XSF Discussion - 2012-01-16

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  24. dwd

    Got a formal quote for the t-shirts, BTW. But no delivery charge included.

  25. dwd

    Also, the hooded T's have been discontinued. :-(

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  30. goffi

    have you seen my post on summit@ ? Actualy my talk would not be a general python speaking talk, but more a presentation of the project and its usages. I think the closest topic for it would be "XMPP based social networking"

  31. dwd

    goffi, Just edit the title on the Wiki, please.

  32. dwd

    goffi, Oh, you want ti moved. I was going to move the talks about later, actually.

  33. goffi

    oki, I'll post an email tonight with the informations asked (full name, summary, etc)

  34. goffi

    but yeah, the topic of my talk is not about general programming with XMPP and python, so the current topic is not right

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