XSF Discussion - 2012-01-20

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  14. goffi hi
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  18. dwd Message body is too big: 3996265 bytes with a limit of 40 KB
  19. dwd Slightly over, then.
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  26. Neustradamus stpeter: there is Cisco on http://www.worldipv6launch.org/ but xmpp.org and jabber.org will be? :-P
  27. stpeter working on it
  28. stpeter joins a conference call
  29. Neustradamus :)
  30. stpeter it's my only meeting for today, so after that I can get to work on the devroom schedule and other FOSDEM prep
  31. stpeter although I need to review https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-desruisseaux-caldav-sched/ for my AD responsibilities and it's 99 pages long :(
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  34. dwd stpeter, I've a message held in the members@ mod queue - too big, because I included the t-shirt images. I think it's worth letting through, though.
  35. stpeter ok
  36. stpeter heh
  37. stpeter "Message body is too big: 3996265 bytes with a limit of 40 KB"
  38. stpeter I'll increase the limit
  39. stpeter changed from 40K to 1000K :)
  40. ralphm stpeter: ouch
  41. ralphm (about the 99 pages)
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  43. stpeter ralphm: yeah, it's part of the job -- some weeks I have 500+ pages to review -- I think the record was 800
  44. dwd stpeter, Thanks.
  45. stpeter curses whoever nominated him for the IESG in the first place :P
  46. ralphm hah
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  48. stpeter catches up on Summit discussions
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  50. stpeter does anyone know who this "Dodo" person is?
  51. stpeter I'm thinking about moving the break from 15:30-16:00 to 14:30-15:00 -- I think that makes more sense
  52. ralphm ok
  53. stpeter consider it a good time for a late lunch :)
  54. ralphm stpeter: don't know who that is. Didn't you require people to identify themselves? I suppose otherwise you maybe should drop it
  55. stpeter ralphm: I didn't ask for complete information right from the start
  56. ralphm true
  57. stpeter my fault
  58. stpeter I don't think this "dodo" person ever posted to the list
  59. ralphm ah
  60. ralphm but contacted you personally?
  61. stpeter looks through the page history
  62. stpeter I think someone else added that talk on the wiki
  63. stpeter I think Florian added dodo on 10 January
  64. stpeter I'll ask Florian about it
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  68. stpeter heh, my own post to summit@xmpp.org was held for moderator approval because it might be administrivia :)
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  72. stpeter ralphm: have you used pentabarf?
  73. stpeter logs in
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  75. stpeter ah, it seems that some of our speakers are already in the database
  76. stpeter that's handy
  77. Neustradamus stpeter: I informed dodo on the buddycloud room.
  78. stpeter ok
  79. stpeter I didn't know there was a buddycloud room :)
  80. Neustradamus stpeter: xmpp:seehaus@channels.buddycloud.com?join
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  82. stpeter thanks
  83. stpeter brb
  84. ralphm stpeter: not recently
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  87. stpeter oh, and I get to correct the spelling of my last name in pentabarf ;-)
  88. ralphm heh
  89. dwd stpeter, "dodo" is a buddyclouder. But SImon apparently doesn't know his real name either...
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  92. Neustradamus dodo sent an email!
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  94. ralphm Hah. It takes a bit of getting used to stpeter sending mail from his iPhone
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  98. stpeter ralphm: yeah me too :)
  99. stpeter major interwebs outage here for a bit
  100. stpeter back to pentabarf
  101. ralphm :-)
  102. ralphm Love that name
  103. stpeter I get the sense that this Dodo person is a bit of a character :)
  104. ralphm stpeter: no way!
  105. ralphm stpeter: I also doubt that that is his actual full name.
  106. stpeter me too :)
  107. ralphm Didn't we have a guy like that a couple of years ago?
  108. stpeter yeah
  109. stpeter I forget his "name"
  110. stpeter in the earlier days there was "bac9"
  111. dwd I remember the guy. I, too, forget the name.
  112. dwd Began with an A. Swore he'd mail Alex a copy of his passport.
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  114. stpeter ok, all speakers added to pentabarf
  115. stpeter now to add the talks
  116. stpeter well, first I need to change the schedule a bit
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  119. stpeter reads https://penta.fosdem.org/howto/
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  122. stpeter ralphm: what room are we scheduled to use?
  123. stpeter http://fosdem.org/2012/schedule/devrooms says "unscheduled" (!)
  124. stpeter checks his email
  125. ralphm stpeter: that is odd
  126. ralphm but I thought H.2213
  127. stpeter I can join the irc channel to check with our FOSDEM friends
  128. ralphm stpeter: good luck. It is 23:53 here
  129. ralphm but you never know
  130. stpeter nod
  131. stpeter well the IRC channel is busy :)
  132. ralphm heh
  133. ralphm goes to sleep
  134. stpeter slaap lekker!
  135. ralphm dank je!
  136. stpeter ok, first two talks entered, time for a short break to feed the dog :)
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