XSF Discussion - 2012-03-21

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  56. Kev Does anyone know how to link images in the wiki?
  57. Zash [[image:foobar.png]] ?
  58. Kev And foobar is a full URL?
  59. Zash Hm
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  61. Zash Might be [[File:blah.png]] too, but I assume that it should be uploaded to the wiki somehow before that
  62. Kev That's the step I'm not sure about :)
  63. Zash MMmmmmmmediawiki
  64. stpeter Kev: I usually just copy the images to /var/www/vhosts/wiki.xmpp.org/images/ on athena
  65. Kev Ok, ta.
  66. Kev stpeter: And this works?
  67. stpeter maybe :)
  68. stpeter at least http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Main_Page has an image
  69. Kev Where?
  70. Kev It doesn't for me.
  71. stpeter top left
  72. Kev Oh, right. That's not part of the page, though, that's just part of the theme?
  73. stpeter let me test
  74. stpeter right
  75. Kev I've uploaded images to the path you said, but e.g. [[File:gsoc2012.png]] doesn't work
  76. dwd ASCII art FTW!
  77. Zash chmod a+r ?
  78. Kev Zash: They're serving up over HTTP fine.
  79. Zash Hm
  80. Zash Build a new wiki!
  81. Kev Over pubsub.
  82. Zash +1
  83. Zash I actually started with that, but got bored after all the XMPP parts were done.
  84. Zash ie "subscribe to nodes, receive events, save to disk"
  85. dwd Why save to disk? Surely the wiki would be modelled as a collection of persisting pubsub nodes?
  86. Zash save to disk and convert to html, and let the httpd do the rest
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  88. stpeter weird
  89. Kev I'll just do it the easy way.
  90. stpeter I have no idea why that [[File:foo]] thing doesn't work
  91. Kev Gragh.
  92. stpeter brb
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