XSF Discussion - 2012-02-29

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  21. bear

    we have a board meeting in an hour?

  22. stpeter

    typically it would start 30 minutes from now

  23. ralphm

    almost done with council meeting

  24. bear

    I just saw the calendar reminder and was trying to plan my lunch schedule

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  28. bear has to run

  29. bear

    i'll read any scrollback

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  34. bear

    am I missing some conversation about Google Summer of Code?

  35. bear

    was a board meeting missed? or not scheduled?

  36. ralphm summons dwd

  37. stpeter

    I don't think it was scheduled

  38. stpeter

    or at least people didn't think it was scheduled

  39. stpeter

    so let's plan for next week

  40. bear

    just wondering - I posted about doing the initial org application for gsoc and haven't gotten a response

  41. bear

    except via private email from kev asking for a "copy" of last years

  42. Kev

    It's in-hand.

  43. bear

    what is?

  44. Kev

    The initial org application.

  45. Kev

    I was starting sorting it out earlier, which is why I mailed you.

  46. Kev

    It's likely I'll have time to do a decent chunk of GSoC stuff over the next couple of days.

  47. Kev

    And Florian's said he'll be helping.

  48. bear

    as I mentioned in the post to the board list - the pure paper work part of gsoc I have time for and have done it in the past

  49. Kev

    I don't have any sight of the Board list, naturally.

  50. stpeter

    heh :P

  51. stpeter


  52. bear just goes back to work

  53. bear

    it wasn't the board list, my mistake, it was the xsf members list

  54. bear

    so I was looking for some sort of response or board discussion

  55. bear

    but it looks like all of that is happening in side channels

  56. Kev

    Ah, that post.

  57. Kev

    Wasn't that the one where you said "I have no time to be an admin" and "I'm happy to be an admin" in the same post? :p

  58. bear

    not at all

  59. bear

    I have time for the paperwork side of gsoc org admin

  60. bear

    but I will have the same problem I had towards the end of last season this season with mozilla work

  61. Kev


  62. Kev

    I'll see what I can start rolling when I get back tonight, but it'll probably be tomorrow, and I'll poke people as and when - we've got Florian, Bear, Peter and Alex all offering to help this year, so for a change we shouldn't be undermanned.

  63. Kev

    But for now, running very late, BBL.