XSF Discussion - 2012-03-07

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  17. Dave Cridland Afternoon, all.
  18. Dave Cridland I take it it's just me and Mike so far?
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  20. Dave Cridland Afternoon Chris.
  21. cchris434 good afternoon!
  22. Kev Dave Cridland: And me. I'm just not sure that counts for anything useful.
  23. stpeter I don't see Ashley online
  24. Kev Dave: I'd like to throw Athena briefly onto the agenda.
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  26. Florian yhello @ all
  27. Dave Cridland Righty. With three people actively here, I'll declare ourselves quorate.
  28. Florian :)
  29. Dave Cridland So I *think* the agenda stood at GSoC, but Kev is asking to add Athena - anything else?
  30. Florian not from my end
  31. Dave Cridland Oh. I wouldn't mind raising the membership elections. As in, having some.
  32. Dave Cridland But we'll start with GSoC.
  33. Dave Cridland Kev, What's the status with GSoC?
  34. stpeter loads http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2012 in his browser for review after this meeting
  35. Kev Dave Cridland: We have an application submitted, we can change it until this Friday. I've sent a copy for review to those people who mailed to say they wanted to help this year.
  36. Kev I think that list stands at Me, Peter, Florian, Bear, Alex.
  37. Dave Cridland Kev, Any responses/feedback?
  38. Florian yup. It was fine. nothing to add
  39. Kev A couple of 'it's fine' noises.
  40. Kev I've not heard from everyone yet, though.
  41. Kev So, the application needs to link to an ideas page.
  42. bear it looked ok to me - the app info can be adjusted at any time
  43. Kev bear: Until Friday.
  44. Kev Our ideas page is at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2012
  45. Dave Cridland Without spinning up a browser, is there anything but Swift on there?
  46. Kev I've been mercilessly chasing people to populate it, and that's starting to show some results. If anyone else has contact with appropriate people, please do chase them.
  47. Kev Swift, Spectrum, Prosody, BC.
  48. Dave Cridland OK, cool.
  49. Kev The ideas page is a bit odd - we're not accepted, so clearly we don't need ideas yet.
  50. Kev But the application includes the ideas page, and without a solid ideas page, we won't get in.
  51. stpeter right
  52. Dave Cridland OK.
  53. Kev I chatted briefly to Carol about this, she pretty much confirmed that without a good ideas page, we're not getting in this year.
  54. Dave Cridland Bureaucracy 2.0?
  55. Kev No, I don't think so, I think this is right.
  56. stpeter agreed
  57. Kev Carol (and others) have to judge the org. apps. somehow, and ideas pages are important.
  58. Kev It just means we need to get ours populated competently.
  59. Dave Cridland OK. So is ours OK, or should we be panicking?
  60. Kev I think ours is getting there. I'd like to see a little more on it - ideall something from Gajim, as they've frequently contributed in the past.
  61. stpeter no need for panic, I think, but a bit more attention would be good perhaps
  62. stpeter nod
  63. stpeter cedes to Kev
  64. Dave Cridland OK. So actions here are to push on a few more projects, particularly Gajim.
  65. Kev So if people can please chase anyone they have contacts with (and would be appropriate), I'd appreciate that.
  66. Dave Cridland So .. Athena?
  67. Dave Cridland And yes, this is for Kev to report on as well.
  68. Kev Some I've not heard back from (Psi, Tigase), others have promised to get something done, and Gajim I've not seen anyone online to poke.
  69. stpeter Kev: will do
  70. Kev Ta.
  71. Florian I'll poke Tigase
  72. stpeter thanks, Florian!
  73. Florian ok, so Athena?
  74. Kev Dave Cridland: I've not seen any disagreement from iteam on a plan of "replace Athena with a new box, and then mirror at least critical (and ideally all) bits of xmpp.org onto a box of Florian's - either ds0039, or the other box if that's still on offer". So I'd like to push forward with that plan.
  75. Florian push forward with what?
  76. Kev I realise this seems like overkill for hosting a couple of hundred static pages (the XEPs), but given that's our main purpose, it seems important.
  77. Dave Cridland Right, I agree.
  78. Kev Florian: Someone getting a replacement for Athena in the bunker, and the iteam starting setting up some mirrorring.
  79. Florian ok
  80. Dave Cridland So we need to have the executive director discuss with the treasurer about sourcing the machine?
  81. Florian so we need to get some offers in from HP / Dell for a box?
  82. Kev I think having a copy in the states and a copy at yours gives us a pretty good chance for resilience.
  83. Kev I don't think athena2 needs to be hugely powerful, FWIW.
  84. stpeter right
  85. Kev Athena isn't, and we're not replacing her because she's underpowered, justbecause she's falling apart.
  86. stpeter the iteam probably needs to do some scoping
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  88. Dave Cridland OK. I think we find a price, then, and go from there. We've got the money to spend on this, and it's mission critical.
  89. stpeter yes
  90. Kev Ok, is that an action on iteam to get quotes, then?
  91. Dave Cridland Yes, please.
  92. Kev (I'll have to let someone else do this, as I'll buy the wrong shape plug or something, I don't do hosting)
  93. Kev Ok.
  94. stpeter heh
  95. Dave Cridland Kev, I've heard they have funny shaped plug over there, yes.
  96. Kev I think that's my two items done with, so you Board chaps can carry on with your meeting now :)
  97. bear :)
  98. stpeter BTW, I have received multiple offers of assistance in the past (hosting, DNS, etc.), but I haven't kept a good log of them
  99. Dave Cridland Kev, Thanks.
  100. Dave Cridland (Genuinely)
  101. stpeter so if we decided that we needed additional mirrors for some reason, I think we could gather some offers
  102. Dave Cridland (As in, *no* sarcasm. Which is a shock)
  103. stpeter but backup to ds0039 is probably good enough for now
  104. Kev stpeter: I think so, yes. ds0039 has worked as our fallback (albeit with painful manual steps) so far.
  105. stpeter yes
  106. stpeter we'll just work to remove the painful manual steps
  107. Dave Cridland So, aside from pointedly not mentioning all the actions we didn't do from last meeting because I forgot to write any minutes, the only other thing is membership elections...
  108. Dave Cridland I noticed that the applications page suggests we may hold a meeting next February.
  109. stpeter hmm
  110. stpeter as in last month?
  111. Dave Cridland Who ought to be deciding when the election is? Is this for us to prod Alex, or should we let Alex decide and butt out?
  112. Dave Cridland stpeter, Yes, I'd assume so - we've just missed it what with FOSDEM etc.
  113. stpeter usually Alex decides, but I think prodding might be in order
  114. bear +1 to Alex just doing his thing
  115. Florian +1
  116. stpeter yeah, that FOSDEM thing kept us busy
  117. Dave Cridland And distracted.
  118. Dave Cridland Florian, WHat are you actually voting for, there?
  119. Florian Bear's suggestion :)
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  122. Dave Cridland I think we should prod Alex, personally, in this case. I'm assuming it's an oversight, and reminding him that the page is out of date is a sensible thing to do.
  123. Florian yup
  124. stpeter yes
  125. Dave Cridland But if you guys disagree, I shall abide by your decision and just write this up in the minutes. :-)
  126. Florian so we'll just announce a voting period opening next week?
  127. bear giving alex a nudge wfm
  128. ralphm stpeter: I seem to have a potential SoC project involving wokkel sent to me by ploum
  129. stpeter ralphm: cool :)
  130. Dave Cridland OK. So I think that's us done, unless there's any other business?
  131. ralphm stpeter: mentioning you sent them to me
  132. Florian Dave Cridland: nothing from here
  133. stpeter ralphm: he contacted me, yes
  134. stpeter ralphm: I asked him what programming languages he was interested in, and when he said Python I mentioned some projects he might look into
  135. Dave Cridland Schedule another meeting for same time next week?
  136. Florian wfm
  137. stpeter yep
  138. bear +1
  139. Dave Cridland OK. I motion to adjourn until next week, then.
  140. bear seconded
  141. Dave Cridland Thanks, all.
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  143. Florian cheers guys!
  144. bear waves and goes to find out how to be an apple fanboy for the next couple of hours
  145. stpeter calendar updated
  146. Tobias bear, is it live streamed?
  147. Florian Tobias: no, but TWiT will be covering it :)
  148. bear it's live streamed only if someone brave points their camera to the stage
  149. Tobias heh
  150. bear I just have to ramp up monitoring of the twit web and streaming servers
  151. stpeter bbiab
  152. ralphm bear: I've read the other day that Apple fans behave as religious fanatics. Does that help you?
  153. bear the viewer levels have already exceeded the "normal" range
  154. bear ralphm - yes, it helps explain why I don't seem to be able to be one
  155. Florian bear: I'm monitoring the flosoft box :)
  156. bear florian - that's the one box i'm *not* worried about
  157. bear it's the PHP app servers that need extra help
  158. Florian bear: if you need additional ressources, tell me :)
  159. Florian load it onto our CDN (requires DNS update though)
  160. Kev "Honest Florian's Top Server Deals"
  161. bear :)
  162. Florian :D
  163. bear what I need is for the drupal devs to learn how to make the site not fail when switched to static
  164. bear i've had to put varnish in front without them knowing
  165. Dave Cridland Kev, Florian's banned from using that adjective thanks to EU trade description rules.
  166. Kev "Server"? :)
  167. Florian fail?
  168. Kev To be fair, my Flosoft server is the silliest piece of barely-a-computer imaginable, and it's doing me absolutely fine.
  169. Kev Any dedicated server I can afford must be good :)
  170. Dave Cridland Dr Kevin Smith, author of such classics as "XMPP: The Definitive Guide", says...
  171. Florian haha
  172. Dave Cridland ... "My FLosoft server is the silliest piece of bare-a-computer imaginable"
  173. Zash Haha
  174. Dave Cridland I'll never make it in advertising.
  175. Florian server=142
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  177. ralphm bear: http://www.technologytell.com/apple/42656/brand-expert-martin-lindstrom-calls-apple-a-religion/
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