XSF Discussion - 2012-02-01

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  7. ralphm

    hey florian, tofu and I are already in the Aloft

  8. ralphm

    they have this lounge/game room

  9. Florian

    right ...

  10. ralphm

    with a whole bunch of bean bags

  11. ralphm

    and cute sofas

  12. Florian

    interesting ...

  13. Florian

    so do you think we might be able to borrow them?

  14. ralphm

    I really don't know

  15. ralphm

    maybe with your negotiations skills

  16. Florian

    hmm, let me check who the manager of ALoft is

  17. Florian

    Ewout Lionarons is the manager

  18. Florian

    any chance you guys could ask at the reception?

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