XSF Discussion - 2012-05-28

  1. Jef

    Hey Kev

  2. Kev


  3. Jef

    I'm implementing somethings on xep234

  4. Jef

    and I see session-initiate doesn't use xep-300

  5. Jef

    but the transport-info does

  6. Jef

    this is inconsistent and makes me write more code

  7. Jef

    I don't want to write more code

  8. Kev

    To the bat-list!

  9. Jef

    am not sure

  10. Jef

    it uses the xep-300 namespace

  11. Jef

    but then it is different

  12. Jef

    of shit Kev, sorry I didn't realize, they change the xep

  13. Jef

    crap!, seriously you guys, this thing should have a RSS

  14. Kev

    Yes, it looks like http://xmpp.org/extensions/atom.xml is getting updated a little less frequently than might be useful.

  15. Kev

    Given it's not been updated since 2009.

  16. Jef

    kev don't pay attention to me, these are the ramblings of a mad man

  17. Jef

    i get too excited sometimes

  18. Kev

    Excellent. Bed now, NN.

  19. Jef