XSF Discussion - 2012-01-27

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  7. MiGri dwd: ping
  8. MiGri dwd: You remeber that I was interested in a xsf hoodie but cannot join fosdem? My coadmin will come to fosdem. Is it possible that a hoodie will be reserved for me?
  9. dwd These things are popular... But yeah, I think we can reserve one.
  10. MiGri would be great. thank you very much.
  11. ralphm Didn't do that, got the hoodie?
  12. MiGri hmm?
  13. MiGri ralphm: I guess I didn't understand what you want to ask...
  14. Kev I guess it's a play on words on "Been there, got the t-shirt".
  15. ralphm What Kev said
  16. ralphm As in, not going to the amazing event but still wanting the swag
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