g., time on Friday, some talks on Saturday in the xmpp devroom?
  217. kevin stpeter: bye have a nice day!
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  219. stpeter imaginator: will ping you via some other technology, I need to log off now
  220. stpeter disappears in a puff of smoke
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  222. Kev imaginator: Hi.
  223. Kev Sorry, was AFK, rather than ignoring.
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  229. Peter Waher Thanks for today. Talk to you later.
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  231. Marc wb Kev
  232. MattJ http://logs.xmpp.org/
  233. MattJ and there was much rejoicing
  234. Kev Thansk.
  235. MattJ Thants
  236. Zash rejoices
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  239. Kev "Lord Zash has tasked me with sorting through you refuse to find one worthy of being her apprentice, and I intend to do just that."
  240. Kev Something you're not telling us?
  241. Zash Ehrm.
  242. Zash What?
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  244. Kev Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  245. Kev Lord Zash seems to be a female Sith lord.
  246. Kev Congratulations.
  247. Zash Nice.
  248. dwd Zash, I'd just like you to know that I'm not even smiling. Not even a tiny bit.
  249. Kev That's Lord Zash to you, slave...
  250. Kev Ahem.
  251. Kev I'm finding this very convincing.
  252. Zash ( Actually probable origin of my nick: http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Zasz )
  253. Zash There's also a "Major League Lacrosse" player named Zash :/
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  256. dwd ralphm, About?
  257. dwd ralphm, We seem to have a stand in AW - is this as well as the Realtime Lounge™?
  258. dwd ralphm, Because I'm not sure we really want both. Although it'd be great for doing Jingle calls between them, I suppose.
  259. MattJ :)
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  262. ralphm dwd: well, they assigned that space in AW as a regular stand, but if we just present a nice place, we will /instead/ get the spot in K
  263. ralphm dwd: I haven't followed the stuff much this week. I'll try to look into what we have tomorrow
  264. dwd Ah, OK.
  265. ralphm Let's then see what we have, and come up with some prose
  266. ralphm dwd: do you have some preferred time slot for that?
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