XSF Discussion - 2012-01-13

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  11. ralphm

    dwd: around?

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  15. dwd

    ralphm, Sorry, yes, but managed to miss that one somehow.

  16. ralphm


  17. ralphm

    we should probably start making a list of all proposed presentations and demos

  18. dwd

    ralphm, Yes, we've suddenly got rather a lot more demos than we did.

  19. dwd

    Oh, and I meant to reply to Peter Waher - I'm a little worried about a presentation about the company, rather than the tech, at FOSDEM.

  20. dwd

    Can somebody check the following doesn't sound too aggresive or anything?

  21. dwd

    On Fri Jan 13 10:44:00 2012, Peter Waher wrote: > If there's a slot available, we'd like to hold a presentation of ourselves and the work we do together with companies like Cisco Germany in the field of sensor networking and IoT (Internet of Things), as well as a presentation of what we have done and our aims/goals in the field of XMPP, as related to: Before I begin, I may have completely misunderstood, and if your output is all open-source then most of this won't apply to you. My only concern with demos is that we are at FOSDEM, and as such the demos need to concentrate on the technical use of XMPP rather than the companies using it, and really involve open-source as much as possible. I'm pretty sure that the FOSDEM organizers understand that XMPP is not exclusively open-source, but we need to ensure that the balance is very much skewed that way, and we need to ensure that we're being very technically focussed. I do sympathize - I'd really love to discuss all the funky stuff that Isode is doing in the XMPP space - at least, the things I can talk about - but the nature of FOSDEM is hugely limiting for projects and companies that are not (very) open-source - this is no fault of FOSDEM, it's simply that FOSDEM is for Free/Open-Source software, and we need to respect that and keep aligned with it as much as is feasable. So I (in my Isode guise), like you, will be looking to figure out a demo which downplays the closed-source bits, and concentrates on the open-standards and/or open-source parts of what we do. (My talk has nothing at all to do with Isode, in fact). Given that the Interop day (on Friday) seems to be going slow, we could have some less constrained talks about what attendees are doing, if there's interest (in listening as well as talking, of course). Dave.

  22. dwd

    (Sorry for the wall'o'text)

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  24. dwd


  25. Zash

    Done reading. Sounds ok I think.

  26. dwd

    OK, thanks.

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  32. Neustradamus

    have you read japanese messages ?

  33. stpeter

    yes, I saw them but haven't read them yet

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  38. ralphm

    stpeter: thanks for working on those lists

  39. ralphm

    stpeter: it would be great to have an overview of what we have for the lounge

  40. ralphm

    stpeter: We should also figure out how to get needed hardware for the loungy concept itself

  41. ralphm

    Do you think we should maybe paste my e-mail into the wiki page?

  42. stpeter

    ralphm: sure thing

  43. stpeter

    I will try to get some projectors and screens from the Cisco offices in Diegem

  44. stpeter

    we had some discussion about this stuff during the Board meeting on Wednesday, and we plan to hold another meeting next Wednesday, see http://xmpp.org/calendar/ for the .ics file :)

  45. stpeter

    I need to log off here for a bit, but I'll be back later

  46. ralphm

    Oh, I missed that

  47. ralphm

    I'd like to send an update to the fosdem team

  48. ralphm

    so they have a more solid idea

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  50. stpeter

    Florian is following up with some incubator project in Brussels about comfy chairs

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  52. stpeter

    but pasting your email into the wiki is a good start

  53. ralphm

    Ah. I'm finding notes

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  56. ralphm

    Also I just joined the pubsubhubbub w3c group. Evan Prodromou and Julien Genestoux want to organize a meeting of some sort in Brussels. Maybe that's interesting.

  57. Kev

    It is if they drop that silly HTTP stuff and use XMPP :)

  58. ralphm

    Kev: hah

  59. ralphm

    Kev: become a member, too

  60. Zash

    Kev +1

  61. ralphm

    Kev: seriously though, I believe both have a place. For one thing, hybrid solutions are surely a way forward.

  62. Kev

    Nope, XMPP is the One True Protocol.

  63. Kev

    Email over XMPP.

  64. Kev

    HTML over XMPP.

  65. Kev

    DNS over XMPP.

  66. ralphm

    if you strip out half of the current pubsubhubbub concept and replace the 'publish' part with XMPP, that's a big win.

  67. Zash

    IP over XMPP

  68. Kev

    And there's absolutely no chance I'm being flippant.

  69. Kev

    Zash: Absolutely.

  70. Zash

    ... wait, we have that already

  71. Zash pokes mod_tcp

  72. Zash

    Ethernet over Link-Local XMPP!

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  74. stpeter

    gotta run, bbl

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  77. ralphm needs sleep

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