XSF Discussion - 2012-01-19

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  20. dwd .
  21. dwd For the black t-shirts, do we want "I think, therefore IM" again, or do we want something new?
  22. dwd "All talk, all action"? "Because we need to talk"? "Abusing XML since 1999"?
  23. Kev "I think, therefore IM" was a decent pun.
  24. dwd True enough. Just wondering whether we wanted something different.
  25. Kev If we have something better or equivalent, sure.
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  28. dwd Hoodies designs: http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/straight.png http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/curved.png http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/bordered.png
  29. dwd Any preferences?
  30. Kev Is orange on grey the scheme we're going for?
  31. Kev I'd probably go for bordered of those.
  32. dwd I'm not absolutely wed to orange on grey. But the dark grey is probably the safest colour (aside from black) and the orange looks pretty good against it. The other logo colours don't look as good, IMO.
  33. Kev It seems reasonable. Albeit surprising.
  34. dwd Surprising?
  35. Zash Is it print/vinyl/whatsitcalled
  36. Zash lots-o-stitches
  37. Kev dwd: I was surprised.
  38. Kev Zash: Embroidered is the word.
  39. dwd Print. Rather than, say, embroidered or anything.
  40. dwd Kev, These hoodies are in addition to the t-shirts.
  41. dwd Kev, And they're all going to end up on my credit card, BTW, so I *really* hope this works out. :-)
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  44. ralphm dwd: that looks awesome. Does the place where you are having this done have pictures of similar hoodies?
  45. dwd http://www.hoodyworld.co.uk/prod5.asp?ID=308&offset=&prod_id=137&grpid=137&#prod_anchor
  46. dwd (I'm pretty sure I'll use this place)
  47. ralphm I mean with embroidering
  48. Kev And why on earth aren't we choosing Fuchsia?
  49. ralphm Kev: heh
  50. Kev Oh, or Almond - that's similar to the very successful colour from the other year.
  51. dwd Kev, Similar - we couldn't repeat that colour as they're all out of "slightly sick-stained off-white"
  52. Kev I rather liked that particular shirt, I don't know why everyone else hated it.
  53. Kev It was nice to have something non-black for a change.
  54. dwd Kev, I do hope you like them because at the moment, you'll be carrying around 30 or so to Belgium.
  55. dwd Florian wanted better spacing: http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/finals/hoodie-fixed.jpg
  56. Kev Looks fine to me.
  57. dwd He's now complaining the rotation isn't quite right.
  58. Kev I thought that, but also decided it didn't matter.
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  60. ralphm hehe
  61. dwd Sod it, I'm happy with it.
  62. ralphm can I reserve an M?
  63. dwd €15?
  64. ralphm dwd: that works for me
  65. dwd M's are worth ordering, I'm only getting 10 or so.
  66. ralphm dwd: lot's of skinny dudes there
  67. ralphm lots too
  68. dwd But they'll buy L's. L people cannot buy M's.
  69. dwd And even I'm an L.
  70. ralphm I'm taller, but still prefer M
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  73. dwd stpeter, What's the formal address for the XSF? (I need the t-shirt place to invoice the XSF in the hope that we might be able to claim back the VAT some day).
  74. dwd Oh, and designs for t-shirts and hoodies on http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/finals/
  75. stpeter http://xmpp.org/participate/contact-us/
  76. dwd Brill, ta.
  77. stpeter is prepping for the IESG telechat in ~30 minutes and might not be very responsive for the next 3 hours
  78. Zash 3 hours...
  79. Zash woah
  80. stpeter yeah
  81. dwd Zash, Yeah, must be a short one.
  82. stpeter after this I'll have 4 more "formal" telechats, yay
  83. stpeter they're actually 2.5 hours
  84. stpeter but I'm prepping right now
  85. ralphm stpeter: on that contact page, it mentions 'XSF Council' with a non-working link
  86. stpeter ralphm: noted
  87. Zash http://xmpp.org/404-page-is-still-broken ;)
  88. ralphm oh and dwd: don't use the address from the RFCs, they have a typo in them :-D
  89. ralphm (which reportedly only a Dutch guy would spot)
  90. stpeter plus it's XMPP Council, not XSF Council
  91. ralphm right
  92. stpeter fixed that at least
  93. ralphm I'm still a bit amused about the 8 char local-part limit in cisco e-mail addresses
  94. stpeter yeah, I love that
  95. dwd gets ready to spend £1,680 on t-shirts and hoodies.
  96. Zash £
  97. Zash :D
  98. dwd Roughly €2,000.
  99. dwd I suspect we'll do well on the hoodies, if I can get the design right (I arsed up the EPS, it seems), and we should do OK on the t-shirts (given we sold out last time with this design).
  100. ralphm yay
  101. dwd When I say "we", I mean "me". :-)
  102. dwd But I imagine we'll sort it all out post-facto.
  103. ralphm if not, you get to keep the profits, right?
  104. Ashley Roach how many t-shirts is that? 100?
  105. Zash Where there leftovers from last year?
  106. dwd 200, and 100 hoodies.
  107. Zash The ones with <presence/> on them?
  108. dwd Zash, We had leftovers from the ones we failed to give away last year, which were leftovers from the previous year.
  109. Zash :D
  110. Ashley Roach that's a healthy amount of shirts!
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  112. dwd Ashley Roach, It is.
  113. dwd Ashley Roach, But we know that if t-shirts are sold at €5, they're in impulse-buy territory in FOSDEM. I *think* that we may be unique in hoodies, and those hoodies we can sell at €10 without a loss. In practise, we'll probably take a walk around and pick a low price, likely €10 and €15, which ought to cover losses but still sell the majority.
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  117. Kev Why do we sell t-shirts at FOSDEM? (Not rhetorical)
  118. stpeter because everyone else does?
  119. stpeter I don't feel a strong need to sell t-shirts at FOSDEM
  120. stpeter I don't feel a strong need to be at FOSDEM, either, though
  121. Kev Personally, or the XSF?
  122. stpeter the XSF
  123. stpeter I mean, it's nice to reach out to developers, but we've never measured the return on investment for FOSDEM in terms of developers on XMPP projects, new XMPP applications, etc.
  124. Kev Right. The summit is productive, for some measure of productivity.
  125. stpeter I think so
  126. Kev But FOSDEM itself doesn't seem so much.
  127. stpeter for some measure
  128. stpeter nods
  129. MiGri hi
  130. stpeter hi MiGri
  131. MiGri me just reads "hoodies"... may there a way to get one of these without participating FOSDEM?
  132. stpeter :)
  133. stpeter probably
  134. stpeter in the past we've only sold these at FOSDEM, OSCON, etc.
  135. MiGri I don't see at the moment that I can join one of these events
  136. stpeter yeah
  137. MiGri too much work, too much family (we got a second foster child last summer)
  138. MiGri ;)
  139. stpeter wow, yes you must be very busy!
  140. MiGri ;)
  141. dwd MiGri, The proplem with selling them to you would be shipping, actually.
  142. MiGri hmm... indeed
  143. dwd In fact, shipping generally is my major concern with them now.
  144. MiGri maybe another german member come to FOSDEM and can take me one here (or ship it in germany)
  145. dwd MiGri, Or I can send you the artwork and you could get one printed yourself. :-)
  146. dwd Actually, I wonder if we could do something with selling these on one of those websites that print to order.
  147. MiGri That is not really the same ;)
  148. MiGri What do they cost anyway?
  149. dwd Our cost? £7.
  150. dwd Which is an awesome price, I have to say.
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  152. Zash Sans VAT?
  153. MiGri hmm... I just need someone from germany, who is joining FOSDEM and take me one to germany...
  154. MiGri dwd: indeed. nice pice
  155. stpeter MiGri: you can ask on the summit@ list, but I know that at least Florian Zeitz and Jonathan Schleifer will travel from Germany to Brussels for FOSDEM
  156. MiGri ok
  157. MiGri ah. both from aachen. thas nearby, as I'm living in cologne
  158. dwd Zash, Yes, that's before VAT, true.
  159. dwd They're €10.08, with VAT and in Euros.
  160. Zash still pretty good
  161. dwd Right - we have a €5 markup, basically.
  162. stpeter nice, I just received a Greek spam message to mailto:draft-ietf-xmpp-3920bis@tools.ietf.org :)
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  167. stpeter well, actually it starts with "Φρέσκα φρέσκα νέα από το αγαπημένο σου φροντιστήριο….." = "Fresh Fresh News From Your Favorite School" :)
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  169. ralphm dwd: mine: I've known you website for ages, strictly speaking from year 2009. I found interesting your publication "Curriculum VitC&" which I googled on http://ralphm.net/cv ! I'd love to use it in a project I'm involved with called "Armenian FCW Science", so I'm seeking your permission for translation to Armenian language.
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  171. stpeter hrm, I will need to work on the devroom schedule tonight
  172. ralphm stpeter: note that the deadline is only for part of the information that can be entered into pentabarf, as they need the info to fill the booklet
  173. ralphm https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/devroom-managers/2012-January/000005.html
  174. stpeter ralphm: yes
  175. ralphm are you shuffling things around?
  176. stpeter probably :)
  177. stpeter I'll work up a revised schedule tonight and you guys in Europe can review it in the morning -- does that work?
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