XSF Discussion - 2012-01-11

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  9. Marc hi i need help
  10. Marc :'(
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  30. goffi g'day
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  32. Neustradamus goffi would like to know if you have news about this request ? http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos and on ML.
  33. goffi Neustradamus: I have just posted an email about this
  34. goffi on summit@
  35. ralphm unless we suddenly have too many applications, in general you're in
  36. ralphm dwd and I will look into what we have, later today
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  42. Florian Board meeting in 15mins
  43. stpeter yepper
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  45. stpeter dented and tweeted
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  48. dwd Florian, You here (again) now?
  49. dwd (He said he'd lost his Virgin connection. I did *not* many any witty response whatsoever.)
  50. stpeter Florian is on a mobile device but might not be able to join this room using it
  51. dwd Well, I guess it's time.
  52. dwd I'm not going to look at quorum as such unless something actually comes up that we need to vote on, but it's awkward that Florian's not here, because I was going to ask him to summarize a few things.
  53. stpeter hmph
  54. stpeter http://speeqe.com/room/xsf@muc.xmpp.org/ doesn't work
  55. stpeter I wonder if that's because speeqe can't handle non-standard s2s ports
  56. stpeter we could paste MUC messages into a one-to-one chat -- I had to do that recently with Chris
  57. dwd Could be.
  58. dwd I can't actually figure out which resource he's on, otherwise I'd do so.
  59. stpeter I'm chatting with him in another window
  60. Kev He can use the web logs, too.
  61. Kev Now that Matt fixed them.
  62. dwd OK.
  63. dwd So I think these are up to date: http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-11/
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  65. stpeter hi Chris
  66. dwd http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012
  67. cchris434 sorry about that
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  69. dwd cchris434, That's fine, I'm not treating this as a proper meeting anyway, as such.
  70. cchris434 ok
  71. stpeter pings Ashley
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  73. Ashley Roach sorry
  74. dwd makes edit to FOSDEM_2012, noting that SImon has two talks instead of just the one he should have.
  75. dwd OK, so we have 8 talks, and 8 hours to do them in.
  76. stpeter dwd: Simon just pinged the W3C Federated Social Web discussion list
  77. dwd I kept the "Ask The Experts" sessions out of it, and equally, the first talk there is going to be a short one welcoming people to the room, while Remko, Peter, and Kev setup for the talk I've put them in for.
  78. stpeter I think some of those folks will be interested in giving talks -- we can have a block of time for FSW topics
  79. dwd stpeter, Right, but my point is we're not actually looking too bad for talks, depending on the length.
  80. Kev I'm happy to give an additional talk if anyone can think of anything I know something about that's interesting. I'm not sure there is much.
  81. dwd Kev, Names of characters on Star Wars MMORPGs?
  82. Kev I've yet to meet Lord Zash, but I'm sure she's a lovely person.
  83. stpeter BTW I am keeping Florian informed about the messages here (note to self: write bot that relays a MUC room over one-to-one chat)
  84. stpeter Florian says: [09:42:23] <Florian> We need 8 more talks [09:42:32] <Florian> The Jitsi guys might hold one or two
  85. dwd Meanwhile, we apparently have 12 people for the dinner, which is very low.
  86. stpeter [09:43:18] <Florian> About Jingle or other stuff
  87. dwd That's usually a good indicator of attendance, so I'm a little concerned.
  88. dwd stpeter, It depends on the talks' length. If we're assuming that each talk is a half-hour slot, then yes, there's 16 talks we need. I suspect, though, that different talks are different lengths, and we'll need to get a handle on that.
  89. Kev I've just not filled out the form yet.
  90. Kev dwd: I think we should think very carefully before assigning more than 30mins to any talk other than 101.
  91. stpeter Kev: agreed
  92. stpeter short talks are more engaging
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  94. stpeter [09:45:44] <Florian> Re dinner people: this is after 2 days of menu submissions [09:45:59] <Florian> So it's not that bad
  95. dwd There's usually one or two talks that are worth extending. Simon Tennant was going to talk about XMPP/Web, as with his recent post - I've a feeling that could easily cause a floor debate.
  96. stpeter floor debate would be excellent
  97. dwd Right. I think we should assume this will happen, and plan for it, in this case.
  98. stpeter [09:47:09] <Florian> Hotel booking link will be live tomorrow. Talked to them this afternoon
  99. Kev Simon's talk may be a good one to seriously consider.
  100. Kev But that's still only two at more than 30mins.
  101. dwd Florian, ANd yes, I know it's only two days, but still, I was hoping to see a little more enthusiasm.
  102. stpeter [09:48:08] <Florian> Yeah, floor debates would be cool
  103. Kev I shudder even thinking about an hour-long talk on "Hey, I wrote an XMPP client" like we've had in previous years.
  104. stpeter :)
  105. stpeter dwd: we just keep poking people, and probably need to establish deadlines of sorts for talks, dinner, etc.
  106. dwd thinks that SImon's talk and Dodo's talk have been swapped, possibly. Will check.
  107. dwd stpeter, Yes, true. That said, an alarming number of people I've personally poked have said they're not coming, or are unlikely to come at this stage.
  108. Kev To the summit or the meal?
  109. dwd Kev, To the whole thing.
  110. stpeter well, FOSDEM is always a bit difficult because it happens so soon after the winter holidays -- it's difficult to get prepared so quickly after that, and before that people are focused on other things
  111. Kev That's a shame.
  112. dwd Right. But still, we can deal with most of this.
  113. dwd What we are very short on, currently, is demos.
  114. stpeter [09:52:26] <Florian> Same issue here as dwd. A lot of no's or not sure
  115. dwd SO far, from memory, buddycloud, openov.nl, and Salut à toi are doing demos. I'm still trying to get something interesting together.
  116. dwd Anyone know of any more?
  117. dwd Oh, there's some possibility of doing Jingle calls between us an the Jitsi people, I think.
  118. Astro just a little side question: will there be video recordings of the buddycloud talk?
  119. dwd Astro, Not unless somebody videos them.
  120. stpeter right
  121. stpeter FOSDEM doesn't provide such services :)
  122. Astro ok, thanks
  123. Kev dwd: I *suppose* we could do some sort of "lots of platforms talking together" (with phones, tablets, whathaveyous all joined into a MUC), but it's clutching at straws.
  124. stpeter dwd: I pinged some smartgrid folks about an XMPP demo
  125. dwd Kev, I suppose it's a nice demo of the myriad of platforms XMPP runs on, yes.
  126. dwd Florian says: [16:56:36] Florian Jensen: Yes, jitsi [16:56:58] Florian Jensen: They're up for talks and demod
  127. stpeter I suppose we could have demos of things we know use XMPP even if the developers aren't there -- drop.io and such
  128. stpeter Google Hangouts :)
  129. stpeter and all that
  130. stpeter [09:58:55] <Florian> Jitsi: would be cool to have a video call going from the RTL to the Jitsi stand
  131. dwd We also need to figure out what to populate the stand with - by which I mean, projectors, beanbags, or whatever the heck else we fancy.
  132. dwd Florian, Yes, I agree. I think it's a neat demonstration of the reality of XMPP as a Skype competitor.
  133. Kev +
  134. Kev +1
  135. dwd stpeter, I was meaning to ask - can Cisco lend us projectors and things, for FOSDEM?
  136. stpeter dwd: no idea, but I can find out
  137. dwd stpeter, Otherwise we can probably hire them easily enough, but I thought Cisco might have that kind of kit around.
  138. stpeter dwd: I'll be at the Cisco office in Diegem on Thursday afternoon (I have an IESG telechat starting at 16:30 local time, I believe), so I can pick up equipment if needed and possible
  139. stpeter [10:01:32] <Florian> So i think demoes is not really a problem
  140. stpeter [10:01:52] <Florian> It's more the beanbags
  141. stpeter I don't think the Cisco offices have beanbags on offer ;-)
  142. stpeter [10:02:28] <Florian> Yes, Cisco projectors would be a great help
  143. stpeter I'll see what I can do for projectors
  144. stpeter this is for the RTL lounge?
  145. dwd Yes.
  146. stpeter would we also need a screen>
  147. dwd And yes, I'm not aware of Cisco beanbags.
  148. stpeter i.e., on what will we project?
  149. dwd Screens would be useful. If needs be we can project onto walls - I'd prefer that if we can.
  150. stpeter ok
  151. stpeter well, we could borrow this stuff on Friday and return it Monday, so I wouldn't need to shlepp it all on Thursday
  152. stpeter I'll follow up with the Cisco folks in Diegem about it
  153. dwd Thanks.
  154. dwd ANd if they happen to have Cisco iBeanbags, that'd be great too.
  155. stpeter hehe
  156. stpeter I've never seen a beanbag in a Cisco office -- it's not some hip startup ;-)
  157. dwd We should probably look about and see if such things could be hired.
  158. dwd Unless there are any hip startups attending who could lend us their beanbags.
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  160. stpeter [10:08:16] <Florian> I might try BetaCowork [10:08:49] <Florian> They're an incubator
  161. stpeter [10:09:03] <Florian> They have such things
  162. dwd OK. And I guess there must be places in Brussels that deal with trade shows wanting odd things, etc.
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  164. Florian hi
  165. Florian so ... Virgin Media is back for a bit
  166. dwd Florian, It lives!
  167. stpeter heh nice
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  170. Florian so yeah, BetaCoWork ... don't know anyone there really
  171. Florian but I know 2 members
  172. stpeter can stop his personal relay service
  173. Florian and we might be able to get help from them with beanbags
  174. Florian stpeter: thanks for that :)
  175. stpeter loads http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/riddim/ for later investigation of bot experimentation
  176. Florian I think the urgent thing now is ...
  177. Florian get a list of talks compiled
  178. Florian and put up on the xmpp.org page
  179. Florian so that we can also submit them to FOSDEM
  180. stpeter yes
  181. stpeter yes
  182. stpeter yes
  183. Florian I think the deadline for talks is the 15th
  184. stpeter ok
  185. Florian and we need to tell them that we only want the RTL, not RTL + Stand
  186. stpeter so we need to put out a clear call for talks with deadline
  187. Florian yes
  188. stpeter I can do that on jdev/standards/summit
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  190. Florian great
  191. dwd Florian, There was some discussion with Ralph about that last night.
  192. Florian ah
  193. dwd stpeter, Please.
  194. dwd Florian, We seem to have both, but they'll cancel the stand if the RTL comes together, or something.
  195. Florian ah right, that sounds good
  196. Florian well, let's focus on the RTL
  197. Florian worst case, we take the work from the RTL to the stand
  198. dwd Florian, I wasn't clear on the details, Ralph was going to ask them in detail later today.
  199. Florian ah, great
  200. Florian well, as long as they were made aware of the situation
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  202. Florian anything else?
  203. dwd No, I don't think so.
  204. dwd Is there anything else from anyone else?
  205. Ashley Roach Not from me
  206. stpeter I just pinged the FSW list again
  207. dwd We'll call it a meeting, then.
  208. stpeter that is public-xg-federatedsocialweb@w3.org
  209. Ashley Roach seconded
  210. Florian great
  211. stpeter it's a public list in case you'd like to join
  212. Florian thanks all!
  213. Florian oh ... one last thing ...
  214. dwd Florian, Yes, Columbo?
  215. Florian if you know anyone else who has some money lying around ... dinner sponsorship is always appreciated
  216. Florian I'm thinking 50 Cent: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2085191/50-Cent-Floyd-Mayweather-photos-Rapper-shows-loose-change.html
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  218. dwd Florian, Wow. Subtle guy.
  219. stpeter I sent an email about devroom talks
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  221. stpeter I'm going to open posting to summit@xmpp.org for a few days so that non-members can post
  222. dwd OK, sounds like a good idea.
  223. stpeter i.e., moderator can approve
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  225. stpeter shall we have another chat next week to maintain momentum?
  226. stpeter I can add it to the calendar
  227. dwd Please.
  228. stpeter that will immediately follow the next XMPP Council meeting
  229. dwd Oh, on the "ask the experts" thing we usually do - I was wondering if we have shorter, more focussed versions in between the talks, to allow for speaker transition (given that the ask the experts sessions have no slides or laptops).
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  231. stpeter yeah
  232. stpeter that might work
  233. dwd So we'd have talk, followed by ask the experts on security, followed by talk, followed by a-t-e on pubsub, or something.
  234. dwd PubSubHubbub! I'm not sure we allow *that* sort of thing...
  235. stpeter heehee
  236. Zash Not sure if want.
  237. stpeter I think it could be a useful discussion -- compare and contrast
  238. stpeter and it might lead to some lively interactions :)
  239. Zash über basics of pubsub + dialback :P
  240. Kev We could have some SIMPLE folks come in and present...
  241. stpeter Kev: now that's beyond the pale!
  242. dwd Kev, I'll ask Florian about obtaining rotten tomatos.
  243. Kev Or Y! Messenger, perhaps.
  244. Kev A certain presentation from a few years ago is brought to mind, where the presenter took it as an opportunity to bash the XSF and explain that he was smarter than everyone there.
  245. Kev ...and then I realise Peter might have been the only other one (here) there.
  246. dwd Yeah, I'm just a noob.
  247. stpeter I don't recall that presenter
  248. Kev No Doubt - Just a noob.
  249. Kev stpeter: Virtual avatars.
  250. stpeter ah yes
  251. stpeter although I don't remember much bashing -- perhaps I'm thick-skinned or I just have a bad memory
  252. Kev Maybe I misremember. I was young(er) and foolish(er) back then :)
  253. stpeter :)
  254. Florian well, if we can get someone from Yahoo or Microsoft there
  255. Florian it would be great to have a panel :)
  256. dwd MSFT arem after all, users of XMPP now.
  257. Florian hehe
  258. dwd I actually dropped Bernard Aboba a mail suggesting they came.
  259. stpeter brb
  260. dwd Haven't heard anything, yet.
  261. Zash Hm, what about Facebook?
  262. dwd I have no contacts there.
  263. Florian yeah, if any of the big guys could send someone
  264. Florian they can bring dinner sponsorship :)
  265. dwd I did think about trying to contact the Valve/Steam guys.
  266. dwd I've no contacts there, either, but they're one of the last big IM systems without XMPP access, I think.
  267. dwd I mean, relevant ones. :-)
  268. Kev I saw a review of Evolve on RPS today, and noticed one of the commenters posting "They'd better be using XMPP" or such.
  269. dwd Nice.
  270. Neustradamus I can see for facebook, I can join XMPP developer guys of Facebook.
  271. Neustradamus you have a message ?
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  273. Neustradamus stpeter: can you send me the xmpp.org theme ?
  274. stpeter it's the Carrington Theme
  275. stpeter you want the specific PHP files currently on the file system?
  276. Neustradamus yes with modifications
  277. Neustradamus I would like the theme folder.
  278. stpeter wonders if we should try Carrington Mobile
  279. stpeter Neustradamus: tarfile OK?
  280. Neustradamus yes
  281. stpeter sent
  282. stpeter brb
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  285. Kevin Is possible to install windows 3.1 or 6.3 on Nokia mobiles.Symbian Os?
  286. Zash Hm?
  287. Kevin mmhmm
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  289. Neustradamus stpeter: thx
  290. stpeter Neustradamus: sure thing, sorry about the delay
  291. Neustradamus stpeter: no problem !
  292. Neustradamus about redirections, have you seen ?
  293. dwd has done his XSF [re]application.
  294. dwd http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Dave_Cridland_Application_2012
  295. dwd is quite proud.
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  297. stpeter Neustradamus: the www stuff?
  298. Neustradamus yes
  299. Zash dwd :D
  300. Neustradamus dwd: beautiful !
  301. stpeter Neustradamus: I just fixed a few instances of that in redirects.conf
  302. stpeter Neustradamus: maybe that solves the problem
  303. Kev We really need to sort out our redirects at some point to be less broken.
  304. stpeter Kev: indeed
  305. Kev I still haven't worked out how Cacti got broken without the redirects being changed.
  306. Neustradamus you must patch it all proposals ? http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/
  307. Neustradamus stpeter: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/bind.html
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  309. Neustradamus same for XEP date : "© 1999 - 2011 XMPP Standards Foundation. SEE LEGAL NOTICES." +1 year
  310. stpeter Neustradamus: I changed the copyright date in the templates, but I haven't regenerated all the files because some of them are "interim" versions...
  311. Neustradamus ok
  312. stpeter but yeah I see that the old redirects to jabber.org are broken -- something else to fix :)
  313. stpeter time for lunch, bbiab
  314. Neustradamus http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XSF_website_gap_analysis_notes ;)
  315. Neustradamus http://tracker.xmpp.org/ problem !
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