XSF Discussion - 2012-01-18

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  15. goffi


  16. Kev


  17. kevin

    Good Morning

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  35. Kev


  36. stpeter

    (sorry, on the IETF Tools Team call so a bit distracted)

  37. Ashley Roach

    no worries, i miraculously paid attention to my calendar, and so i was able to attend in time :)

  38. stpeter

    not sure if our Chair is available

  39. Neustradamus

    Hi all, I have a new remark :D It is possible to change: "This is JUser -- a mailing list for end users of Jabber clients." => "This is JUser -- a mailing list for end users of Jabber/XMPP clients."

  40. stpeter

    Neustradamus: fixed

  41. Neustradamus

    stpeter: thanks :)

  42. Kev

    I think Dave isn't going to be available, judging by his comments in other MUCs.

  43. stpeter

    well, I'm still on the phone, but here's where I think we are on FOSDEM/Summit

  44. stpeter

    we need to finalize the speaker list / schedule

  45. stpeter

    I might have time to work on that later today or tonight, but probably tomorrow

  46. stpeter

    we need to submit it to the FOSDEM folks by the 21st

  47. stpeter

    I now have credentials to use their tool to do this (previously only Ralph had credentials)

  48. dwd

    Back, sorry. Was expecting to have been back a little earlier.

  49. stpeter

    so that's the most pressing concern

  50. stpeter

    Florian is following up about real-time lounge furniture and such

  51. dwd

    We also have t-shirts to worry ourselves over.

  52. stpeter

    we need to organize the lounge a bit more seriously

  53. dwd

    Yes - we have a fair number of demos and people, but we're lacking in equipment, furnishings, etc.

  54. Neustradamus

    stpeter: in the same time: _______________________________________________ JAdmin mailing list FAQ: http://www.jabber.org/discussion-lists/jadmin-faq Forum: http://www.jabberforum.org/forumdisplay.php?f=19 Info: http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/jadmin Unsubscribe: JAdmin-unsubscribe@jabber.org _______________________________________________ => FAQ and Forum lines can be removed.

  55. stpeter

    I still need to follow up on some of the equipment

  56. stpeter

    Neustradamus: we're having a meeting right now, could you wait about posting further little nits?

  57. Neustradamus

    stpeter: yes ok!

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  59. stpeter

    Neustradamus: but I fixed that bug :)

  60. dwd

    I *think* our major problem is going to be furnishings rather than equipment. I've a feeling that we can find projectors and suchlike if not from Cisco, then from somewhere.

  61. dwd

    And worst case we can do without anything beyond a few laptops, as long as the place looks the part.

  62. Neustradamus

    stpeter: ok ah, I discover a lot of bugs :D

  63. stpeter

    I did reserve rooms at the Cisco office but I need to follow up with people in Diegem to find out exactly what they've assigned to us, plus I need to order lunch

  64. stpeter

    dwd: Florian was following up about furnishings but I've not heard more about that

  65. dwd

    On the t-shirts front, I think I can sort out t-shirts, the tricky bit is that our current pricing includes VAT - I believe we can avoid VAT (although as we're selling in the EU, it's not 100% clear), but it's not very clear how.

  66. stpeter

    dwd: I think Will might have insights, since he ordered the shirts last time (or the time before, I can't recall)

  67. dwd

    The hooded T's which I thought would be awesome have been discontinued, they've offered us a good rate on actual hoodies, but it's tighter than I hoped - especially if we can't get out of VAT.

  68. dwd

    stpeter, I think possibly both times.

  69. dwd

    stpeter, And yes, I shall seek advice, I sometimes talk to Will anyway.

  70. dwd

    stpeter, But I suspect that having the XSF issue a purchase order will, likely, come into it somewhere.

  71. dwd

    stpeter, Oh, and I think we may actually have too many talks, now.

  72. dwd

    Pulling some onto Friday could be a reasonable option.

  73. dwd

    (Depending on the audience).

  74. dwd

    I can also shorten mine, if it's put after the Bowser ID chap.

  75. Kev

    dwd: Was your intention with the Peter/Remko/Kev talk to be Q&Aish, or 101ish?

  76. Kev

    Or something else entirely?

  77. dwd

    I was anticipating a kind of mud wrestling thing.

  78. dwd

    No, really, I was hoping for a 101ish thing.

  79. dwd

    I was hoping to handle the Q&A "Ask The Experts" thing by having a question or two as speakers change over.

  80. dwd

    But my main concern with the talks currently is that we have a very tight schedule, now, and no slack whatsoever.

  81. stpeter

    (sorry, got interrupted)

  82. dwd

    Going by previous years, we will simply never get to FZ/JS's talk, for instance.

  83. stpeter

    dwd: yes, I think we might want to push some talks to Friday

  84. stpeter

    dwd: e.g., mine :)

  85. dwd

    I was going to suggest yours.

  86. Kev

    Talks to XMPP people, instead of talks selling XMPP, can probably be moved.

  87. stpeter

    so I will look at that after the IESG telechat tomorrow, or tonight if I can finish my telechat prep today

  88. stpeter

    Kev: exactly

  89. dwd

    My "Welcome" chat is basically fluff to cover your setup, BTW - "Look, MSFT and Skype do XMPP now! Join the XSF! There's the RTL!".

  90. stpeter


  91. stpeter

    so I think we'll be fine

  92. dwd

    So I'll do that over the top of people walking in, and once the room's settled hand to you guys.

  93. stpeter

    I notice that the FOSDEM folks say "you might want to schedule a break so people don't get too tired"

  94. stpeter


  95. Kev

    I hadn't seen that, but had thought that.

  96. dwd

    Yeah, we scheduled some web talks when everyone can leave. ;-)

  97. Kev

    An hour off for lunch would make things much better.

  98. dwd

    Also provides a slack point to get back onto schedule.

  99. stpeter

    dwd: yes

  100. Kev


  101. dwd

    Oh, reminds me - I had discussed with Florian about ensuring that a sandwich run happens for the guys at the stand. (ie, someone dashes down to the cafe and grabs enough sandwiches and drink for the helpers there).

  102. stpeter

    dwd: yes, that's important

  103. stpeter

    so when shall we schedule the break?

  104. Kev

    Do we have plans about manning the stand?

  105. stpeter

    Kev: in the works :)

  106. Kev

    Jolly good.

  107. stpeter

    I've been focusing on the devroom first

  108. stpeter

    I think it would be best to have people sign up for shirts at the lounge

  109. stpeter

    instead of hoping that folks show up

  110. stpeter


  111. dwd


  112. stpeter


  113. stpeter


  114. stpeter

    doing too many things at once here :)

  115. dwd

    I had to parse that twice before it made sense. :-)

  116. stpeter

    sorry :)

  117. dwd

    So - other than furniture - I think we're good.

  118. stpeter

    at least on track

  119. dwd


  120. stpeter

    I'll add an RTL sign-up area to the wiki page

  121. dwd

    I was being slightly more up-beat than that.

  122. dwd

    Oh, Dinner sponsorship - I do know we're on track there as well.

  123. Kev

    Yay :)

  124. dwd

    Last I heard, we were breaking even. But then again, not all the Isode folk have signed up yet...

  125. Kev

    I have!

  126. stpeter

    when do the stands open?

  127. dwd


  128. stpeter


  129. stpeter

    will find out

  130. stpeter

    might also be 11, but could be earlier

  131. dwd

    For the RTL, we need both reasonable coverage of demos through the day, and also general staffing, and "XMPP Expert" staffing, too.

  132. dwd

    The latter two can mix.

  133. stpeter

    http://fosdem.org/2012/schedule/days indicates the start time might be 09:00

  134. stpeter

    dwd: good point

  135. dwd

    OK. Anything else to go over?

  136. stpeter

    not today, I think

  137. dwd

    OK. I'll be about (in here) tomorrow to thrash out the talk schedule.

  138. dwd

    Thanks all, then.

  139. Ashley Roach


  140. stpeter

    dwd: thanks

  141. stpeter

    dwd: I have the IESG telechat in the morning tomorrow but after that I'll be free

  142. stpeter

    http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012#Help_at_the_Real_Time_Lounge updated with volunteering opportunities :)

  143. ralphm waves

  144. ralphm

    stpeter: did I mention I have credentials for filling in the schedule at the FOSDEM site?

  145. stpeter

    ralphm: no, but yaloki told me and I have credentials now, too

  146. ralphm

    stpeter: heh

  147. ralphm

    I haven't been keeping up with things

  148. ralphm

    the list of demos for the RTL seems a bit thin

  149. stpeter

    ralphm: I think we're doing well on the talks, just need a bit of culling and further organization

  150. stpeter

    ralphm: indeed

  151. stpeter

    ralphm: I'm about to post to summit@ about that

  152. ralphm

    What about how the RTL is dressed up?

  153. ralphm

    Any news on that?

  154. stpeter

    Florian was pursuing that, but I don't have news

  155. ralphm

    I'd be more than happy to be your alternate on sunday, btw

  156. stpeter

    ok :)

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