XSF Discussion - 2012-05-04

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  63. Florian


  64. MattJ

    I just have to tell you that I reconnected just then

  65. MattJ

    198 is so good, but it needs a big announcement every time someone reconnects, to show how well it works

  66. Zash

    T+5m ?

  67. dwd

    Sorry, my fault, entirely distracted.

  68. dwd

    So we have 4/5 board members. Excellent. Hi guys.

  69. bear waves

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  71. dwd

    First off - GSoC - bear/Florian - I think you were going to have a chat about getting Stuff to Students?

  72. bear

    yes, I have 2 of 7 addresses - I need to switch to grumpy bear mode to get more addresses

  73. bear

    and then we figure out who can ship to where when

  74. dwd

    bear, Postal addresses, you mean?

  75. bear


  76. dwd

    bear, OK. And you and Florian and Kev are happy with what to send them?

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  78. bear

    I believe it's the same book list as before plus tshirts

  79. bear makes a note to confirm that via list

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  81. dwd

    We have some t-shirts to send them?

  82. bear adds that Q to the list

  83. dwd

    (I mean, aside from the ones locked in the depths of Cisco Diegem)

  84. bear

    I think it's the cisco shirts, was not aware that they are a physical challenge level 3 to retrieve

  85. dwd

    So, as a proposal, why don't we get the books shipped as we get the addresses, and then we can sort out t-shirts later? The shipping will be different in each case anyway.

  86. bear

    sounds like a plan

  87. dwd

    bear, You need a +4 Access Card Of Cisco to get at the t-shirts. ANd they'll all need shipping from Diegem anyway.

  88. bear

    then definitely handle later

  89. dwd


  90. dwd

    Florian, Ashley - Happy with ship-as-we-go for books?

  91. bear

    I would like to get some shipped to US for oscon - so that could be discussed soon

  92. Ashley

    +1 seems like the most reasonable approach

  93. bear

    k, action item for next board meeting: report on shipped and to be shipped books

  94. dwd

    Righty. ANything else for GSoC?

  95. Florian


  96. dwd

    I'll take that as a no.

  97. bear

    gsoc is in an odd period - a lot will happen after the first deadline approaches

  98. bear

    right now it's "oh my, I got accepted"

  99. dwd

    So... SHall we move onto XSF sponsoring development of Crazy BrowserID-onna-XMPP Thing?

  100. bear


  101. Florian


  102. dwd

    Florian, Is that all you're going to say this meeting? :-)

  103. Florian


  104. Florian


  105. Ashley

    sure sounds good

  106. Florian

    so, I think there's enough interest from the membership to support us doing this?

  107. Ashley

    is this the wrong venue/time to ask about scalability of said concept?

  108. dwd

    So, the - very vague - proposal is that we - the XSF - spend Actual Money™ to push for a demonstratble implementation of BrowserID using XMPP.

  109. MattJ

    Ashley, from a technical perspective?

  110. Ashley


  111. Florian

    dwd: correct

  112. Ashley

    i'm in favor of spending Actual Money to support this

  113. Ashley

    just curious about server infrastructure that could support 100M+ users

  114. Florian

    Ashley: federation :)

  115. Florian

    and Flosoft servers :D

  116. MattJ

    aka. XMPP :)

  117. Ashley

    yeah yeah :)

  118. bear

    dwd - my concern is getting the process in place so we can see projects that want/need money and have a selection process

  119. bear

    things go really squirrly when money is involved

  120. MattJ


  121. Florian

    I'd say we should define a "pot" of money

  122. bear

    bounty style then?

  123. Florian

    and ask for RFPs for an amount between X and Y

  124. dwd

    bear, Right. My concern is that we also need to spec out the project, and divide it into sane chunks we can stick bounties on.

  125. bear

    then we need levels and criteria for acceptance

  126. bear

    we should plan a face-to-face hack session to work that out

  127. bear


  128. bear listens to the sound of everyone rushing for the door

  129. dwd

    Is there anyone present who feels they could write out the specification?

  130. waqas

    Could we get some pointers to the existing BrowserID spec and code?

  131. dwd

    That is, write out the RFP-level spec, not the standard required (which is a whole different thing).

  132. Zash

    waqas: It's on github

  133. MattJ

    dwd, I'd volunteer, but something makes me think someone else might be better for the task right now ;)

  134. Zash


  135. bear

    waqas - that info is available on github and I can introduce anyone to the moz people

  136. dwd

    Hmmm. Actually, slightly different question. Who here is interested in actively managing the project?

  137. Florian

    dwd: ah, I'd be happy to do that, but I'd appreciate some pointers from more technical people

  138. Florian

    why not just have a Wiki page to draft something like that?

  139. Florian

    for the management of the project ... I'm free from the 16th onwards

  140. MattJ

    Seems sensible, we do other stuff that way

  141. dwd

    OK, so we'll kick things off that way.

  142. Ashley

    Florian, dwd, i'm happy to try to help, tho i've never written an rfp before

  143. Florian

    great :)

  144. bear

    let's start the wiki page then, list some early milestones and just start iterating

  145. Ashley

    i've been on the receiving end of them, of course :)

  146. Florian

    bear: sounds good

  147. bear

    we can meet often to find out if the wiki has become ready to merge to an RFP

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  149. Ashley

    at a high level, are we trying to get members of Mozilla or XMPP community to "bid" then?

  150. Florian

    I'd say XMPP first

  151. bear

    I would love it to be XMPP first

  152. Florian

    as we want to push XMPP adoption

  153. bear

    but that is easily solved for anyone - they can join

  154. Florian

    but if we write our RFP intelligently, it will require XMPP

  155. Florian

    and then if Mozilla codes stuff, even better

  156. Ashley

    k, timeline is probably an important consideration, when would we want responses

  157. bear

    we need to use xmpp as the implementation example

  158. Florian

    and yeah, XSF Membership can be a tie breaker

  159. Florian

    should we say we want an RFP ready by end of may?

  160. bear

    mozilla is already writing xmpp based js

  161. dwd

    Florian, At the latest, I'd have thought.

  162. bear

    end of may means we need milestones and an outline by middle of next week

  163. dwd

    Florian, What do you think the chances of getting some additional cash pledged from industry is?

  164. bear

    if we have a sane outline and plans, I can push hard for moz to help with this

  165. Florian

    dwd: good question ... I can go out and investigate

  166. Florian

    bear: Mozilla has cash :)

  167. bear

    but without a plan, i'm tilting at windmills

  168. dwd

    Florian, I think that's a task made for you.

  169. dwd

    MattJ, Can you contribute technically to the RFP/Plan?

  170. Florian

    yeah, once we have an RFP draft, and some goals set for this "project", we can go out and get some munies

  171. MattJ

    dwd, sure

  172. bear

    sounds like we have enough folk to iterate on the wiki already present

  173. Florian


  174. dwd

    OK. SO I guess we want that close to complete by end of next week?

  175. Florian


  176. Ashley


  177. Florian

    should we maybe schedule a MUC cramming session sometime this weekend / monday (bank holiday here)

  178. Florian

    at least I think it's a bank holiday here :/

  179. Florian

    Early May Bank Holiday

  180. bear

    these other details should go to the list

  181. Florian


  182. Ashley

    i might be able to do about this same time tomorrow

  183. Florian

    personally I'd prefer it to be sunday or monday, so that people have some time to notice the mail on the list

  184. bear

    yea, I have a colo move downtime for tomorrow - i'll be at the computer :/

  185. bear

    but yea, put it out on the list - it's a wiki, work can be 24x7

  186. Florian


  187. Florian

    so tomorrow, same time .. a MUC session for people who are interested in talking BrowserID RFP

  188. dwd

    Yes, a further MUC bashing session sounds sensible. We should also probably announce the intent to proceed on this wider than just the members list.

  189. Florian

    yeah, jadmin + jdev?

  190. dwd

    Possibly standards@ as well.

  191. Florian

    and maybe poke some people at Mozilla ?

  192. dwd

    Maybe the blog?

  193. Florian

    yeah, standards as well

  194. Florian

    sure, I can write a blog post

  195. bear

    write the blog - I can point to that on the internal moz sites

  196. Florian


  197. Florian

    and once we have an RFP, the Board can decide on what pot of money we want to open up

  198. Florian

    and then accept ideas

  199. dwd

    Yeah - anyone any views of how much we should be /need to be spending?

  200. MattJ

    I'd say we should spec it out first

  201. Florian


  202. MattJ

    and decide money after :)

  203. dwd

    OK, I'm fine with that.

  204. Florian

    the way I've run some competitions here with money was that once the ideas are in, they have a request for X amount

  205. dwd

    Primarily because it suggests we've reached the end of this discussion, for now.

  206. Florian

    and depending on that, we either fund it in full or get back to them and offer them something else

  207. bear


  208. Florian

    yeah, I think we're good for now

  209. dwd

    OK. SO MUC session tomorrow?

  210. Florian

    yup, it's in my calendar

  211. Florian

    same place, same time

  212. MattJ


  213. bear

    we are just over the 30 minute mark - good time to adjourn?

  214. Florian


  215. dwd

    Yup, let's adjourn.

  216. dwd

    Thanks everybody.

  217. bear

    thanks all

  218. Florian

    cheers all ... I'm off to the pub

  219. MattJ


  220. bear is off to lunch

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  222. dwd is off to help his son pack for his Scout camp.

  223. Ashley

    k, ttfn

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  228. Ashley

    dwd, any chance we can do 30 mins earlier tomorrow? realized i have to shuttle kids to soccer game.

  229. dwd

    Ashley, I'm free all weekend (wife and daughter off for the weekend, and son off on camp too!), so I'm easy.

  230. Ashley

    k, i see Florian dropped, will see if i can snag him

  231. Ashley

    hmm, i don't have him on my roster, what's his IM?

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