XSF Discussion - 2012-03-14

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  23. dwd Ashley, Afternoon.
  24. Ashley hey there!
  25. dwd Zash, Reading the history - yeah, I really need to find the time to post about that stuff in a sane way. Maybe even write a XEP or two for the easy bits.
  26. Zash k :)
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  29. Zash I'll look forward to that then
  30. dwd bear, About?
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  32. Florian hello guys!
  33. Florian just got home in time :D
  34. dwd Florian, Hiya.
  35. dwd I think that counts us as quorate. But agenda-less - I've been on the road nearly constantly since last week's meeting, actually.
  36. Florian I think one topic is GSoC update ... which should be quite quick
  37. dwd Kev, Have you got anything to say on GSoC?
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  39. Kev We've applied.
  40. Kev We should keep improving the ideas list.
  41. Kev That's about it right now.
  42. dwd Any movement on that since last time?
  43. dwd (The ideas list, I mean)
  44. Kev We've got a number of ideas there.
  45. Kev Peter chased Gajim and got some ideas there (although one's inappropriate).
  46. Florian I chased the Tigase guys, but it looks like they won't have any spare ressources to take on mentees
  47. Kev The next step, if we're accepted, is to sort out teaser tasks.
  48. Kev Current community thought on this is that they're a jolly good thing.
  49. Kev (Swift used them last year, after nickingthe idea from other projects in previous years)
  50. dwd Should the XSF itself add anything? Like maybe use GSoC resource to make a start on the testing/conformance stuff we've talked about in years past?
  51. stpeter I'd be more comfortable with that idea if we had at least something to start from
  52. stpeter BTW, I could probably get ISOC funding for that project
  53. dwd Ah, that might be interesting. Is there anything else the XSF ought to be doing at this stage?
  54. Kev dwd: I don't think so.
  55. stpeter dwd: however, again, I'd want to make sure we could follow through on it
  56. Kev I don't think we should encourage new projects.
  57. dwd stpeter, Yes, quite.
  58. Kev If the XSF can't managed to get started on the project itself, it can't effectively mentor it, IMHO.
  59. dwd Kev, Seems reasonable.
  60. stpeter nods
  61. dwd OK, so I think that covers things for now.
  62. dwd Is there anything else people want to discuss?
  63. stpeter someone never posted the Brussels report :(
  64. dwd Yes, that's true.
  65. stpeter have we seen any follow-up on the web/xmpp integration stuff?
  66. dwd No, we haven't, and that is mostly my fault - I should write up my thoughts and kick things off.
  67. stpeter well, I was thining also of Simon, Sonny Piers on websocket, etc.
  68. stpeter I will have time to work on the websocket stuff in April
  69. dwd Yes, it's not exclusively my fault...
  70. stpeter but those aren't board topics, I suppose
  71. bear gets out of one meeting and....
  72. dwd In as much as they spawn from a more general failure to follow through on the SUmmit...
  73. stpeter I do think it would be great to get involved with ISOC for various reasons, so perhaps we can brainstorm on the members@ list about possible projects and how to make those happen instead of just talking about them :)
  74. dwd stpeter, Yes - how does their funding actually work?
  75. stpeter dwd: they have grants of some kind, I've basically been promised money if I can come up with a proposal
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  77. dwd stpeter, Sounds promising, if a little vague. :-) I'm pretty sure there are things we could be usefully doing if we had the money to promote them.
  78. stpeter edits the FOSDEM 2012 report at xmpp.org
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  80. stpeter dwd: I can provide more details, but I think the gating factor is the lack of confidence that we can effectively manage such a project since we've not had great success with code projects in the past
  81. dwd This is true - solving that problem is probably not very easy as long as we're trying some very grand ideas.
  82. dwd (Like an interop test suite that does everything)
  83. stpeter nod
  84. Kev Or anything.
  85. stpeter or something :)
  86. dwd Maybe a good first step would be to take that server list code that's been kicked about, and gradually add some tests to that.
  87. stpeter another thing for me to think about in my Post-IESG Life™
  88. stpeter what is the server list code?
  89. dwd I think it does some basic DNS/SRV tests as it is, and enhancing something is *much* more likely to happen than starting something from scratch.
  90. dwd stpeter, That one mentioned on operators@.
  91. stpeter ah right
  92. dwd But anyway, I think that's something we could discuss elsewhere - anything else we need to discuss here?
  93. stpeter I don't have anything else
  94. stpeter I need to send out the invoices and receipts, will do that tomorrow
  95. dwd OK, so in that case, motion to adjourn [etc].
  96. dwd And thanks to those present.
  97. Kev Now we see how many Board members are still awake :)
  98. Kev Or whether anyone notices if it's me that seconds.
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  100. bear seconds
  101. Ashley thirds!
  102. Ashley :D
  103. stpeter finally writes that damn Brussels report
  104. stpeter but quickly, I have a lot to finish today before the IESG telechat tomorrow
  105. Zash http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2008-March/018186.html Sounds like you mostly just trade bandwith costs for code complexity and local storage costs.
  106. stpeter finally: http://xmpp.org/2012/03/fosdem-2012-report/
  107. Zash \o/
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  113. ralphm Zach: I think the thing is more that council wasn't convinced the gains would be big enough. Also, I think you'd need to have a tight schema for EXI to work efficiently.
  114. ralphm Zach: that seems problematic for general XMPP traffic
  115. ralphm oh
  116. stpeter heh
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  118. stpeter Zash, that is, yes :)
  119. ralphm him too
  120. stpeter I've learned more recently that there are two forms of EXI
  121. stpeter heh
  122. ralphm oh
  123. stpeter one is called something like schema-strict
  124. stpeter where you need to know all the schemas ahead of time
  125. stpeter which could be a challenge with an extensible payload format :)
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